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List Name B-Movies (B-Movies)
Purpose: Do you Love "B" movies? Do you Hate "B" movies?
Do you even know (or care?) what "B" movies are?
Yes or no, this is the list for you!

Feel free to discuss Anything relating to movies on this list.

Preferably the "B" movies... from the old Black and White cheesy SciFi/Horror films with the cardboard monsters to modern movies that bombed or should have bombed at the theaters :) Or even those "direct to video" movies they show late night on broadcast TV... or how about those old King Kong movies? Or the Godzilla movies? Or Barbarella? Bela Lugosi Meets Frankenstein?

Cult movies such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes are always welcome targets of discussion.

Or movies like Mars Attacks, a spoof of the B movies if ever there was one!

Ever watch those B-movies that Elvira was famous for showing? Sex-ploitation films like Porky's or Spring Break or Hollywood Hot Tub! Come here to talk about 'em!

Talk about the actors/actresses ... what they've done, where they are today...

Sybil Danning, Jewel Shepard and anyone else you care to raz :)

Trash or Praise, this is the list for it!

Virtually Anything is open to discussion!

And if someone is willing to organize it, we can even schedule a
time where we all watch the same movie and tear it apart!

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Created: Jun 29, 2000
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