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Art and Audience
A long-standing list featuring thoughtful conversation on arts-related topics, from the perspectives of art creators and its viewers.
Click Photography Newsletter
This monthly newsletter is for photographers both amateur and pro. Get tips on technique, news articles, product updates, and more!
 Newsletters for Art Mavens
Architect's Muse
Quarterly newsletter on architectural topics.

Digital Art Solutions
Tips, news, and info for graphics professionals.

Creative Life
Newsletter for artists of all stripes.

News for seamstresses and doll collectors.

Her Ideas
Crafts and hobbies news, every two weeks.

 Performing Arts Newsletters
Art Deadlines List
Learn of upcoming exhibits and competitions.

Extreme NY Music and Arts Calendar
Avant-garde event updates in NYC.

Smoke & Mirrors
Abracadabra! Get the inside word on magic.

Burning Man – The Burning Sensation
Periodic updates on the eponymous documentary.

Dance Auction Newsletter
Monthly updates from dance-themed auction site.

 Art & Design Discussions
Web Design
Web designers discuss their craft.

Web Artists
Talk about the web's role in art.

The Props Listserv
Network with theater-prop people.

Playwrights and artists come together.

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