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IBM developerWorks
Are you a developer using open, cross-platform technologies? This free newsletter from IBM is your source for tips, tools, and code.
MacWorld Daily
Mac devotees get all kinds of good stuff from this daily newsletter. Like what? Like hot sites, a tip of the day, headlines and news from MacCentral – and that's just for starters!
 Software News & Info
Graphics Unleashed Newsletter
Info on Flash, Photoshop, and lots more!

Completely Free Software
Find your Windows and DOS freeware here.

DB CompuTraining
Training and tutorials for Windows desktops.

New Eggs
Get some help with your Easter Egg hunt.

The Web in 60 Seconds
Your source for software on the Net.

The Plugin Newsletter
News and tools for digital-effects editors.

Lockergnome Weekly
Perfect companion for home computing!

CNET's Download Dispatch
The latest PC software from Download.com.

Weekly tips and tricks for ICQ chat.

 Software Savvy from  
Hot Shareware
If you're looking for the latest free downloads, don't miss PC World's daily updates.
 Security & System Updates
Softkits Letters
Internet security made easy with these simple steps.

Shorty's Anti-Virus/Hoax Information
Regular updates on the computer security scene.

Microsoft Security
Announcements about Microsoft security issues.

 Computing Discussions
Technology Reboot
Intelligent chat on computers and technology.

Reboot My PC
Tech-help discussion for all levels.

MOTU Mac Software Discussion List
High-volume discussion for digital musicians.

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 Paintshop Pro
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