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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 12/05/04  Marc
 Dec 05, 2004 04:53 PST 

Hello everyone. As the news pages are currently buzzing with confusing,
conflicting, positive and negative spins on the Enterprise guest deal,
it's about time to address some of those reports, rumours and

Recently the IESB website was able to ask William Shatner about his
possible appearance on Star Trek: Enterprise at the VH-1 Big in 04.


According to the video footage, after being asked if he is going to
appear on Star Trek: Enterprise, Shatner acted evasive, then answered
that he didn't know. He then said that he felt it was too late for him
to appear on this season, but if they go another season, then maybe he
would be on.

Don't give up hope for season 4 yet. This could be yet another diversion
tactic. They haven't even filmed the second half of season 4 yet. After
all, why would they negotiate all these months PRE-season 4, if it was
for season 5, which isn't guaranteed?

A Paramount rep told IESB today that they believe that there is still a
chance to have Shatner return this season as a season ending

For all we know, Shatner has already signed. It's highly unlikely to
negotiate for a season which is not guaranteed at all. Fees change.
People change. Minds are changed.

When posed with the Enterprise question at different times, Shatner has
been VERY vague with details, to the point it appears calculated. Even
in this interview, he sounds reluctant to answer the question. If
Shatner IS under contract not to say anything UNTIL an official
announcement, then he is simply responding vaguely to the questions
posed to him (which he can't avoid when confronted by journalists with
cameras), rather than making an official statement of his own.

We'll wait and see. If there isn't an official announcement in the weeks
ahead, then Shatner's recent response is more likely. Until then, we
remain skeptical on this report.

A strong counter rumour (which we can not yet substantiate) is
suggesting that this month will see an official press release stating
that Bill has signed on the dotted line. Whilst plot details are
practically non-existant, this source has indeed speculated that it is
going to be James T Kirk and not some alternate universe version of the

I strongly suggest you read the boards over at ebroadcast.com (An
Australian BBS) particularly pages 7 onwards by a guy named "Upsight".


We can not confirm whether this source is genuine. But if there is an
announcement this month then chances are this individual can be trusted.
I know it's a tall order to go by anything stated on a BBS, which is why
we're not reporting anything as factual or concrete, but remember the
Shatner test ads back in September began with a report by an anonymous
BBS user (which we later confirmed through our impeccable sources, was
absolutely on the nose).

The bottom line is we don't know for sure what's going on. Whilst we
don't believe that it's a no-go situation (despite interview reports and
snippets that suggest a possible negative outcome); we can't make any
promises that it's definitely going to go ahead either.

There is no concrete truth out there. It's up to you to form your own
opinions on what you think is going on.

More news and information to follow as and when it appears. Don't lose
hope. And don't believe everything you read. If it isn't in an official
Paramount press release; then it isn't solid fact.

Kind Regards
Jason Turner (temporarily stepping in for Marc)

As always, to reach us e-mail offic-@bringbackkirk.com
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