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Nutrition's Role in Health
More than a millennium ago, Hippocrates wrote: "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food." Today diet and nutrition are aspects of healthcare that deserve more attention. Scientific research has continually documented safe and productive ways to improve health and disease management through improved nutrition.

When a person becomes ill, nutrition can often be as helpful as drugs in contributing to restored health. Drugs are mostly synthetic and are designed to treat disease symptoms and interfere with biological systems after the body's natural defenses have failed. Food, on the other hand, provides natural raw materials the body uses to perform the functions of health maintenance and restoration.

Recent scientific research has shown that eight simple dietary sugars (monosaccharides), most of which are no longer found in abundance in the standard modern diet, are now known to form the very words of life at the cellular level. These sugars combine with proteins and fats to create glycoforms that coat the surface of virtually every cell in the body. Glycoforms function as cellular recognition molecules that communicate the messages a body needs to function in health.


When you cut your hand, how does your skin and other tissue know how to fill in the damaged area and seal itself off again? When you eat, how does your digestive tract know which food components to grab and send into the blood stream and which ones to allow to pass through? How do the filters in your kidneys choose the correct molecules to expel? Unlike machines, living organisms are coded to perform many complex "involuntary" functions. The more complex the organism, the more such functions it must perform to live and thrive.

Science and medicine have long tried to break the biocode by which the cells of the body communicate with one other in order for these complex functions to occur. This mysterious code is truly the language of life.

The glycosciences are the last exciting frontier of biochemistry. Interest in natural carbohydrates has been growing in the scientific community and in the pharmaceutical industry. The general population has begun to pay more and more attention to nutritional intervention. Most of us are aware of scientific research that has established diet as an important component of many disease conditions. Heart disease, cancer and diabetes are obvious examples.

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