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Many believe that Einstein and Edison were AD/HD. They found their vocation. We support one another in finding our vocation.

We agree with, Dr. Lynn Weiss that AD/HD inattentive is "not" a disease.

Dr. Weiss sates, if you take a desert cactus to a swamp or a swamp cactus to a desert you are going to have to medicate them to keep them alive. Drugs should be used if they enable you to do something within your calling that you can not do without them.

You will find that your gifts and talents implemented in your vocation will not require you to cut ten years off your life span through the heart and liver damage caused by drugs.

There is therefore a tug of war for solving our problems.

One path, which was built by medical professionals leads to medication and demanding our rights as the disabled. Medication has not solved the problem for any ADDer.

The other, a vocational path, leads to self discovery, self actualization and is guaranteed through civil rights. (recent US Supreme Court findings Rx corrected not a disability)

Bernard Haldane, the father in the career planning industry, found that 90% of the stress in one's life will disappear once they REMEMBER their vocation.

Our careers and future are best built on a solid foundation:
Sleep at least 8 hours. (Before the light bulb man slept 9.5 hours.)
Exercise, vigorous "early morning" exercise generates a river of dopamines carries us to our goals energized.

The key to actualizing our true self is found in the child within us. Get to know that child through journalizing our life and dreams.

"Not" a chatty list. Leaders own successful businesses and only support people on the above tasks. This task completed you are promoted to Venture to write your career or business plan
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