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 May 27, 2003 08:11 PDT 

I hope you all had a good Memorial Day. Enterprise has ended its
season, and we are still hopeful that something can be worked out to
bring in Kirk in the new season. But that is still up to Paramount.
Despite claims by Mike Sussman that he would love to see Kirk on
Enterprise, they still haven't made a phone call to Mr. Shatner. So
please keep on writing to Paramount and asking for Kirk's return.
Hopefully, they will get that message.

In more important news, one of the more interesting accomplishments of
the BBK Campaign to date was the highly successful Bring Back Kirk
trailer, which came out in 2001. This trailer was made by Jason Turner
and Jay, and it was shown at the biggest Star Trek convention ever, the
35th anniversary Grand Slam convention.
That trailer got rave reviews, and pumped up a lot of people for the
idea of Kirk's return. It can be found here:


So naturally, talk began of a sequel. Jay and Jason would not undertake
such a venture without being able to top the original effort.
Technology has improved since the first trailer, and the second Bring
Back Kirk trailer is almost ready. Also, Wil Jaspers joined the team
and has helped Jason and Jay take their efforts to a new level. CGI
will play a big part in this second trailer, and you will see familiar
Trek characters from different Trek series' interact as if the footage
was newly shot.

In fact, though not the final, finished product, a version of the
trailer was shown in Brazil earlier this year, and got thunderous
reviews. This was covered in an earlier newsletter.

From what I've been told, the next version of the trailer will put the
original, and the Brazilian trailer to shame, which is a tough thing to

Though not quite ready for release, the team that is working on this
trailer has agreed to give a preview. There are 12 pictures, including
one of Kirk in a 24th century uniform, and a short video showing a few
seconds of footage. Understand that this video is low quality, and the
real thing will be much better.

So if you want to see this new footage, feel free to check it out here:


Hopefully, it will get you psyched for what's coming.

But there's more! I've spoken with the individuals making the trailer,
and they have agreed to do a question and answer session. So if anyone
has any questions for Jason, Jay, and Wil, please send them to

And of course, questions/comments in general about the campaign can be
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