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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 8/16/06  Marc
 Aug 16, 2006 12:15 PDT 

So it seems that Star Trek XI is being developed as we speak, and JJ
Abrams certainly isn't doing anything to deny that it will involve Kirk
in some capacity.

Right now, all signs point to a young Kirk/Spock, recast. Rumors have
surfaced that Matt Damon will be playing Kirk, but nothing's been

But William Shatner himself did an interview recently and said he would
love to play Kirk in Trek XI.

In case there are any doubts, this man still wants to play the role. In
fact, there is an upcoming video game featuring all the eras of Trek,
and guess who will be doing the voice of Kirk? The man himself.

If you go to www.trekweb.com, you will find that the buzz on this game
is William Shatner's voice. If you notice, this game is being billed as
the first time all 5 Trek captains are together in one project. Guess
they must have missed the BBK Trailer.

Incidentally, we put the BBK Trailer on YouTube:


Notice the comments.

The other main topics on Trekweb involve his comment that he would love
to return.

It's now or never Paramount. The only buzz about this movie is about
Kirk and The Original Series.

How about some sort of story taking place in 2 eras, one in the
"present" where we get our post-Generations Kirk return, and one in the
past, where a new cast is introduced, and we get a REAL torchpassing?

It worked in William Shatner's Captain's Peril, where Kirk and Picard
were having an adventure in the 24th century, while Kirk also recalled
an adventure on Enterprise.

Nothing will put fans in the seats like William Shatner returning as
Captain Kirk. No clone, no double, no "Shatner as Kirk's ancestor," but
as Kirk.

It seems like Kirk's return is inevitable now, but right now, odds are
there will be a prequel. Again, a prequel is fine, but if they bring in
Shatner as Kirk, you now know that Kirk has a future. You no longer
know HOW Kirk dies, and you now have a far greater reason to watch the

Keep talking it up. Hope is not dead.
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