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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter -- Issue #51 -- Tuesday, August 21, 2001  Joe Beaudoin
 Aug 21, 2001 12:24 PDT 
Bring Back Kirk Newsletter -- Issue #51 -- Tuesday, August 21, 2001
The OFFICIAL Newsletter of the Official Bring Back Kirk Movement
www.bringbackkirk.com | www.bringbackkirk.com/UK |
Recognized as an Official Movement by: www.shatner.com
And Very Special Accolades to: stgn.strek.com | www.1701b.com


This issue has been a bit delayed due to the inclusion of a brand new
feature entitled "Brave New Worlds", scribed by our very own U.K.
official, Jason Turner (bbk-@btinternet.com). It follows in the
footsteps of Randy's resident feature, "Conventional Thinking", but
covers what brave new worlds we can influence in the Star Trek
franchise. This week's debut article features "Enterprise", which is
getting a lot of press this week in regards to publications -
particularly that of TV Guide here in the U.S. with a sneak peek into
the "Enterprise" sets, characters, and released information about the

While there are no new letter-writing schedules or initiatives as of
yet, you can-as always-still send off your letters to any of the
addresses listed on its respective page of BringBackKirk.com. The CD
still continues to be under development (mainly because there has been
little time for me to do it as of late, particularly with everything
going on in my own life right now), and we may be adding additional
features to it as well, although this is still yet to be determined.

So far, I have one Linux beta tester for the BBK CD. If you wish to be a
Linux beta tester, please let me know!


Joe Beaudoin


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When you mail your letters, we ask that you send a quick, brief note to
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tally of the letters sent in! We do appreciate hearing from you!




Frank Kurtz, News Editor for TV Guide, recently wrote the following
article regarding William Shatner's advice to Scott Bakula, lead for

"Don't ask William Shatner about what he knows about the coming
Enterprise. While talking to TV Guide, the Star Trek veteran gave his
take on the coming series, saying, 'I don't know anything about it. I
know less than you know.'

"Still, Shatner has compliments for Scott Bakula, saying, 'Scott Bakula
will be wonderful. He's a very powerful actor.'

"When asked what the new captain of the Enterprise will need, Shatner
offers, 'Stamina, for one. That's the main one. It's a long, arduous


The aforementioned Kurtz has also covered the Bakula side of things,
particularly in regards of Shatner, Kirk, what he hopes "Enterprise"
will accomplish, and his character:

"Scott Bakula has been talking again about the coming Enterprise, this
time focusing on the shadow cast by the classic original Star Trek TV

"While talking to TV Guide, Bakula spoke of the actor and his show,
saying, 'In my mind, he's the first - and the last, really. He's the
ultimate guy... You'll always live in the shadow of Shatner. But if we
can achieve a little of what [his original 1966-69 series] achieved,
we'll be doing a good job.'

"Regarding any comparisons of Bakula's role as Captain Jonathan Archer
with Shatner's Kirk, Bakula says his role his 'is nothing like Captain
Kirk.' Though he adds: '[Archer's] a free-spirited guy ... not afraid to
say what he thinks [or] buck authority. [He's] bold and brash and yes,
the closest to Kirk - even though I'm a 100 years before Kirk.'"

By: Randy Hall (Randy-@aol.com)

The following is a reasonable compilation of some conversations I've had
with a male co-worker over the past several days. It always starts the
same way, with him walking up to my desk with a question.

"So you're going to be around the weekend after Labor Day, right?" he
asked, as if it was physically impossible for me to say anything other
than "Yes."

"Actually, no," I replied. "I'm going to be out of town."

"Out of town?" he asked. "Aren't you going to get all your traveling
done on the holiday weekend?"

"Normally, I'd say yes, but there's somewhere I want to be that

"Where's that?"

"New York City," I replied, hoping that would be enough to end the

"The Big Apple? What can you see there on that weekend that you couldn't
the week before?"

"Well, you know I like Star Trek, and-."

"Oh, so there's a Star Trek convention there that weekend! I should have

"You see, that's the 35th anniversary of Star Trek, and I-."

"THIRTY-FIVE YEARS?!? It CAN'T be that long!"

"Well, it is, and I really want to-."

"So if it's a big anniversary, they'll probably have a lot of big-time

"Actually, most of the actors from Star Trek will be in Las Vegas for a
big con there that weekend."

"Then why are you going to New York?"

"Well, there'll be some folks who had guest roles in episodes from
Classic Trek."

"Is that all?"

"No, the big guest is going to be William Shatner, and I-."

"WILLIAM SHATNER?!? He's going to be there? Well, that's differ-. Uh,
what character did he play on Star Trek?"

"He was Captain Kirk," I said, rolling my eyes toward the ceiling.

"Oh, that's right! The guy with the toupee who got the chicks all the
time! I thought he might have been the one with the funny ears. You
know, Doctor Spock."

"Mister Spock," I replied. "No, Leonard Nimoy will be in Las Vegas."

"So if it's been 35 years since Star Trek started, all the actors must
be really, really old by now!"

"Shatner turned 70 this year, as a matter of f-."

"SEVENTY YEARS OLD and he's still going to conventions? They must have
to bring him out with a wheelchair!"

"Not really. He's actually in very good shape for his age."

"If he's in good shape, then why doesn't he play Kirk anymore?"

"Well, they sort of killed him in the seventh Trek movie."

"Was that the one with Ricardo Montalban?"

"No, that was the second movie. Generations was the title of the seventh

"I don't remember it, but then again, I haven't been to a Star Trek
movie in ages. So how did he get killed? In some kind of big space
battle, right?"

"No, a bridge fell on him."

"KIRK?!? I bet you really hated that!"


"So they actually killed off Kirk. Too bad, but he's gone for good."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, once you're dead, you're dead. No coming back."

"What about Spock in the movie with Ricardo Montalban? He came back in
the one with Christopher Lloyd, didn't he?"

"Yeah, but that's different. People actually liked Spock."

"Right," I said as calmly as I could. "But if they brought Kirk back,
you'd go to see it, wouldn't you?"

"Sure," he said, "but if Paramount is still like I remember it, they'd
either screw it up or not do it at all. Well, I'm back to work. See ya."

That was one of the few times I seriously doubted whether BBK is worth
the time and effort we invest in it. Other Trek fans say Kirk should
remain six feet under the soil on Veridian III even though they'd be
there in a heartbeat if James T. came back.

So I had to ask myself: Why am I trying to Bring Back Kirk?

Is it because Shatner needs the work? Certainly not; when he's not a
guest star on a prime-time show like 3rd Rock From the Sun, he's hosting
beauty pageants or collaborating on books.

Is it because I don't like what Berman and Braga have done to Gene
Roddenberry's great contribution to contemporary mythology? While that's
very true, I just can't wrap myself up in something so negative.

Or is it because Kirk is a great character who still has plenty of
stories left in him even though he was killed in a stupid and
disrespectful manner?

Yeah, that's it!

I've enjoyed Star Trek for more than 25 years now, and no one brings
energy and adventure to it like Captain Kirk! Complain all you will
about his so-called womanizing and the myth of his firing phasers
without even looking first, but when Kirk is on the screen, you know
things will get and stay interesting. As much as I like many other Trek
characters, none of them has influenced me or inspired me like the good

And that's why I think BBK needs to continue. We need to remember who
was at the forefront when Star Trek went from a cancelled TV show to a
modern legend. If that could happen, then perhaps Kirk can get the
sendoff he deserves: to cheat death one more time...

Meanwhile, back at Star Trek's 35th anniversary:

I'm glad to say that a fellow BBKer has volunteered to put out our
flyers at the Creation convention in Plano, Texas, on Sunday, September
9 (though his name has slipped right out of my noggin at the moment),
and I'll be in NYC for the Creation con the day before. While it's great
to have those bases covered, I have to ask if anyone reading this
newsletter will attend the opening of the four-day Slanted Fedora bash
being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 6-9. If you are, and you can
help us get flyers to folks who feel as we do, please email me at
randy-@aol.com. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Convention calendar
If you'd like to get an early start on the 35th anniversary celebration
of Star Trek, just attend the Canadian National Science Fiction Expo
(also called SFX 2001) the weekend of August 24-26 in Toronto, Canada,
where two of the guests will be William Shatner and Jimmy Doohan
(Scotty). And if you're going and would be willing to take some flyers
to put out on the fan flyer table, write to me at the email address

Next issue: A Kirk fan returns to Farscape's court

Randy Hall
BBK Convention Coordinator
"Never give up, never surrender!"

By: Jason Turner (BBK-@btinternet.com)

Welcome to a brand new column that aims to look at the future of Star
Trek and where Kirk can fit in the bigger picture.

Right now, the Star Trek community is buzzing with the advent of
Enterprise and the rumored final farewell of The Next Generation crew in
the latest Star Trek movie. With all this going on and no talk of Kirk
and company in the 35th anniversary of Trek, where does this leave our
beloved captain? Is it possible that Kirk has been long forgotten and
will be buried for eternity on Veridian III? Hopefully, we can shed some
optimistic light on the matter as we discuss the possibilities.

This issue, we'll be looking at the new series, Enterprise, a prequel to
the original series, and the premise in regards to a Kirk appearance.

First you may ask, how can Kirk appear in a prequel? The obvious answer
would be that Kirk himself has not been born yet, but one of this
relatives could certainly appear and be played by William Shatner. This
is a definite possibility. Shatner played his brother Sam in "Operation
Annihilate," and with minor changes in his look, he could certainly play
a great-grandfather of Kirk. But that isn't what we're asking for, and
whilst it would be nice;, it is far from the goal of the BBK campaign.

(Minor Enterprise spoilers follow.)

Fortunately, the new series involves a temporal cold war as part of its
central premise. From my understanding, an alien species (the Suliban)
has travelled back in time to undermine the galactic history of the
Federation and cause rifts between the major powers. In the pilot
episode, first contact with the Klingons was altered, with the Suliban
forcing a Klingon shuttle to crash land on Earth. How this altered the
original Trek timeline, we may never know.

The main Suliban adversary, Silik, is revealed to be in communication
with a "humanoid figure" from the future. Who this figure is, what
species, and what time frame is as yet unknown and certainly not
disclosed in the pilot episode. Nor is it known if indeed the writers
have formulated that answer or whether they are making it up as they go
along. (A lot of Trek two-parters have been scripted with the writers
not knowing how it's going to end after the first part, including "The
Best of Both Worlds" and "Equinox," to name a couple).

So where does Kirk fit into all this? Certainly, the premise doesn't
preclude the possibility of Kirk's appearance. Rick Berman has been on
record as saying that the temporal cold war is being fought on several
fronts, one of them being the beginning of the Federation. It is
perfectly possible to project another front being the 23rd century,
involving our beloved captain. A special episode could involve the
teaming up of captains Kirk and Archer against the Suliban. How?

Well I'm not going to pitch story ideas. I'll leave that to your
imagination. But the possibility certainly exists. The series premise
screams of the possibility of Kirk's involvement, or any other Trek
character, for that matter. But one would have to say that Kirk was one
of the most influential figures in galactic relations, along with
Ambassador Spock. If the Suliban wanted to make drastic alterations to
Federation history, then Captain Kirk would be a key figure to target.
Whether we'd be seeing an alternative timeline version of Kirk (one that
never died on Veridian III), who knows?

I could pitch you half a dozen plausible ideas off the top of my head
for a Kirk appearance in Enterprise, solely out of the central premise;
but I'm not going to. First, the exercise is futile. Ultimately, any
story idea distributed en mass is one less idea Paramount can use, for
entirely legal reasons. Second, if they were to bring Kirk back, the how
and why are entirely at the purview and creative abilities of the
writing staff.

On first impressions, it would appear that a prequel would be "off
limits" to the idea of Captain Kirk's involvement. But looking at what
appears to be the ongoing story arc involving a war fought across time,
it's not that far-fetched to involve our captain at all. In fact,
utilizing Kirk in this series may be a lot more plausible and practical
than appearing in any of the other spinoffs.

The Star Trek saga may have a new beginning; and this new beginning may
be a crucial step in the direction of a new end for James T Kirk.

Next issue: Keeping with the new series for now, we go behind the
and discuss some of the commentaries and rumblings relevant to William
Shatner, Captain Kirk, and the original Star Trek series.


If you are interested in contacting the campaign directly for any
reason, please do so by mailing offic-@bringbackkirk.com.

Star Trek(r) is a registered trademark of Paramount Pictures, a Viacom
Company. All related properties to the Star Trek franchise are owned by
Paramount Pictures, a Viacom Company. All other trademarks and
copyrights mentioned in this newsletter are the property of their
respective holders.

Some of the views expressed in this newsletter are the respective views
of the individual writer, and thus may not be the same as this
newsletter and its representing campaign, the Official Bring Back Kirk
Campaign, holds.
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