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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 1/5/05  Marc
 Jan 04, 2005 16:06 PST 

This is to follow up on yesterday's newsletter. As I said yesterday, I
had mentioned that I had heard from various sources that Mr. Shatner has
signed on for Enterprise. Today however, I have heard from a source
that I consider 100 percent accurate, that Mr. Shatner has NOT signed on
to Enterprise at all.

While I am not privy to the status of the negotiations, both sides have
publicly expressed interest. Of course, that doesn't change that as of
today, Mr. Shatner is not scheduled to appear on Enterprise.

But that's today. Our campaign has been filled with eternal optimism.
If not for hope and spirit, we would have folded a long time ago. Yet
somehow, we are still growing. This newsletter has more people reading
it today than ever before.

So I'll take some time to reiterate some things. Paramount really needs
to get on the ball and sign Mr. Shatner to appear. Odds are, if you are
reading this newsletter, you are a big fan of Mr. Shatner, and know full
well that he is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood right now.

In the past year alone, he won an Emmy and received a Golden Globe
nomination for his work as Denny Crane, on ABC's Boston Legal. If you
haven't seen this show, it's incredible, and Mr. Shatner deserves a
large share of the credit for that. In the most recent episode, his
character stopped a gunman from killing James Spader's character in a
way that actually made me applaude.

Mr. Shatner has released a CD called HAS BEEN. This CD has received
overall good reviews, and not one, but two people at ROLLING STONE
Magazine called it one of the ten best albums of 2004.

Could a Grammy nomination be next?

Obviously, Mr. Shatner's schedule is very busy. But at the same time,
to see him return to his most famous role is something that would
benefit everyone involved. Mr. Shatner has taken the time to write now
NINE books, (Captain's Glory will be out in June) dealing with James
Kirk since Generations, 8 of which take place after Generations.

Enterprise NEEDS ratings, and NO ONE will deliver ratings like Mr.
Shatner will.

As stated previously, Enterprise showrunner Manny Coto has stated
publicly that Mr. Shatner's money requests were not too high. If that's
the case, why is Paramount and/or UPN being so slow?

You got me.

As fans, we can only do so much. Almost a year ago, we stirred a hell
of a lot of excitement up when we showed our trailer that had Kirk
meeting Archer and various other members of the other series'. So much
so, that someone with professional Star Trek experience wrote part I of
the novelization of our trailer.

By the way, you can find that here if you haven't read it.


You know what's stopping the author from working on part II? The author
wants to see what is going on with Enterprise. Will Kirk appear? This
author is so attentive to detail that official canon matters.

Both Mr. Shatner and the character of Kirk remain INCREDIBLY popular,
and bringing him into Trek would be a great thing for all involved.

So let's continue to e-mail UPN on the issue:


They know about us. We know they know about us.

One final thing--it seems that in order for Kirk to appear on
Enterprise, Enterprise needs to exist. So go over to
www.saveenterprise.com and look around. They've been good to us, and
our interests are in line.

As always, you can reach us at Offic-@bringbackkirk.com.

We're not there yet, but keep fighting.
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