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 May 12, 2003 04:59 PDT 

A few weeks ago, we reported that Trektoday was doing a Q&A session with
Enterprise writer Mike Sussman. Sussman has written several episodes
for Enterprise, including the recently aired Borg episode, REGENERATION.

Well, once again, you did a great job, and a Bring Back Kirk question
was asked. Here it is:

Michael Yorkshire: Mike, thanks for the great stories. We appreciate
such things during such turbulent times. I was curious, given this whole
Bring Back Kirk thing going on ... is such an idea an inviting/inspiring
plot device to you? Or would you see it as something kind of contrived?
If the latter, would you be able to negotiate a balance? (I'm a writer,
too ... and curious about other peoples' creative processes)

Mike Sussman: Personally, I'd love to see William Shatner on the show.
If he expressed an interest, I'm sure we'd figure out a way to bring him

Consider that this is a major turnaround. In my opinion, we need to get
the two sides to the negotiating table. I think Mr. Shatner needs to be
made aware. What Mr. Sussman needs to know is that Mr. Shatner HAS
expressed interest. Is it me or does it seem like both sides want this
to happen, but neither side wants to make the first move?

Well, it's our turn. Go to www.williamshatner.com. There is a message
board there. If you haven't joined it, join it. There will be a thread
regarding these comments from Sussman. Every comment we collect from a
writer validates our campaign.

Please post on this thread. The goal is to keep it near the top so
hopefully either Mr. Shatner or his daughter Liz will comment on it.
The interest for Kirk's return is still there, so it's only a matter of
pushing it.

In other news, I've been fortunate to see clips of the new trailer.
Unfortunately, I'm sworn to secrecy on the contents, but if you liked
the last trailer, you'll be blown out of the water this time around.
The work by the people making it is so professionally done that you may
even get mad that it isn't on the air. But that's ok. Keep up the good
work. We have the writers addressing the issue. We just need to get
them to the negotiating table.

If you have any questions, please write to Offic-@bringbackkirk.com
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