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BBK Newsletter #59  Randy Hall
 Aug 11, 2002 19:43 PDT 
Bring Back Kirk Newsletter – Issue #59 – August 2002
The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Official Bring Back Kirk Movement
www.bringbackkirk.com | www.bringbackkirk.com/UK |
Recognized as an Official Movement by: www.shatner.com
And Very Special Accolades to: stgn.strek.com | www.1701b.com


Well, we’re two-thirds of the way through my favorite season of the
year, and it’s been a pretty warm summer over here on the East Coast.
(Though I bet in about six months, we’ll be pining for these 90-degree

I usually pick up Star Trek: The Magazine anyway, but I was sure not to
miss this month’s issue, which focuses on “Star Trek II: The Wrath of
Khan” just in time for the release of the movie’s special “Director’s
Edition.” If you like that film anywhere near as much as I do, head to
your local book store and get a copy of STTM for yourself.

(And by the way, you might want to get two copies, since there are two
covers, one with a shot of Captain Spock and the other with the famous
view of the Enterprise and the Reliant in space combat.)

Here’s hoping everyone has a great August!

Randy Hall
Editor, Bring Back Kirk Newsletter
“Never give up, never surrender!”


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From StarTrek.com: First it was a special, and now it’s a regular

Last year, William Shatner hosted a special for VH1, a cable music
channel, counting down the top 100 “One Hit Wonders,” and now the
concept has been expanded to a regular series, with Shatner continuing
to serve as host.

“In the world that we inhabit, having one hit is a lot better than
having no hits,” Shatner told the Associated Press.

“One-Hit Wonders” appears on VH1 every Monday, with episodes focusing
around a particular theme, including “Disco Divas,” “Heavy Metal,” “TV
Themes,” and, like Shatner himself, “Celebrity Singers.”

For more information, including local listings for airtimes in your
area, visit VH1.com on the World Wide Web.


From BBK Official Heron: This past week, many of us received an e-mail
that was generated from www.williamshatner.com carrying a message that
hinted at something coming soon regarding KIRK! So far, there has been a
lot of speculation, and we can only hope that the news will be that he
is returning!! Be sure to check our website at www.bringbackkirk.com
under the “News” section for the latest on that. As soon as we know,
we’ll have it there for you at warp speed!


If you’re looking for something to add extra fun to your summer, here
are two suggestions for the discriminating BBKer:

Just this week, the Director’s Edition of “Star Trek II: The Wrath of
Khan” was released in stores all across the country. This videotape or
DVD set contains new behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the
people in front of and behind the camera on what is probably the
best-loved Trek movie. The list price is $29.99, but you might have to
spend fewer of your hard-earned quatloos if you check your local
video/DVD outlet or turn your Web browser to www.amazon.com.

Also, William Shatner’s latest book, entitled “Star Trek: I’m Working on
That; A Trek from Science Fiction to Science Fact,” is now in general
release. This new hardcover, on which Shatner collaborated with Chris
Walter and William Walter, has a cover price of $25.00 and will
hopefully keep even the most avid BBK fan entertained until the next
Shatner et al hardcover, “The Captain’s Peril,” comes out this fall!

By: Randy Hall (BBKNE-@aol.com)

Because he’s the man who brings our favorite captain to life, a lot of
the BBK Newsletter deals with actor/director/writer William Shatner.
However, I recently came across an interesting article about someone
else we Kirk fans share a great deal of fondness for.

At StarTrek.com, I read about a special event held during the recent
Grand Slam Creation convention entitled “Remembering Gene: A Night of
Fond Remembrance of the Man Who Made It All Possible.” I enjoyed what I
found so much that I thought I’d share some of it with my fellow BBKers.

The night was hosted by Richard Arnold, a personal assistant to
Roddenberry who remains active in fandom. “Gene, more than any other
person in Hollywood I have ever dealt with, understood the value of
fans,” Arnold recalled. “It’s something that was a mystery to the people
at the studio. They didn’t understand why he dealt with them, why he put
so much weight into the fans’ comments, their letters and phone calls.
It was always very important to him.”

The first of the onscreen celebrities to speak was Walter Koenig. “Now
let me finish this next sentence before you start hissing and throwing
tomatoes,” he began. “I’m not convinced that Gene was a genius. BUT I
think what makes his life and his success so extraordinary is the fact
that he was NOT a genius. He was in many ways an Everyman, an Everyman
with a sense of idealism, with a philosophical bent that was very
life-affirming. A person not unlike many of us. And I think that is a
tremendous inspiration. Knowing he could achieve so much and have such
an extraordinary effect as he has had gives us all some hope to make
great contributions.”

George Takei noted that Roddenberry “had a great appetite for people,
ideas and things new. He was a man with enormous curiosity.” Takei
continued: “He was big in everything he did. He had a big vision. His
vision was so big that it transcended the barriers of politics and the
realities of that time. We were engaged in a Cold War; two great powers
glaring at each other, threatening each other with nuclear annihilation,
the Soviet Union and the U.S. And yet, we had the fiction on the show of
a trusted, valued colleague, a beloved colleague, Pavel Chekov, [who]
spoke with a Russian accent [and] was proud of his Russian heritage.
Thirty-five years later, that fiction is now the reality of the
international space station up there.”

After several other speakers had been heard from, the final guest of the
evening was Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, who noted that she’s been
involved with Star Trek for 38 years and thanked the audience for
keeping the phenomenon alive.

“You know, Gene once said the human experiment is far from over. ‘We
have reached only the beginning of still new beginnings. Man will not
merely endure, he will prevail. He is immortal not because he alone
among Earth’s creatures has an inexhaustible voice, but he has a soul, a
spirit capable of compassion, sacrifice and endurance. It is our
privilege to help man endure by reminding him of the courage, honor,
hope, pride, compassion, pity and sacrifice that has been the glory of
man’s past. I hope we can be true to that and make all that also the
glory of man’s future.’

“Science fiction writers, artists and film makers have a unique task,”
she continued. “That’s to portray that which we have never seen. As Gene
once said: ‘One thing seems likely: Science, art, fact and imagination
are all parts of the same incredible force that sits at the heart of
what we are.’ His view was that the goal of science fiction was not
merely to entertain but to engage the imaginations of the viewers, to
generate ideas and acceptance of change, and to inspire those whose
exposure to these ideas will lead them into the fields of the future:
computer technology, space systems, analysis and engineering, and so
forth. He believed that once these ideas captured the imagination of the
viewers, it would be obvious that they were good, that they would help
solve humanity’s current problems, and that in attempting to turn
fiction into reality for the future, progress would result today.

“Our Prime Directive?” she asked in conclusion. “Well, to make sure that
when the future arrives, there are still humans in it. Failure is not an
option. And so the universe grows, the voyage continues, and his vision

Here’s hoping that vision continues to “live long and prosper!”

Randy Hall
Editor, Bring Back Kirk Newsletter
“Never give up, never surrender!”



Sci-Fi Channel (Cable, USA)
Episodes air most weeknights at 6 p.m.

Monday, August 12
6:00 p.m.: “Wolf in the Fold”
7:00 p.m.: “Space Seed”
Tuesday, August 13
6:00 p.m.: “The Conscience of the King”
7:00 p.m.: “The Trouble With Thimbles”
Wednesday, August 14
6:00 p.m.: “The Gamesters of Triskelion”
7:00 p.m.: “The City of the Edge of Forever”
Thursday, August 15
6:00 p.m.: “A Piece of the Action”
7:00 p.m.: “Mirror, Mirror”

Monday, August 19
“A Private Little War”
Tuesday, August 20
“Return to Tomorrow”
Wednesday, August 21
“Patterns of Force”
Thursday, August 22
“By Any Other Name”

Monday, August 26
“The Ultimate Computer”
Tuesday, August 27
“Bread and Circuses”
Wednesday, August 28
“Assignment: Earth”
Thursday, August 29
“Spock’s Brain”

Space! Channel (Canada)

Monday, August 12
10 a.m.: “For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”
2 p.m.: “Return to Tomorrow”
Tuesday, August 13
10 a.m.: “The Tholian Web”
2 p.m.: “Patterns of Force”
Wednesday, August 14
10 a.m.: “Plato’s Stepchildren”
2 p.m.: “By Any Other Name”
Thursday, August 15
10 a.m.: “Wink of an Eye”
2 p.m.: “The Omega Glory”
Friday, August 16
10 a.m.: “The Empath”
2 p.m.: “The Ultimate Computer”
(The 10 a.m. Friday episode will be rerun Saturday at 10 a.m.)

Monday, August 19
10 a.m.: “Elaan of Troyius”
2 p.m.: “Bread and Circuses”
Tuesday, August 20
10 a.m.: “Whom Gods Destroy”
2 p.m.: “Assignment: Earth”
Wednesday, August 21
10 a.m.: “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”
2 p.m.: “Spock’s Brain”
Thursday, August 22
10 a.m.: “The Mark of Gideon”
2 p.m.: “The Enterprise Incident”
Friday, August 23
10 a.m.: “That Which Survives”
2 p.m.: “The Paradise Syndrome”
(The 10 a.m. Friday episode will be rerun Saturday at 10 a.m.)

Monday, August 26
10 a.m.: “The Lights of Zetar”
2 p.m.: “And the Children Shall Lead”
Tuesday, August 27
10 a.m.: “Requiem for Methuselah”
2 p.m.: “Is There in Truth No Beauty?”
Wednesday, August 28
10 a.m.: “The Way to Eden”
2 p.m.: “Spectre of the Gun”
Thursday, August 29
10 a.m.: “The Cloud Minders”
2 p.m.: “Day of the Dove”
Friday, August 30
10 a.m.: “The Savage Curtain”
2 p.m.: “For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”
(The 10 a.m. Friday episode will be rerun Saturday at 10 a.m.)


Sunday, September 8
William Shatner will join Ricardo Montalban for a 20th anniversary
salute to “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” (as well as a variety of
other Trek guests) during a big convention to be held in Las Vegas,
Nevada. For more information, check out the Slanted Fedora website at
http://www.sfedora.com. (If you plan on being there and would be willing
to take along some BBK flyers, drop ye editor an email at
BBKNE-@aol.com and join a group of terrific people who’ve gotten our
message out at other cons where Shatner was a guest.)


Instead of including information in every issue, we’ve decided to refer
you to the following pages upon BringBackKirk.com for more comprehensive

Letter-Writing Information:

Letter-Writing Schedule:

Letter-Writing Addresses:

Download Flyers:
     http://www.bringbackkirk.com/flyers.html (All Flyers)
     http://www.btinternet.com/~bbkuk/flyer.htm (All Flyers)
     http://www.treknewsletter.com/flyer.doc (English-Version Only)
     http://hometown.aol.com/captapril/flyer.html (Captain April’s

When you mail your letters, we ask that you send a quick, brief note to
us at offic-@bringbackkirk.com to let us know, so that we can keep a
tally of the letters sent in! We do appreciate hearing from you!


If you are interested in contacting the campaign directly for any
reason, please do so by mailing offic-@bringbackkirk.com.

“Star Trek”® is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures, a Viacom
Company. All related properties to the “Star Trek” franchise are owned
by Paramount Pictures, a Viacom Company. All other trademarks and
copyrights mentioned in this newsletter are the property of their
respective holders.

Some of the views expressed in this newsletter are the respective views
of the individual writer, and thus may not be the same as this
newsletter and its representing campaign, The Official Bring Back Kirk
Campaign, holds.


“In this galaxy, there’s a mathematical probability of three million
Earth-type planets. And in all the universe, three million million
galaxies like that. And in all of that ... and perhaps more, only one of
each of us. Don’t destroy the one called Kirk.”

–McCoy offers advice to his captain during “Balance of Terror.”

Until next issue, hailing frequencies closed!
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