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Bring Back Kirk News-3/12/03  Randy Hall
 Mar 12, 2003 10:36 PST 
It seems that everytime I turn around, I'm doing another of these
newsletters. While I don't want to flood e-mail boxes, it seems lately
that there has been things to talk about, and since this campaign is
simply not done, it's time to talk.

Today Mr. Shatner made some public comments about the state of Star
Trek, and I think everyone on this list should read them:

Here is the article:

Shatner raps 'Star Trek' sequels as 'old hat'

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

By TERRY MORROW, Scripps Howard News Service

After nearly 37 years of adventures, William Shatner figures "Star Trek"
is finally going where almost every man has gone before. "It's old hat,"
said the actor who played Capt. James T. Kirk on the original television

"It needs something new. The people responsible for it have lost its
way, and they need to find it again. They need a whole new group of
talents to give everyone a fresh approach. By doing too many things,
they have lost its way because of greed."

"Star Trek" has sired five weekly TV series: the original, "Next
Generation," "Voyager," "Deep Space Nine," "Enterprise" as well as a
Saturday morning cartoon and 10 big-screen adaptations.

The luster of "Trek" has dimmed because of oversaturation, he said.

"Star Trek: Nemesis," the most recent theatrical release, bombed at the
box office. "Enterprise," a UPN spin-off with Scott Bakula, is
struggling in the ratings after two seasons.

What needs to be done?

"They should hearken back to where it was before with good stories,"
Shatner said. "As a multi-billion dollar industry (and) for those of us
who were on the early shows and didn't really get to share in that, I
have mixed emotions about it."

His lack of interest in "Star Trek" isn't recent. He didn't see much of
the 1990s hit series "The Next Generation." He doesn't care to view
"Enterprise," and he skipped "Nemesis."

"Curious, isn't it?" he said, "but I have never had a desire to see it,
and you'd think I would ... Paramount must be worried over the lack of
interest at the box office and the numbers for the series."

Yet Shatner hasn't totally written off "Trek." He has penned nine books
based on the "Trek" characters.

Aside from starring in the original "Trek," he also appeared in several
installments of the movies series. Shatner and several members of the
original cast reunite for "The TV Land Awards," airing at 9 p.m. today
on TV Land. This presentation salutes vintage TV shows, mainly comedies,
from the TV Land's era of shows from the 1960s and 1970s.

"Star Trek" garners the Pop Culture Award, "presented to a show, which
has crossed the line from a television series to pop culture
phenomenon," say TV Land officials. Viewers voted on the award winners.

The first "Star Trek" series ran from 1966 to 1968 on NBC and claimed
only marginal ratings. It has rarely been out of circulation since.

"Trek" was first revived as a Saturday morning cartoon series from 1973
to 1975. In 1979, "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" launched a line of big
screen adaptations still being cranked out today.

Personally, I think that Mr. Shatner nailed a lot of Trek's problems.
Trek does need new blood, and maybe that new blood is Mr. Shatner's.
While I doubt he would want to take over the franchise, once again, the
good story that can help Trek out of the current state is the return of
Kirk. We all know this, and have been saying so for years. Why would
Mr. Shatner talk about this now? It would make sense that he still
cares about Trek. Of course, he wouldn't have authored so many books
post-Generations if he didn't still care.

Currently, the same people are in charge of Star Trek, and until I hear
otherwise, we need to work to get them to come to the table and work out
a deal with Mr. Shatner to get him to return. That's why letter writing
is so important.

We have to remain visible. Show Mr. Shatner your support. In addition
to letter writing, state that support online.

One of the bigger Trek news sites is www.trekweb.com. Those who aren't
already registered to post there should do so and start talking about
the idea of Kirk returning in the very story covering Mr. Shatner's

Also, over at www.williamshatner.com, there is a thread discussing this
as well. Go there, and show your support.

You can directly go to the thread by going here:

By the way, there is a major Star Trek convention going on in Pasadena,
CA on March 28-March 30. Mr. Shatner will be there. Is anyone on this
list going? If so, drop us a line at Offic-@bringbackkirk.com.
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