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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 10/28/07  Marc
 Oct 28, 2007 12:31 PST 

Well, the filming of the new movie is fast approaching, and if you've
been following the mainstream media, here's where we are:

Currently, Mr. Shatner is not in the movie. However, Mr. Abrams and Mr.
Orci have both mentioned that they are interested in putting him in the

Mr. Nimoy is on record as saying the movie will be better with Mr.
Shatner involved.

Yet as of now, no one has actually spoken to Mr. Shatner about the
script. He hasn't seen it.

Mr. Orci has said that it's even possible to start filming with this
issue not resolved.

So while hope is not dead, we're kind of sitting powerless, waiting for
the producers to make the right call.

Mr. Shatner has recently been saying things we have been saying for
years. It's smart business sense to put him in the movie because of his
popularity and his publicity machine. If not putting him in the movie
has generated this much reaction, then getting him in the movie will be
the feel good story of the entire Trek XI process.

You should know that the Bring Back Kirk campaign do not hold the
monopoly on wanting Kirk's return. We recently became aware of an
online petition to get William Shatner in the movie.

I'm doing this newsletter to encourage you to sign it. It can't hurt.

Go to www.wewantkirk.com

Why not? As always, any questions or comments can be sent to


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