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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter – Issue #49 – Monday, July 23. 2001  Joe Beaudoin
 Jul 23, 2001 19:39 PDT 
Bring Back Kirk Newsletter – Issue #49 – Monday, July 23. 2001
The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Official Bring Back Kirk Movement
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As the creation of the Bring Back Kirk CD (which will contain BBK information and
multiple versions of our trailer) continues, we are looking for someone willing to
test out the CD, once it's fully developed and authorized, on a Mac-operational
unit. If you wish to be a Mac beta-tester, please contact us at:


That's all for now! Also, we hope to unveil a new letter-writing schedule soon, as
this one will soon expire!

Keep on writin'!

Joe Beaudoin


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On BringBackKirk.com, one can find out new information on the "Enterprise"
television series. Check out news at:

By: Randy Hall (Randy-@aol.com)

We've got a lot of ground to cover this time around, so let's get right to it!

First off, my apologies for not having a column in the previous issue. Ever hear
the expression "sore as a boil?" Well, I found out just how true that is about two
weeks ago. I got a big boil on my neck that had to be lanced not once, not twice,
but THREE times! All I could think about was "Thank God for pain pills." But
happily, I'm pretty well back to my old self again.

Second, I have further news about Cinescape, which I reviewed a few columns ago.
Just after I said nice things about the magazine and its World Wide Web site,
both were shut down, and I passed along the sad news in another column. Well,
things have since changed again, as cinescape.com is now up and running again
(although with a different format) and the word is that the magazine will continue
being published starting in a month or two for now.

With those things out of the way, it's time to start thinking conventionally. Over
the weekend of July 13-15, I attended Shore Leave 23, a fan-run convention held
north of Baltimore, Maryland, that drew more than 1,800 fans on Saturday and
respectable crowds on Friday and Sunday.

Over the past few years, Shore Leave has become THE Star Trek and science-
fiction con in Maryland and its neighboring states. As a result, the convention
draws many people from all aspects of Trek and fandom, from actors to authors
and scientists to costume makers.

This year's big guest was Nichelle Nichols (Uhura), in honor of the 35th anniversary
of the beginning of Star Trek. As always, Nichols was a warm and wonderful guest
who reminisced about her career, including Classic Trek. As a member of the
audience listening to her speak, I could only hope that this distinguished lady will
once again get the chance to play the role that made her part of American

Several other guests included people who were guest stars in episodes of the
original series. It was fun to hear them talk about what each of their characters
went through, especially how several of them got killed. I'd almost forgotten how
dangerous space really was in the "good old days."

One of the panels I helped moderate was called "Happy 35th Birthday, Star Trek,"
and we had a pretty good crowd of folks, including a few who had seen "The Man
Trap" when it aired on NBC way back on September 8, 1966. In contrast, we had
several others who weren't even a gleam in anyone's eye when the first Star Trek
episode aired.

After we'd spent a while of discussing favorite episodes and characters from
Classic Trek, someone piped up that we shouldn't spend so much time talking
about the original series. After all, she said, this is TREK'S 35th birthday, which
should include all the Treks.

A moment later, one of the younger fans pointed out that it was totally
appropriate to talk about the original Trek since none of the spinoffs is really 35
years old. After that, we talked about everything from "The Doomsday Machine" to
those wonderful Spock-McCoy "arguments" before finishing up by concluding that
we wanted to see more of Kirk and company while that's still possible.

Next up was a panel entitled "Star Trek's New Enterprise," in which we discussed
what we knew about the series due to start on the United Paramount Network this
fall. While some people were very enthusiastic about the new show, many others
had their doubts. The most common question was "How can it be really good when
it's run by the same people who gave us Voyager?" We did come to a consensus
that the crew of the new/old Enterprise would probably get entangled in some
nutty time-travel story or run into some bizarre interstellar phenomenon that
turns the ship inside-out and back again during the first month of the series.

However, the most encouraging sign regarding BBK came from an unexpected
source. You might remember that, sometime ago, Pocket Books Editor John Ordover
challenged Sulu fans that he would print a novel on Excelsior if he got 1,000
letters over the following month asking for such a story. When the deadline
arrived, he'd received about 850 letters, far more than he expected to get but
still not enough to put a new Sulu novel on bookstore shelves.

Well, one of the guests at Shore Leave 23 was Marco Palmieri, another Pocket
Books editor, who announced that he was working with a couple of writers on
putting together a novel on ... Sulu and the Excelsior! Some of the folks there
were understandably surprised, and they asked if Ordover had finally gotten the
1,000th letter in the mail. Palmieri's response: "That was his requirement, not
mine." So Sulu fans can now look forward to a novel featuring that captain and
the crew of the Excelsior sometime in the near future!

(By the way, if you're a Deep Space Nine fan, I heartily recommend you check out
the series "relaunch" with novels taking place after the series finale. These books,
starting with a two-novel story called "Avatar," are also being edited by Palmieri,
and, in my occasionally humble opinion, do a wonderful job of bringing old friends
and new arrivals together in stories that continue the spirit of DS9.)

This is the part of the column where I hear people asking, "That's all well and
good, but what does the new Sulu novel have to do with BBK?" Just this: People
in the Excelsior campaign had to sweat, struggle and practically beat their heads
against the wall, but they still didn't get the Sulu book they hoped for. However,
in time, another editor who was more favorable to such a story came along, and,
with no letter-writing campaign or other form of struggle, the fans are now going
to get one of the things they worked mightily to receive.

The very same thing could happen with BBK.

Let's not forget that people don't stay in the same job forever, though sometimes
it may seem that way. One day, perhaps soon if the Enterprise series and/or the
10th Trek movie don't do well, there may be a change at the top of the Trek
Powers That Be. And who knows? The person or people then in charge might want
to produce a BBK project at warp speed, and Kirk will finally get the respectful
sendoff he deserves.

But for now, let's continue to get the message out that many other fans are
unhappy with what happened in Generations and want it changed while we still
have the chance to do it right. (That and continue to hand out BBK flyers, 50 of
which got distributed at Shore Leave 23.)

Convention calendar
The next two weekends are going to be big times for Slanted Fedora conventions.
From July 27 to 29, an SF con in Boston, Massachusetts, will feature such Classic
Trek guests as Leonard Nimoy (Spock), Walter Koenig (Chekov), George Takei (Sulu),
and Robin Curtis (the second Saavik). On the following weekend, August 3-5,
another big con will be held in the Washington, D.C., area with guests including
Walter Koenig (Chekov), George Takei (Sulu), Judson Scott (Joachim in Star Trek:
The Wrath of Khan), and several Voyager guests, one of whom will be Jeri Ryan (7
of 9) in her first con visit in the area. If you want any further information on
either event, set your Web browser to http://www.sfedora.com.

Next issue: Celebrate Trek's 35th Birthday With BBK

Randy Hall
BBK Convention Coordinator
"Never give up, never surrender!"

By: Kacs (spoc-@hotmail.com)

Hello, all you fellow BBKers, and welcome to the new edition of the voice of the
fans section. For those of you who have been with us for a long time or follow
the campaign a lot, you must know about the BBK discussion list. But for those
of you who are new or who don't keep up with our current events, the BBK
discussion list is an ongoing e-mail chat session about all the aspects of the BBK
and the Star Trek world. Each week, this part of the BBK Newsletter will bring
you inside updates from the BBK discussion group, as well as the inside world of
Star Trek. If you want to join this discussion group, all you have to do is send
an e-mail to: bbkdiscussionl-@yahoogroups.com. Then just join in.

Well, that's all for this week, folks. Please e-mail me your views on the new
topic so I can keep everyone else up to date.

Next week's topic: Your views on the new Star Trek series "Enterprise"


Devised by: Debbie Cohen

All addresses for the persons noted below are below this section of the


Mark your calendars NOW! :)
Let's make a difference!!!! :)         

The best chance that we have is to request Kirk's return via TV movie or mini-
series! It CAN be done... Let's let our support be known! It's important to include
the benefits to the studio as well as the fans. Indicate your enthusiasm for the
recent coverage that Kirk has received with the science fiction media and your
appreciation of it! Let them know that this is the direction in which you wish the
writers to head! Show your spirit! Include why Kirk was and remains IMPORTANT
to Trek!

Get your letters out at warp speed during the dates below!


May 1st - May 15th: Mr. Mel Karmazin
May 16th - May 30th: Mr. Jonathan L. Dolgen
May 31st - June 14th: Mr. Kerry McCluggage


June 15th - June 29th: Mr. Mel Karmazin – COMPLETED!
June 30th - July 14th: Mr. Jonathan L. Dolgen – COMPLETED!
July 15th - July 31st: Mr. Kerry McCluggage

It's a great idea to cc your letters to the other two, which makes each letter
worth three! This opens communication about it between the different individuals!

ALSO: It could be really useful to cc: Mr. Rick Berman as well

Mr. Berman has the creative control of Star Trek at this time, and while he has
not been supportive of Kirk's return, he MAY change his mind given the popularity
of the concept! Make full use of your letters! BE HEARD!!!!     


"Star Trek: The Magazine" and "The Star Trek Communicator," as well, in order to
keep the momentum up! Addresses for each are included in each week's

PLEASE drop an e-mail to: Offic-@bringbackkirk.com and let us know that you've
sent a letter and to whom. This way we can keep track of the number of letters
that are going out and evaluate the most effective direction to head! :-)

Let's get writing and BRING BACK KIRK!!!


Listed below are the three primary people who are to be mailed during the
letter-writing phase, as well as a secondary address (for Rick Berman) that you
may use at your own convenience.


Mr. Mel Karmazin
CEO Infinity Broadcasting
c/o CBS                                                         
51 W. 52nd St.
New York, NY 10019

Jonathan L. Dolgen
Chairman of Viacom Entertainment Group
Viacom, 1515 Broadway, 52nd Floor
New York, NY 10036-5794

~ or ~

Jonathan L. Dolgen
c/o Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90038

Kerry McCluggage
c/o Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038


Mr. Rick Berman
c/o Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038


Star Trek Communicator

E-Mail: stced-@startrek.com
The Official Fan Club, Inc.
3720 Revere St.
Denver, CO 80239 U.S.A.

Star Trek: The Magazine

E-mail: stmag-@aol.com
Star Trek: The Magazine
419 North Larchmont Blvd.
Suite 7
Los Angeles, CA 90004


All of our flyers have been recently updated to include the new letter-writing
information and the new links for the Newsletter, and they're available in
Portuguese-European dialect, German, and English.

Whether you live in the United Kingdom or the United States of America, there's
one for your country! Download 'em and distribute them to friends and at
conventions, give one to someone at your workplace, or maybe give them to
someone who wants to know more! Anyway, the key is distribution -- and
downloading them at the following addresses first. Pick and choose one location to
download them at!

o BringBackKirk.com http://www.bringbackkirk.com
o Bring Back Kirk U.K. http://www.btinternet.com/~bbkuk/flyer.htm
o The Trekker Newsletter: http://www.treknewsletter.com/flyer.doc
o CaptApril's Site: http://hometown.aol.com/captapril/flyer.html

Our special thanks go to the Trekker Newsletter for displaying our official flyers
for download.

Again, distribution of these flyers requires ACTIVE CAMPAIGNING, which includes
spreading them around to Trek and sci-fi fan clubs and conventions -- or
wherever else flyers are welcome! Remember: You CAN make a difference!
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