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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter -- Issue #45 -- Tuesday, May 29, 2001  Joe Beaudoin
 May 30, 2001 11:43 PDT 
Bring Back Kirk Newsletter – Issue #45 – Tuesday, May 29, 2001
The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Official Bring Back Kirk Movement
www.bringbackkirk.com | www.bringbackkirk.com/UK |
Recognized as an Official Movement by: www.shatner.com
And Very Special Accolades to: stgn.strek.com | treknation.com/syfyworld
| www.1701b.com


As the title says, I shall adhere to thus...

For anyone who is interested, an updated version of the original flyer
is online at BringBackKirk.com at the following URL:


Additionally, for those of you who are interested in being on the list
to be one of the first to get the Bring Back Kirk CD, please contact Joe
Beaudoin (that’s me!) at:


In the meantime, in time for our first June issue, we’ll have an
additional address for you to mail to in our crusade to Bring Back
Kirk...¼ the newest addition to the “Star Trek” captains... Scott
Bakula! Since he has much creative control over the new “Enterprise”
series, we hope to convince Bakula (and in turn, Paramount) to be
creative and Bring Back Kirk. “How?” you ask... Well, that’s for them to
determine, and that’s why they get tens of thousands of dollars in
Hollywood, and we don’t.

Hope everyone in the U.S. had a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Joe Beaudoin


o Bring Back Kirk News
o Bring Back Kirk CD
o Conventional Thinking

o Letter-Writing Schedule
o Executives/Magazine Addresses
o Flyer Distribution



While Kirk may have been smothered underneath decrepit scaffolding,
William Shatner was not. In fact, instead of overseeing a starship and
its crew; he’s overseeing a bunch of chefs competing with one another.
The article below explains:

William Shatner is set to host an American version of “The Iron Chef.”

The original show is Japanese and is Gladiators meets Ready Steady Cook.
It’s set in a kitchen stadium where each challenger takes on one of
several master chefs, called Iron Chefs, in a cook-off.

According to the New York Post, Shatner will host a one-time special
that is likely to become a series (on UPN, reportedly).

The goal is to prepare a multi-course dinner in an hour.

All the dishes must contain a special ingredient that is unveiled at the
beginning of the show.

The winner is chosen by a panel of celebrities who sample the results.
Shatner will play the part of the program’s host called “the Chairman.”


From TrekToday.com:

William Shatner (James T. Kirk) has reportedly signed on to play the
part of Professor Robert Strickland in “American Psycho 2: The Girl Who
Wouldn't Die,” the sequel to last year’s low-budget horror hit.

Movie rumor site Coming Attractions reported that Shatner’s character
used to be one of the best profilers of serial killers at the FBI before
switching careers and taking on a teaching position at York University.
His last case at the FBI dealt with Patrick Bateman, the mass-murderer
who is the film’s main character.

Filming of Shatner’s scenes has reportedly already started at the
Glendon College Campus in Toronto, where the rest of the film is also
being shot. Many of Shatner’s scenes will presumably also feature Milla
Kundis, the film’s female star, whose character attends the university
at which Strickland teaches.

The original American Psycho was released in the U.S. in early April of
last year. Though it only grossed about $15 million domestically, its
budget of only $8 million still ensured a hefty profit for production
company Lions Gate Entertainment. The sequel has a budget of $10 million
and is being directed by Morgan J. Freeman.

Based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, the “American Psycho” films
tell the story of Patrick Bateman, a seemingly normal young man who
spends his days working at his father’s Wall Street company and his
nights killing women. Though extremely violent, the original film was
praised by critics for its commentary on male vanity and the emptiness
of society.

The original Coming Attractions report contains more rumors on the
film's development history. A release date has not yet been set.


Our friends and supporters at SyFyWorld, a site created and administered
by Michael Hinman, will be merging with Greg Boubel’s Star Trek Portal
(known as strek.com), which has covered the effort in the past as well.
The press release below explains that the two are in developmental talks
to merge the two Web sites into SyFy Portal, combining the services of
both sci-fi and Trek-related sites:

Science-fiction Web sites announce development negotiations


Contact: Greg Boubel, gr-@strek.com or Michael Hinman, Zhmi-@aol.com

The webmasters for Star Trek Portal and SyFy World have announced they
are in development talks to merge the two sites.

Greg Boubel, who opened Star Trek Portal in December 1998, will be
working jointly with Michael Hinman, who opened SyFy World in August
1998, to combine the resources of the two sites, which together have
generated more than 2.5 million impressions.

“Both Greg and myself found ourselves in positions where we had very
successful Web sites but just didn’t have the time to maintain them
alone,” Hinman said. “With his design and programming expertise, and my
work in the entertainment news industry, we realized we had been
overlooking what our talents together could do for science fiction news
on the Web.”

“I’ve long held SyFy World in great respect and look forward to working
with Michael,” Boubel said. “Integrating the sites will provide us both
with creative and technical obstacles, but the end result will be one
great site.”

The new site tentatively will be called “SyFy Portal” and will be
located at www.syfyportal.com. It will combine the fast-paced news of
the former SyFy World Web site and the groundbreaking designs and
informative background information provided by Star Trek Portal. While
details are still being worked out, the new SyFy Portal will contain not
only Star Trek news and reviews (Enterprise and Star Trek X), but also
material from select other science-fiction franchises including Buffy
the Vampire Slayer/Angel, The X-Files, Earth: Final Conflict, Farscape,
and Andromeda.

SyFy World (http://treknation.com/syfyworld) has been a member of
TrekNation, one of the leading Star Trek and Andromeda news families on
the Web, since February 2000. SyFy World’s affiliation with the system
grew it out of limited mediocrity to a well-respected science-fiction
news site. SyFy World comes to the new SyFy Portal bringing a loyal
readership following and a strong sense of news and rumors.

Star Trek Portal (http://www.strek.com) has long been seen as one of the
most innovative Star Trek sites. After its founding in 1998, the site
fast became known for its experimentation in both design and
programming. The site soon expanded to include the most comprehensive
Star Trek search engine known as Trek Sites (www.treksites.com). The
Star Trek Portal also has drawn praise from other webmasters for not
relying on currently available software, but instead developing
applications just for the world of Star Trek. Today, the site continues
to add to its library of content as well as hosting one of the largest
fan-written Star Trek newsletters, the Star Trek Galactic Newsletter

No official date has been set for when the new SyFy Portal will be
opened, but a June 2001 launch date has been targeted.

For more information on when the site will launch, contact Boubel at
gr-@strek.com or Hinman at Zhmi-@aol.com.


The Bring Back Kirk campaign is currently undergoing research and
pre-development of a computer data CD with promotional items and
information for the effort. Right now, we are looking for suggestions of
what YOU, our reader and supporter, think should be included on such a
promotional CD. Items to be on the CD itself will be:

- All versions and formats of our critically acclaimed trailers.
- All shareware versions of media players, such as RealPlayer Basic and
Windows Media Player.
- Generic BBK flyers, without the date-sensitive material (meaning no
- Information, FAQs, addresses, et cetera.
- Bookmarks for all current Bring Back Kirk Web sites and supporting Web
sites -- for those who do or will have access to the Internet or have
access at certain times.

This CD, because of all the materials involved, will cost money and is
targeted mainly for those who lack Internet access ... but not access to
a computer (computers with a CD-ROM drive are required). We are still
trying to determine an exact price for all the materials involved (NOT
including shipping and handling charges), but here is a VERY ROUGH
estimate of what everything will cost:

- $5.00 U.S. for a black-and-white version (meaning all CD materials:
inserts, labels, and ink will be monochrome.)
- $8.00 U.S. for color (All CD inserts, labels, ink will be in color.)

Content on the CDs will be exactly the same, but the color ink will just
drive up the cost a bit more from the looks of the estimates.

Of course, as was stated above, we are looking for people to pitch
suggestions to us. So if you have any suggestions, please send them on
to: offic-@bringbackkirk.com.

Also, if you are interested in getting the CD and wish to be placed on a
list, simply send your full name and email address to:
offic-@bringbackkirk.com as well.

Information will be placed on the Web site as soon as details are
further defined.

By: Randy Hall (Randy-@aol.com)

Watching the series finale of Star Trek: Voyager left me with
conflicting emotions – and no, they’re probably not the ones you’re
thinking of. (By the way, there be spoilers ahead, so if you taped
“Endgame” and haven’t watched it yet, skip down and read this later.)

The first thing I felt was sadness. After all, I’ve been a fan of Star
Trek for about 25 years, and it’s sad to see a chapter in the Trek saga
come to an end. But while saying farewell to other Treks has been like
losing a family member, watching the end of Voyager was like losing a
neighbor who lived down the block and across the street.

That leads me to my other emotion: disappointment. I remember watching
the series opener, “Caretaker,” way back in January of 1995 with some
friends and fellow Trek fans. When the two-hour episode was over, we
were all impressed with what we’d seen and looked forward to seven years
of Voyager’s potential being fulfilled while exploring a whole new

But I’m reminded that saying someone or something has a lot of potential
often means that potential isn’t being realized. In the years since
“Caretaker” aired, it seems that Voyager has devoted more time to
exploring time travel and interstellar anomalies than the human
condition, the foundation of the original Trek.

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version of “Endgame:” It took Voyager 16 more
years to get back to Earth, and 10 years after that, then-Admiral
Janeway decides to travel back in time and take some advanced technology
back to her younger self, who’s still in the Delta Quadrant. With not
one but two Janeways at the helm, Voyager battles the Borg Queen using
retractable armor apparently swiped from the Batmobile and
photon-plasma-quantum-nifty-super torpedoes (my brother calls them
“woo-woo” missiles for short) and gets back to the Alpha Quadrant ahead
of schedule, thus completely wiping out Admiral Janeway and her entire
timeline while making it impossible for the episode to ever have

Does your head hurt right now? I know mine did at the conclusion of
“Endgame.” Still, there was at least one moment the BBKer in me enjoyed.
When given the choice between having many crew members killed by
battling the Borg then or getting back home safely years later, Tuvok
had an interesting comment: “As Ambassador Spock has pointed out, the
needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” (I was waiting for
someone to say “or the one,” but it didn’t happen.)

But headaches aside, the Voyager finale drew the largest audience the
show had seen in years. This was to be expected, as the previous couple
of episodes got higher ratings than usual as people who’d tuned out over
the years came back to see how the journey would end.

Which tells The Powers That Be how to get a big audience: Start off a
new show with a highly rated two-hour episode, then wait seven years
through declining ratings until the end and get back some of those
viewers who dropped out along the way. Does anyone here remember when
the syndicated reruns of Classic Trek got consistently high ratings
regardless of when they were aired and on which stations? Yeah, those
were the good old days.

But let’s get to the most important thing that aired during the Voyager
finale: the first commercial for the next Trek series, presently working
under the one-word title “Enterprise.” The promotional spot didn’t have
any images of the upcoming show. Instead, the stars flew by as a
narrator read text that included the few words that appeared briefly on
the screen. Here’s the text from that commercial, with the words on the
screen shown all in capital letters:

Before JANEWAY...
Before SPOCK...
The Star Trek saga began...

ENTERPRISE, this fall on UPN.

Now, it’s easy to understand why Janeway’s name is there. Her series was
ending, after all. But many fans of Deep Space Nine are angry because
Sisko’s name was left off a list that contained the other three captains
of Star Trek shows.

Instead, the only series to get two characters in the spot was ...
Classic Trek! Some folks have wondered why Spock’s name was there and
not Sisko’s, but that’s easy to figure out. Even though many years have
gone by with little or no new material on Spock, he’s still better known
that Sisko to the average TV viewer.

And which name did they decide to end with to get the biggest bang?
That’s right, KIRK! The fat, old, bald guy who got killed off years ago!
Now, I realize the next show is supposed to be a “prequel” that takes
place about a century before the original series, so it’s logical that
they’d give a stronger emphasis to characters nearer to that time than
those on DS9. Still, if there’s no interest in Classic Trek, why not put
Riker’s name in the list instead? Or Data? Or Worf? Because, as we’ve
said many, many times: KIRK STILL SELLS!

Getting back to conventions, another panel topic we submitted for the
Shore Leave convention to be held in Maryland in July is “Welcome Home,
Voyager.” I’ll be very interested to see what the fans think about the
final adventure of Janeway and her crew.

Convention calendar
Things actually look quiet on the con front for the next couple of
weeks. Save those quatloos for when a big convention comes your way!

Next issue: Back to the sci-fi magazines (hopefully)

Randy Hall
BBK Convention Coordinator
“Never give up, never surrender!”

Devised by: Debbie Cohen

All addresses for the persons noted below are below this section of the


Mark your calendars NOW! :)
Let's make a difference!!!! :)         

The best chance we have is to request Kirk’s return via TV movie or
mini-series! It CAN be done... Let's let our support be known! It’s
important to include the benefits to the studio, as well as the fans.
Indicate your enthusiasm for the recent coverage that Kirk has received
with the science-fiction media and your appreciation of it! Let them
know that this is the direction in which you wish the writers to head!
Show your spirit! Include why Kirk was and remains IMPORTANT to Trek!

Get your letters out at warp speed during the dates below!


May 1st - May 15th: Mr. Mel Karmazin
May 16th - May 30th: Mr. Jonathan L. Dolgen
May 31st - June 14th: Mr. Kerry McCluggage


June 15th - June 29th: Mr. Mel Karmazin
June 30th - July 14th: Mr. Jonathan L. Dolgen

July 15th - July 31st: Mr. Kerry McCluggage

It’s a great idea to cc your letters to the other two, which makes each
letter worth three! This opens communication about it between the
different individuals!

ALSO: It could be really useful to cc: Mr. Rick Berman as well.

Mr. Berman has the creative control of STAR TREK at this time, and while
he has not been supportive of Kirk's return, he MAY change his mind
given the popularity of the concept! Make full use of your letters! BE


“STAR TREK The Magazine” and “The Communicator” to keep the momentum up!
Addresses for each are included in each issue of the newsletter!

PLEASE drop an e-mail to: Offic-@bringbackkirk.com and let us know
that you’ve sent a letter and to whom. This way, we can keep track of
the number of letters that are going out and evaluate the most effective
direction to head! :-)

Let’s get writing and BRING BACK KIRK!!!


Listed below are the three primary people who are to be mailed during
the letter-writing phase, as well as a secondary address (for Rick
Berman) that you may use at your own convenience.


Mr. Mel Karmazin
CEO Infinity Broadcasting
c/o CBS                                                         
51 W. 52nd St.
New York, NY 10019

Jonathan L. Dolgen
Chairman of Viacom Entertainment Group
Viacom, 1515 Broadway, 52nd Floor
New York, NY 10036-5794

~ or ~

Jonathan L. Dolgen
c/o Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Kerry McCluggage
c/o Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038


Mr. Rick Berman
c/o Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038


Star Trek: Communicator

E-Mail: stced-@startrek.com
The Official Fan Club, Inc.
3720 Revere St.
Denver, CO 80239 U.S.A.

Star Trek: The Magazine

E-mail: stmag-@aol.com
Star Trek: The Magazine
419 North Larchmont Blvd.
Suite 7
Los Angeles, CA 90004


All of our flyers have been recently updated to include the new
letter-writing information and the new links for the Newsletter, and
they are available in Portuguese-European dialect, German, and English.

Whether you live in the United Kingdom or the United States of America,
there’s one for your country! Download ‘em and distribute them to
friends and at conventions, give one to someone at your workplace, or
maybe give them to someone who wants to know more! Anyway, the key is
distribution -- and downloading them at the following addresses first.
Pick and choose one location to download them at!

o BringBackKirk.com http://www.bringbackkirk.com
o Bring Back Kirk U.K. http://www.btinternet.com/~bbkuk/flyer.htm
o The Trekker Newsletter: http://www.treknewsletter.com/flyer.doc
o CaptApril’s Site: http://hometown.aol.com/captapril/flyer.html

Our special thanks go to the Trekker Newsletter for displaying our
official flyers for download.

Again, distribution of these flyers requires ACTIVE CAMPAIGNING, which
includes spreading them around to Trek and sci-fi fan clubs and
conventions -- or wherever else flyers are welcome! Remember: You CAN
make a difference!
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