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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 1/3/05  Marc
 Jan 03, 2005 06:32 PST 

Happy New Year to all. Hopefully, this will be the last New Years in
which this campaign exists.

Unfortunately, despite months of speculation, there still has not been
an announcement regarding Kirk's return to Star Trek. Obviously, that's
a frustration. For the record, I've heard from no less than 3 different
sources that Mr. Shatner has indeed been signed and that we should
ignore anything that says otherwise.

However, I only consider one of those three sources to be reliable, and
the bottom line remains, there has been no such announcement. It's
getting late in the season to sign him, and barring anything coming up
soon, it will look like we would need a 5th season of Enterprise just to
have the hope of Kirk's return on that show.

There is still a lot of speculation, including a possible appearance on
the season finale. Imagine the possibilities of a cliffhanger where
Kirk appears at the last second. Talk about a summer of speculation and

Of course, we've all waited over 10 years to see this happen. It
doesn't need any buildup. Doing it during May Sweeps would be a nice
ratings boost and give them momentum for a possible 5th season. I
believe it's better for them to get the Kirk boost in ratings sooner
rather than later.

Until there is an announcement, we have to go under the assumption that
the official announcements remain true. Both sides are interested, but
they remain divided over money. Manny Coto is on record as saying that
Mr. Shatner's demands are NOT too high. As a result, we can continue to
push Paramount to move forward with it.

While not as effective as actually writing a letter, putting a stamp on
it, and mailing it, I am still encouraging people to e-mail UPN.

You'll likely get a form letter in response, but at least they are
seeing the demand. The more people write, the more likely they will

Details for contacting UPN are here:


Do it and do it often. Everything helps.

As always, questions/comments can be sent here:

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