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BBK Newsletter--8/14/03  Marc
 Aug 14, 2003 06:35 PDT 

If anyone doubts William Shatner's desire to return to the world of Star
Trek, I strongly recommend checking out Trekweb.com's article today.
The story confirms that Mr. Shatner's lack of involvement in the
franchise is NOT his choice, and that he is working behind the scenes on
trying to get a new Trek series going.

Could Mr. Shatner himself be Trek's savior?

If Mr. Shatner is working on this, we should do everything we can to
support him. Star Trek needs some help, and Mr. Shatner would be a
BRILLIANT choice. It would almost assuredly get Kirk back, which has
been our goal for so long.

So here's what we need you to do:

1. Go to http://talk.trekweb.com/articles/2003/08/14/1060864774.html

Join their discussion list and give your feedback. Remember some very
important things when dealing with Trekweb. The Bring Back Kirk
campaign is not meant to be confrontational. It's a POSITIVE movement
designed with the goal of getting Kirk back in canon. It is NOT meant
to tear down Star Trek in its current form, nor is it meant to attack
Rick Berman and those in charge. While other people on Trekweb like to
attack, it is up to the Bring Back Kirk supporters to take the higher
road and support Kirk's return.

2. The original article can be found here:

Please read it.

3. We are encouraging people to drop Paramount a line. We would like
people to target Mike Sussman with a POSTCARD campaign. Mike Sussman is
an Enterprise writer who has recently said that he would love to bring
Kirk in on Enterprise. Since that is our goal, let's show him some

Please get a postcard (or write a letter) and write the words: BRING
BACK KIRK on it. Send it to:

Mr. Mike Sussman
c/o Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038


We can make this statement and make it workable for those of us with
many *take offs and landings* .... (life's busy) PLEASE ....don't write
anything but BRINGBACKKIRK ,( along with the usual address requirements
for correspondence) . We want the message to be as clear and
indisputable as possible. No arguments, no suggestions as to how , when,
where..... simply: Bring Back Kirk.

If they've read that... and they have to (that's the beauty of it), then
they've read our entire message!

Sounds simple, doesn't it? Yes, it's simple; but this will really make
an impact if we ALL participate... They're looking for a way to improve
Trek and WE HAVE IT!! THE TIME IS RIGHT!! We've written letters but
those take time to read; this is PERFECT!!

FINALLY--we have a bit of a surprise. A version of the new trailer
played at a convention in the UK recently, and got a MONSTER response.
More on that in the next newsletter.

Now is a time to really get busy. Show some support, and maybe, just
maybe, Kirk will be back soon.

As always--ANY questions, please send them to
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