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Purpose: When Do You Want To Get There?

Greetings, again!

"The Internet will prove to be our rock-solid legacy. It's our
version 2.0 of the Industrial Revolution, with one major
improvement: the revolutionaries aren't factory-running
capitalists -- they're entrepreneurs running corporations
from their desktops. E-commerce isn't merely hot; it's history
in the making." Entrepreneur Magazine, December 1999.

The handwriting on the wall is that owning your own online
e-commerce site is the best business you can pursue today.

We're capitalizing on 3 major trends taking place today:

1. The Internet - 70,000 people a day sign up

2. Home-based business - 125,000 started each week

3. Home shopping - 1999 Internet Christmas sales doubled over 1998

We have positioned ourselves in front of the e-commerce revolution
that is just now going into momentum.

We've invested millions of dollars in technology to create the most
sophisticated online e-commerce center with millions of products.

What does this mean to our customers? GREAT SAVINGS!
What does this mean to us? GREAT INCOME!

A WIN-WIN situation any way you look at it!

Are you ready? Visit http://i6smembers.com/2000shop
and tell us!

Respectfully yours,

Rodney Wilson
(804) 320-5573

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    Rodney Wilson
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Created: Apr 02, 2000
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