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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 12/10/04  Marc
 Dec 10, 2004 04:35 PST 


Today I’m going to call you all to action with something so simple, that
all it takes is
a) Click
b) Copy
c) Paste
d) Type Name & email address
e) Submit form

It is so simple, I implore you to do this right now whilst you’re
reading this email.

1. Click here: http://www.upn.com/info/feedback_form.shtml
2. Select “Enterprise” from the dropdown menu, and click “Request”
3. Copy and paste this into the Message box:

Not as an ancestor.
Not as an alternate universe version.
Not as a pre-Generations Kirk.
Not as a clone.

4. Enter your name and email address (real name and not pseudonym
5. Submit the form.

There! Wasn’t hard was it?.... What? Some of you haven’t done it yet???
There’s no excuse, please do it now or you’ll put it off forever.

Thanks. Your message could help a great deal. Now I wish I could take
credit for this simple yet effective new initiative, but the credit must
go to our international official Capitán X, who has been pushing very
hard at the frontlines on the Spanish front. The beauty of the Bring
Back Kirk movement is that our supporters are spread worldwide in
several different countries and languages. Just like Star Trek has
worldwide appeal, so does the appeal to bring our Captain back. Our
international cousins won’t settle for Kirk’s terrible fate either!

Capitán X has been kind to write a message for our Newsletter readers
regarding this latest push. I was going to edit what he’s written, but
after reading it I decided to keep it in its entirety. The spirit and
context of the letter is exactly the kind of spirit that we are humbled
and encouraged to hear. I think you should all read the following with
pride in our international cousins.

Without further Adieu, I give the floor to Capitán X:

Dear BBKers worldwide,

Through the latest reports we've been witnessing how many events, some
confirmed and some just supposed according to information of unofficial
sources, have been keeping on directing towards turning the widely
wished dream of seeing the greatest captain of Starfleet coming back
into a very based, almost tangible probability.

Since the first day in which the earlier efforts of the Bring Back Kirk
team started the development of an applied course to all the
inconformity and pain that the despicable ending of 'Star Trek:
Generations' originated, too many years have gone by, and have made us
all coincide in joining efforts for trying to fix what never should have
happened. Some of us earlier, some of us later –for sure all of us as
soon as we got acquainted with the possibility of trying to make a
difference– joined the fight.

With the passing of time, the numbers of fighters kept on increasing.
Different languages and people from several nations were added, while it
became obvious that even in our some times so corrupted world, there
were persons who still believe in heroes.

And implicit in that high belief, we all showed that we deeply felt that
imaginary heroes could have the potential to victoriously defend what
sometimes not even real life heroes could, as the heroes that are
produced by our minds and dreams reflect not only how elevated we can
be, but also how high we would wish to be if we could find a way to do
it in spite of any of our current limitations as a species.

It's a well-known fact to any real trekker how Gene Roddenberry states
that 'the human adventure is just beginning'. It is also a fact that
the original lyrics that he wrote for the Star Trek musical theme
composed by Alexander Courage clearly defined Captain Kirk's voyage as
unending, saying 'I know his journey ends never, his Star Trek will go
on forever', and we all know how this spirit has been explicitly
manifested in William Shatner's novels, when speaking of the adventures
of James T. Kirk after returning from death, together with the
Reeve-Stevens he has written that 'some journeys are never meant to

So I want to define here, that in clear opposition of what another
captain of Starfleet once affirmed, death is not what defines us, as
until now, humans have always shared that with all living creatures so
far, but what defines us is our capacity to dream and achieve, to
surpass any prior limitations even if only to find new ones and to
strive to start over again, even against all odds.

And that's exactly why to simply allow the death of an imaginary hero
that synthesizes so many of our most elevated values is an aberration.
I know that all we here know that perfectly, and that's what at the
bottom as brought us together.

French Philosopher Simone De Beauvoir writes in 'A Very Easy Death' that
'death is immoral', really meaning with this that is unethical. Maybe
in the real world we cannot yet do something unquestionable to surpass
it, although part of our most advanced and insightful scientists and
technologists think that very probably we already have the needed basic
weapons in the possibilities of scientific life extension through
progressive genetic knowledge, vanguard orthomolecular medicine, and in
the forward-thinking potential of advanced cryonics and the already
existing available possibility of biostasis that it offers. And all
this may seem like another story, while at the bottom it is not.

If as a species our commitment should be always made with life, life
affirming values, and expanding life's possibilities until we surpass
our current limitations, definitely it is also extremely important and
our basic duty to combat to not let the heroes of our highest
imagination be defeated by the low tendencies that some persons still
sustain when keeping on weakly and cowardly insisting in the most
mediocre way that death should reign even over our dreams and most
beloved symbols, contrarily to Dylan Thomas greatest poetic omen, that
so bravely and intuitively states that someday 'death shall have no

On November 30's BBK newsletter, Marc kindly asked us all to write an
e-mail to UPN to request Kirk's return on 'Enterprise' at
Then, the members of the 'Que Vuelva Kirk' BBK Spanish campaign and me
saw in that not only a chance to state once more our deepest wish, but
also a highly important opportunity to fight against one of our main
concerns: That the 'powers to be' could waste a golden and maybe non
repeatable chance making William Shatner act any other 'Kirk' character
than a post-Generations James T. Kirk.

Because our fight here, as once was perfectly defined by a BBKer, is
against the death of hope. And James T. Kirk, the one and only, is a
clear cultural universal symbol of what hope means, having always find
ways to defeat adversity, teaching us always not to believe in
no-winning scenarios, and to never forget Spock's clarity telling us
that 'there are always possibilities'.
And we all believe that in the Star Trek universe, hope won't be honored
again as it must be until Captain Kirk is brought back from death.

We somehow kept on feeling that not even knowing that the script that
could generate the now highly possible appearance of William Shatner on
'Enterprise' could be the one that he delivered to Rick Berman, or not
even thinking that maybe a special script could be written by the
Reeves-Stevens could be a real guarantee that the final script would
resolve the really important issue of Kirk's death on 'Generations'.

Let's explain this: It would be completely crazy from Mr. Shatner or
from the Reeves-Stevens to solve things in a way that wouldn't solve
this basic point, as all the Post-Generations successful novels that
they've written together and they keep on writing are based in this
certain return of Kirk to life; however, through years we've been
watching how some persons who had the power to do such a thing, simply
cheerfully decided to ignore common sense and loyal fan's demands,
damaging the franchise to unbelievable levels.

We all know what kind of refreshing breezes are fortunately blowing
today in the 'Enterprise' production team. We perfectly know that all
BBK official sites and flyers have been always completely clear about
the real goal of our movement. However, we also know that in decisive
moments, things must never be left at random, or subjected to any
possibility of misunderstandings, as we are very aware of the existence
of Murphy's Law.

So we believed that the great window that UPN offers in the mentioned
website should be used to avoid any risk of any possible distortion of
our wish, and thus of any possible waste of the greatest chance that
Star Trek has had in the last decade to do things right and gather
together all followers in a new united way.

As all the BBK officials already know, Jason Turner and I talked about
it, and we both considered that a basic unquestionable message should be
included in the commentaries that we could post on UPN's site, to let
all people at 'Enterprise' production know once more which is the really
central matter of our continuous task, to be as crystal clear as it
could be possible now, when things may be directed into a way that could
change Star Trek history forever.
This message involves something as simple, but at the same time as
meaningful as stating that we don't want to see Mr. Shatner acting some
kind of other 'Kirk' character but only a Post-Generations James T. Kirk
brought back from death.

So, Jason and me deeply feel that the following text should be included
in every post, or it may even be able to be the whole message, if this
could be considered by all of you:

Not as an ancestor.
Not as an alternate universe version.
Not as a pre-Generations Kirk.
Not as a clone.

We honestly think it would be the wisest thing to do according to
current circumstances and possibilities. We believe our posture should
not be left to open 'interpretations'. We should be now, one more time,
as clear as we can be. We could be in the middle of a chance that we
could never have again.

So I decided to write this letter, as I know that if there are people in
the world that could understand what it's at stake here are you.

You know that this is not only about an imaginary or literary hero, as
others could believe. This is about fighting for all the principles and
values that he has always stood for, and that even formed a lot of us
since we were children.

This is a fight based on loyalty and perseverance...

And I feel that I could not be in better company as it keeps on

Let's do 'what we have to do. (…) Turn death into a fighting chance to

Once again, let's make the difference!

Let's bring back Kirk!

Live Long and Prosper,

Capitán X

U.S.S. Eagle, NCC-956

BBK Official Spanish International Movement

Hagamos que Vuelva el Capitán Kirk

Thanks to Capitán X, and as ever you can email us at
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