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Re: Chicago style help  Rusty Lang
 May 04, 2006 11:59 PDT 

Chicago Manuel of Style online has searchable FAQs. here is what i found:

Q. In sports, does the score require a hyphen or should you use an en dash? What about decisions on the Supreme Court?

A. Let’s say the Washington Wizards beat the Los Angeles Lakers this season 100*99 (as they did on November 8). Normally, the en dash is used to express a range*from x up to and including y. The expression 100*99 does not express a range*it expresses two separate values. Nonetheless, we’ve decided that because we say “one hundred to ninety-nine,” an en dash is better than a hyphen. In the same vein, when the Supreme Court decides something five votes to four, use an en dash rather than a hyphen: 5*4 (not 5-4). For a fuller statement of the rule and more examples, see paragraph 6.83 in CMS 15.


Rusty Lang
General Editor
writing coach/ trainer
aka WordWitch

 wfis-@mtsu.edu 05/04/06 1:20 PM >>>
Autum-@aol.com wrote:

 I registered with the new ACES list last night but am still waiting to
be "approved" for posting, so I thought I'd try posting my question here.

Does anyone know Chicago style for vote totals? For example, the
Senate voted (78 to 22, 78-22, 78-to-22, seventy-eight to twenty-two)
to confirm John G. Roberts Jr. as chief justice.

I have the same question about court rulings -- whether one uses "to"
or an en-dash -- but am having trouble finding the answer.

Thanks for any help.

Autumn Brewington
Don't know about Chicago, but the easiest and most infallible way, I
think, is to use "to."


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