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NATO Kills, Victim Punished  Rick Rozoff
 Jun 22, 2002 07:11 PDT 

[If the attacks of September 11 of last year had
included CNN broadcasting facilities, where U.S. army
intelligence 'interns' had been placed during the war
against Yugoslavia in 1999, or the headquarters of the
U.S. Information Agency, then Ted Turner and USIA
chiefs would - according to the logic in the legal
travesty described below - be subject to lengthy
prison terms for *knowing that their facilities were
likely targets* and failing to protect their
To intentionally target a strictly civilian site,
resulting in the deaths of 16 innocent civilians, is a
premeditated war crime pure and simple.
But who gets sent to prison? Not the war criminals who
perpetrated the atrocity (click on the URL above to
see NATO's handiwork), but the director of the site
destroyed and of the innocents murdered.]

June 22, 2002
Yugoslav TV chief jailed
BELGRADE, Yugoslavia --The former head of Serbian TV
has been jailed for failing to protect staff who were
killed when NATO bombed the station's headquarters.
Dragoljub Milanovic was sentenced to nine-and-a-half
years after the court ruled he had not ensured the
safety of his workers even though he knew the building
could be a NATO target during the 1999 air campaign.
Sixteen TV workers died in the airstrike on the TV
station in central Belgrade and their relatives have
accused then-President Slobodan Milosevic's regime of
deliberately putting the employees in danger.
Milanovic was convicted of "provoking general danger"
by failing to evacuate the building, which was hit by
NATO on April 23, 1999.
Presiding judge Radmila Dragicevic-Dicic said. "He
failed to act according to regulations governing the
safety of RTS even though he was aware this could
provoke danger for the lives of the people because
NATO aggression had already started," Reuters
Dragicevic-Dicic said there had been an official order
from the federal defence ministry to move the
broadcast operations to another location.
"It was not up to you to assess the danger, there was
an order and you should have acted upon it," she said.
When she finished reading the sentence, Milanovic
stood up and said he had known in advance what the
verdict would be.
He repeated he was innocent and alleged documentary
evidence against him had been forged
Milanovic was sentenced to an additional six months
jail for an unrelated financial infraction.
In the 78-day air war launched against Yugoslavia's
repression of Kosovo Albanians, NATO declared the
studios of Radio Television Serbia (RTS) a legitimate
target on the grounds that its broadcasts were part of
Milosevic's "war machine."
Zanka Stojanovic, whose son Nebojsa died in the
strike, said: "He sentenced himself when he assumed
the right to decide the lives of others. He should
have thought about this when he put them up for

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