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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 3/29/04  Marc
 Mar 29, 2004 06:51 PST 

Well, it has been one week since the trailer has been released and the
reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

Thank you to all who have responded. One thing has been clearly defined
by the release of this trailer--Captain Kirk's return is still in

We're not 100 percent sure of the download count yet. But several
mirror sites had to shut down due to the high volume of downloads.
Here's the easiest site to track:


This is a bittorrent link. Bittorrent is a file sharing system that is
gaining steam on the internet. It is nowhere near as widely used as
sites like Kazaa, but it is one way people have been sharing the high
quality version of the trailer.

You will see on this page that over 1150 downloads of the 100MB version
of the trailer have occurred. And this is just ONE bittorrent site.
There are many.

Additionally, this does NOT include the straight downloads at the main
download page at:


As I said, several sites shut down due to the high demand. Some mirror
sites gave us estimations of download count, and based on those, we
estimate that we are well in the 5 figure range in terms of
downloads--easily. An educated guess has us over 25000 downloads. I'm
going to ask the mirror sites that read this newsletter to please come
back at me with an estimation of downloads. Let's see how close we are.

The bottom line however is that the demand for this trailer, and the
response has been overwhelmingly pro-Kirk's return.

If anyone at Paramount reads this newsletter, please take a look at
www.trekweb.com, www.syfyportal.com, and www.trekbbs.com. You'll find
that the return of Kirk has dominated the discussions over the passed

It should also be noted that this trailer is starting to get mainstream
attention, including a potential interview with a newspaper with high
distribution. More on that later. We can't respond to the e-mails fast

Bottom line, if you haven't seen this trailer yet, please download it.
Spread the word. The fans are speaking up and they are saying 3 words:
Bring Back Kirk.

As for now, we're requesting people to share this to anyone and

In fact, if you'd like, burn the trailer on a CD, and send that CD off

Garry Hart
President, Paramount Television Production
Paramount Television Group
5555 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA, 90038

This man is in a position to make Kirk's return happen. A letter and a
CD will send a message.

Questions or comments can be sent to Offic-@bringbackkirk.com.

And once again, thank you for the help.
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