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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 11/30/04  Marc
 Nov 30, 2004 04:37 PST 

Sorry for a delay between newsletters, but right now, there just isn't
that much news. Everything remains status quo. In other words, the two
sides are still tied up over money. But an interesting quote came out
of Enterprise showrunner Manny Coto today.

The quote can be found here and was originally in Star Trek Magazine:


"Coto confirms to the magazine that the show's producers have developed
a guest role for Shatner, but it remains to be seen if Captain Kirk's
real - life alter ego will appear on the show. "Paramount and Shatner
have been at odds over money," notes Coto. "It's not the case that
Shatner has asked for too much money or that Paramount doesn't want to
pay it - Paramount had their number, which was a good amount as well. So
it's just a case of finding the middle point. I'm still optimistic it
will happen.""

So basically we learned for the first time that Mr. Shatner's number is
not unreasonable, whatever it may be. If a producer of the show is
saying that the number is not unreasonable, then what is taking so long?
How far apart can they possibly be?

At this point, if they can't meet in the middle, Paramount needs to
realize that the Shatner appearance, AS KIRK, will make them back the
salary and then some.

Captain Kirk's return will make the Season 4 DVD set, when it comes out,
a must buy for Star Trek fans.

Captain Kirk's return could make for a novelization, which will bring
Paramount money.

Captain Kirk's return will get higher ratings, which will lead to higher
ad rates.

Of course, we've all been over this before, but it doesn't hurt to keep
reminding Paramount.

So today's contact request will be an easy one. I am asking everyone on
this list to e-mail UPN, requesting Kirk's return on Enterprise. Let
them know. The more you write, the more likely it will happen.


As always, to reach us e-mail Offic-@bringbackkirk.com
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