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List Name Ancient mysteries, lost worlds, the unexplained, anomalies, & strange artifacts (Ancient_Mystery)
Purpose: Discussion of things that modern science and accepted history fail to adequately explain, from Atlantis to Zoroaster. Including, but not limited to, lost worlds, lost sciences, Lemuria, Dropa disks, underground cities, ancient tunnels, magick, Maya, Inca, Egypt, trepanation, giants, leylines, megaliths, aether, Keely, Pyramids, Hall of Records, Cayce, Blavatsky, prophets, psychics, mystics, occult, metaphysics, paranormal, esoteric, enlightenment, Tiwanaku, poleshifts, ice-ages, catastrophism, millennium disasters, hidden wisdom, alchemy, chakras, stars, stones, and more.
Website URL: http://all-ez.com/ancients.htm
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Created: Mar 25, 2002
Owner: mike white
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