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List Name The Episcopal Network for Stewardship Discussion List (Ask TENS)
Purpose: AskTENS is a discussion group (list) provided by The Episcopal Network for Stewardship, Inc. (TENS), an independent not-for-profit educational ministry.

The Episcopal Network for Stewardship is a voluntary network of people who understand the important role of leadership in calling the Church to a faithful response to Godís call to generously share of our time, talents and treasures to provide for Godís work in the world.

Our purpose ...

✝ to lead in the growth of a network of dedicated stewardship ministers serving congregations and dioceses; and,
✝ to support each other with personal consultations and fellowship opportunities, as well as print, video and electronic resources.

We Believe

✝ Everything comes from God;
✝ God, the giver, gives it to us as Stewards for the span of our lives;
✝ God is love and gives all to us as acts of love;
✝ We are made in Godís image and find our true selves when we, like God, love and give;
✝ Our responsibility as Stewards includes maintaining balance in our lives of the God given gift of a set of relationships: to God, to other humans, to self and to the entire created universe.

We further believe ...

✝ This teaching must be grounded in congregational life;
✝ This teaching results in personal transformation revealed by new ways of acting and living; and that,
✝ Wholeness of heart and mind comes to those who know how much they are loved by God and how much they have been given
We commit to provide resources needed to help make stewardship a way of life ... for individuals and congregations. These resources include:

✝ Consultations and materials needed to support stewardship development programs in congregations.
✝ Training and education materials for diocesan stewardship consultant/mentor teams.
✝ Opportunities for networking, discovery and renewal through regularly scheduled regional and national conferences.
✝ A central place to call for information, resources and consultation.
✝ An Internet based source of materials for easy access, downloading and reuse.
✝ A body of knowledge and a structure to continually research and develop new ideas and programs in the field of Christian Stewardship.

We invite individuals, congregations, dioceses, and other ministry programs (and judicatories) to join us and grow ...

✝ In our understanding of Christian stewardship theology and in our skill in teaching it

✝ In our skill in assisting congregations and dioceses in their Stewardship Commitment Programs

✝ In our support of each other

✝ In our transformation from selfishness and fear to love and giving.
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Created: Sep 11, 2001
Owner: The Episcopal Network for Stewardship
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