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Purpose: The doctors at Doctors For Nutrition and RxforWellness.com invite YOU
to join our moderated Anti-Aging Question and Answer forum.

The AAA Q&A is especially designed for the subscribers to the Longevity News and students of the RxforWellness.com
FREE Anti-Aging Course On-Line.

Submit your questions on any anti-aging topic or modality, including but not limited to anti-oxidants, nutrition, vitamins,minerals, herbs, hormones, HRT, secretagogues, HGH, exercise,
alternative therapies, libido rejuvenators and memory enhancers.

Also inquirer about common aging disorders such as diabetes,
menopause difficulties, prostate disorders, osteoporosis, obesity,
impotence, heart disease, arthritis and cancer to name a few.

Feel free to submit questions on optimal nutrition, various diets,
weight loss and muscle building nutrition for the over 40 set.

The AAA Q&A is moderated by a certified anti-aging specialist, Dr John Maher. Dr Maher has over 20 years experience in wellness nutrition and natural alternative therapies.

Joining the AAA Q&A provides you with a FREE consultation with a certified anti-aging specialist anytime you need it right from the comfort of your own home!

Expect about 16 to 20 questions answered per week. But you can have the it sent in a digest format, or even book mark it as web only!

You may visit the archives at http://www.topica.com/lists/3a.

The site list is keyword searchable and Dr Maher has likely already answered your question!

Unsubscribe links preceed each and every communication, so go ahead and enroll to see what we are all about.

Come and grow young with us!


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Dr John Maher, A.BA.A.H.P
Editor, "Longevity News"
"Your FREE Anti-Aging Prescription On-Line!"
Website URL: http://www.RxforWellness.com/
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Created: Aug 26, 1999
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