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BBK Newsletter #54  Randy Hall
 Dec 23, 2001 23:58 PST 
Bring Back Kirk Newsletter – Issue #54 – Monday, December 24, 2001
The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Official Bring Back Kirk Movement
www.bringbackkirk.com | www.bringbackkirk.com/UK |
Recognized as an Official Movement by: www.shatner.com
And Very Special Accolades bo: stgn.strek.com | www.1701b.com


To all,

I realize that we’ve been behind lately in sending you our continuous
updates from the BBK front. With all that’s been going on in the world
about us, it’s understandable; though we try to live our lives as we did
before the world changed about us and re-crystallized into a new
frontier, per se.

And to a new frontier I must go also, for I’ll be leaving the newsletter
as editor-in-chief. I realize that most of you have seen me as the one
who has brought you news of our efforts every two weeks, though I think
it is time for me to move on. Regrettably, there are things in my life
now that take a bit more precedence than working on this newsletter. My
life will be changing soon, and I will have to deal with that when the
time comes, though some of it likely won’t be on my terms.

However, I won’t be withdrawing totally from the effort. I’ll still be
an official, I’ll still be the webmaster of BringBackKirk.com, and I’ll
still be helping out when I can and as much as I can behind the scenes.
I’ll be there too in front of the scenes by sending letters along with
the rest of you, sending out flyers, and doing whatever it takes within
my power to make Paramount realize that the return of Kirk would only

For now, Randy Hall shall be taking over the newsletter from here on
out. As all of you know, Randy has brought us quality information time
and time again and has been copy editor for the newsletter ever since
its inception. I know he’ll definitely deliver a quality product to you,
chock filled with information on our efforts and on other things
Trek-related as well!

If you would like to contact me, feel free to do so by mailing the
following address:


This is due to the fact that the BBKNews-@aol.com address will no
longer be available to receive email.

Hope to see you all around!

Sincerest Regards,

Joe Beaudoin
BBK Official and Webmaster


Hi, everyone!

First of all, I want to thank Joe for all the hard work he’s given to
the BBK movement. We certainly wouldn’t have come as far as we have
without his vital contributions via the official World Wide Web site and
online newsletter, not to mention the countless other things he has done
(and still does) out of public view. His is certainly a tough act to

Secondly, let me add my apologies for the lull in BBK activity we’ve had
lately. Part of that is due to some hectic events in my own life that
kept me from getting out this issue of the newsletter before now. I hope
you’ll consider this edition an early Christmas (or other holiday of
your choice) present that will shift from impulse power to warp speed in
the new year.

As with any shift of this magnitude, some things will be changing to
hopefully improve the newsletter while continuing the good things of the
past. I’ve spent some time contemplating where Version 2.0 of the Bring
Back Kirk newsletter should go (boldly, of course). I’ll still be doing
a regular column, though my focus will shift from thinking
conventionally to a broader perspective on Star Trek and our favorite
starship captain. As Joe stated above, I do intend to include more
information on James T. Kirk and the man who brings him to life, William
Shatner. And I promise to maintain our biweekly schedule for the
foreseeable future.

But this is a good time for me to solicit opinions from you, the loyal
reader. What do you want to see when you get the BBKN in your e-mailbox?
On the other hand, are there things you think we’ve done enough and can
do without? Or is everything great as it is? Let me know.

Now is also a good time to give everyone my new editorial e-mail
address. Unfortunately, AOL won’t transfer screen names as easily as Joe
had hoped, so I’ve come up with a new one for a new editor:
BBKNE-@aol.com. Feel free to–pardon the expression–“give me your
thoughts” on the newsletter, and if you’ve perused the Director’s
Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and would like to review it
from a BBK perspective, send your article my way! (Though I am likely to
do some editorial fine tuning along the way, you understand.)

And just to show I’m doing my best to think ahead, you can expect to see
issue #55 of this newsletter on or about Sunday, January 13. The main
reason for this is the fact that I’ll be attending a monster convention
in the New York City area where William Shatner (there’s that name
again) will be onstage sometime on Sunday, January 6, and I don’t expect
to get home to Maryland until very late that night and will be expected
to be at work bright and early the next morning! (I’ll probably only be
there early; the bright thing I can’t promise.)

Until then, set your phasers on stun and get ready for BBK to beam into
2002 at warp speed!

Randy Hall
BBK Newsletter Editor
“Never give up, never surrender!”


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Instead of including information in every issue, we’ve decided to refer
you to the following pages at BringBackKirk.com for more comprehensive

Letter-Writing Information:

Letter-Writing Schedule:

Letter-Writing Addresses:

Download Flyers:
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When you mail your letters, we ask that you send a brief note to us at
offic-@bringbackkirk.com to let us know so that we can keep a tally
of the letters sent in! We do appreciate hearing from you!



Our flyers are still be worked on, and we are pleased to report that
we’re making them as easy to read as they are to distribute! They also
will be generic flyers, meaning that they won’t have date-sensitive
information on them like our previous flyers.

Be on the lookout for them.


William Shatner appeared with seven other actors from three Star Trek
series on a special edition of The Weakest Link game show that aired
Monday, November 26, on NBC.

Anne Robinson, the British host known for ripping contestants who don’t
fare well on the show with her trademark line of, “You are the weakest
link ... good-bye,” had to compete with the laughs generated by the cast
members as they battled it out round after round.

The most heavily promoted guest on that special episode, Shatner got his
jabs in early, especially when Robinson asked him what his character was
best known for on the original Star Trek. He walked up to Robinson’s
spot on the stage and mocked making out with the host, asking: “Was that
good for you?” Seeing her non-reaction, Shatner replied: “Guess not.”

The actor who brings the character of Captain James T. Kirk to life
survived the first round when John de Lancie (Q from The Next Generation
and Deep Space Nine) was voted out first, but Shatner ended up being the
statistical weakest link in the second round and got the boot.

Armin Shimerman, best known for playing Quark on DS9, said that he cast
his vote for Shatner because he “always wanted to take out a captain.”

In the end, LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge from Next Gen) was the big
winner, taking home a show record of $167,500 to his favorite charity
after facing off with Robert Picardo (the Emergency Medical Hologram
from Voyager) in the final round.

The other Trek guests were: Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) and Wil Wheaton
(Wesley Crusher) from Next Gen; and Roxann Dawson (B’Elanna Torres) from


Apparently, there were some problems with downloading the trailer, and
most of them have been rectified! Feel free to continue to download the
trailer at your leisure!


From startrek.com: “Mind Meld: Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime”
features an in-depth dialogue between William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy
in which the two stars interview each other, share intimate revelations
and stories of survival, and reflect on how their lives have been
forever altered since the debut of Star Trek in 1966. The unscripted
75-minute conversation is available on video and DVD through
www.williamshatner.com or by calling (877) 880-MIND (6463).

Among the many personal topics touched upon by the two legends are the
death of Shatner’s father, conflicts they had with Star Trek creator
Gene Roddenberry and producer Gene L. Coon, and the strain the show put
on their marriages and loved ones.

Filmed at Nimoy’s home in Los Angeles, the discussion includes Nimoy’s
admission that he developed an addiction to alcohol during Star Trek
that continued for years afterwards. Eventually, Nimoy found a
rehabilitation program that helped him, and he has now been sober for 13

Treading into other delicate territory, Shatner and Nimoy discuss some
of the animosity that has existed between them and other cast members.
For Shatner’s part, he was never cognizant of any resentment toward him
by castmates during filming of the original series, and only became
aware of such feelings when the actors started appearing at conventions
in the 1970s. “I never fully comprehended what it was that was bothering
them,” Shatner says, although he admits that a “removal” may have
occurred because he, Nimoy, and DeForest Kelley worked the most together
and became close buddies. However, he says: “I still remain puzzled.”

The conversation even gets so deep as to delve into the subject of
death. “Perhaps the reason I’m running as fast as I can is that I see
very clearly my own death,” Shatner says, “what with the death of my
wife (Nerine, who drowned in 1999). And the lady I’ve married (since)
nursed her husband through cancer to his death. I see death and
mortality very clearly... I’m truly afraid... I don’t know how to deal
with it.”

Nimoy comments: “The loss of De Kelley meant a lot to me. I saw him as
kind of an uncle figure; as I remember him, a very even-tempered, very
wise gentleman who saw a lot and needed very little.”

The video, in fact, closes with a title card reading: “In Memory of De

“Mind Meld” is a production of Creative Light Entertainment and Melis
Productions, Inc. The DVD is available for $24.95, and the VHS for


After a technical snafu, we are pleased to report that the BBK news
reporting service, wonderfully run by Debbie Cohen, is now active and


Check out more news by visiting our website at BringBackKirk.com!

By: Randy Hall (Randy-@aol.com)

As 2001 draws to a close, let’s take one last, longing look back at how
Star Trek’s 35th anniversary was celebrated. This report on the Sci-Fi
Expo convention, which was held on the last weekend of August in
Toronto, Canada, comes to us from fellow BBKer Scott Ridge. Enjoy!

“William Shatner entered the room to thunderous applause, and a video
clip of things he had done for comedy channels was shown. At first, he
chatted a bit about the things he likes to do in Toronto, such as check
up on the few businesses he has in town.

“He then took questions from the floor, and the first one was from a
fellow who looked incredibly like James Doohan and was dressed as Scotty
appeared in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. The question made us all
cringe, as it was: ‘What was your favorite episode?’ and Shatner had
just finished telling us he doesn’t recall his lines after he’s said

“Now, what else do I remember? Shatner told a story about falling off a
horse and needing an ambulance. Well, he didn’t exactly need one, but he
said that he tried to get up and was told that an ambulance had been
called. When he insisted that he didn’t need an ambulance, he was told
that he might have internal injuries, so he yelled: ‘Get an ambulance!’

“He then talked about his two doberman pinschers. One of those dogs was
late in years and had recently been sick but was doing better. Shatner
joked that the ‘Monkey Guy’ from the famous Twilight Zone episode still
pops in and out of his life from time to time. ‘Oh, my God!! There’s a
monkey on the wing!’ is probably the last thing anyone wants to hear
while flying in a plane.

“The episode of Classic Trek he most enjoyed doing was ‘The Enemy
Within.’ He approached the character of the evil Kirk from the
perspective of a man who’d seen a ‘dark’ afterlife (as opposed to the
light at the other end of the tunnel) and was terrified of dying because
of that.

“Shatner once did a film that used a made-up language called Esperanto
and, although he had memorized his lines and this language while
performing in the film, he did a complete ‘memory dump’ after the movie
was finished. At the premiere of the film, he had no idea what his
character was saying in any scene.

“Asked what he was working on then, Shatner said that he and Leonard
Nimoy were making a video in which they discuss the business they’re in
and anything else that comes to mind, as the two friends have a great
deal in common.

“Then, almost in passing, as if it were no big deal or in its infancy,
he mentioned he had completed a novel in the current series of books on
Captain Kirk and his Mirror Universe double entitled ‘Preserver,’ and
that he had begun working on the next one!

“At one point, Shatner was given a jersey from the Toronto Maple Leafs
hockey team with ‘KIRK’ on the back, which he proceeded to auction off
to the highest bidder! He was willing to autograph it with any
inscription, and the money from the auction went to one of the
foundations he supports, either the Hollywood Charity Horse Show or the
Nerine Shatner Foundation for women battling substance abuse. The
highest bids reached about $500 from three different guys, all of whom
were taken behind the stage, where each received an autographed jersey.

“He talked a bit more about comics and other forms of art and technology
used in books and film, and then our time was up, so we headed off to
the autograph lines, where he signed my denim Star Trek jacket!

“After the signing was over, Shatner went on his merry way to the
airport to attend another function in the United States somewhere, and I
was interviewed on national TV for the Canadian Space Channel. I hate to
say that I was gushing about the whole event and may have come across as
a (Help us!) Trekkie, but so what? Once a Trekker, always a Trekker, I

Thanks for the report, Scott! Fortunately, the passage of Trek’s latest
anniversary doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last onstage appearance of the
man who brings James T. Kirk to life. In fact...

Convention Calendar
One of the biggest events ever hosted by Slanted Fedora will be a huge
three-day convention slated for the first weekend of the new year,
January 4-6, 2002, in East Rutherford, New Jersey (just west of New York
City). Most of the Classic Trek cast (and those from TNG, DS9, and
Voyager as well) will be there at some point during the con, with
William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy making their appearances on Sunday.
In case you’re wondering, I’ll be in attendance, with as many BBK flyers
as I can drag along. Hope to see you there!

Randy Hall
BBK Convention Coordinator
“Never give up, never surrender!”

By: Jason Turner (BBK-@btinternet.com)

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 35 years since Star Trek first began
its run on NBC. Like you, nearly four decades later, I’m still watching
those initial classic episodes over and over again. “Where No Man Has
Gone Before,” the second Star Trek pilot, is 36 years old, and “The
Cage” is 37. But Star Trek’s evolution can be traced decades earlier.
Birthed and nurtured from the Great Bird of the Galaxy, Gene
Roddenberry, father and protector of this wonderful imaginary universe.
Star Trek’s real age is impossible to trace back, and it’s hard to
imagine entertainment ever forgetting Star Trek. The show is truly

In the official 35h year, we look back with many emotions, our reactions
to the onscreen and offscreen action. We’ve now got five series, and
perhaps still counting, as we continue into the millennium. And whether
or not that excites you or worries you is a different matter.

Our American and Canadian friends can now enjoy the director’s cut of
the first Star Trek feature. British residents can expect to see
Enterprise hit their screens and video stores early in the New Year. Who
can forget the excitement of new Star Trek movies? We’re always
wondering and never sure if the current will be the last. Next year,
we’ll all eagerly await the final movie of The Next Generation cast
(perhaps secretly hoping they pass the baton back to Nimoy and Shatner).
Speaking of such, Shatner and Nimoy fans are in for a rare treat with
Mind Meld now officially released for international orders at

The Star Trek convention circuit is still alive and soaring, this year
seeing the first appearance of arguably Trek’s most believable and
much-loved villain, Khan Noonian Singh a.k.a. Ricardo Montalban. Star
Trek merchandise is, well, not what it used to be and somewhat
disappointing, but that’s been downhill ever since the mid-1990s. Can we
expect to see an influx of Enterprise collections? Put me down for a
phase pistol and a communicator. And isn’t it about time they released a
model kit of the Enterprise A that actually stays together when you glue
the nacelles on?

There has been sorrow: the untimely deaths of Gene Roddenberry, DeForest
Kelley, Mark Lenard, Gene Coon, Jerome Bixby, Jeffrey Hunter, and so
many other actors and production talent involved with Star Trek. There
is also the collective disappointment that we all share in the handling
of Kirk’s final appearance, but if you’re reading this, that’s very much
a given. There’s our passionate determination in the face of all odds
that we’re going persist to exact a change on that score. Our spirit to
never accept Kirk’s demise speaks volumes for our love of the character
and Star Trek.

It seems that this year, Star Trek fans and convention organizers have
been left on their own to celebrate the anniversary. Paramount, to put
it colloquially, has done “knack all.” No onscreen tributes. No special
original series guest shots. No TV movie. No movie cameos. (How hard
would it be for Nimoy to have a role in Star Trek X?) I’m sorry, but
this year, Paramount and the Star Trek producers and writers have failed
on the anniversary front. Unless they pull a rabbit out of the hat on
Enterprise, our heroes continue unsung on their own birthday.

Far be it for me to leave on a negative. I’m going to tell you how I
celebrated the 35th anniversary back on September 8th. I cracked open
two bottles of red wine and watched “Space Seed,” followed by Star Trek
II, then “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” Admittedly, I woke up with a
hangover, but I had one hell of a night! If anyone can top that, I’d
like to hear what you got up to.

Next issue: In keeping with the celebration in Trek’s 35th anniversary,
I’m going to talk about the best of Trek, past and present. E-mail me if
there’s an episode or movie you feel must have a special mention.


If you are interested in contacting the campaign directly for any
reason, please do so by mailing offic-@bringbackkirk.com.

Star Trek® is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures, a Viacom
Company. All related properties to the Star Trek franchise are owned by
Paramount Pictures, a Viacom Company. All other trademarks and
copyrights mentioned in this newsletter are the property of their
respective holders.

Some of the views expressed in this newsletter are the respective views
of the individual writer, and thus may not be the same as this
newsletter and its representing campaign, the Official Bring Back Kirk
Campaign, holds.
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