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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 6/29/04  Marc
 Jun 29, 2004 05:36 PDT 

It's not often there are back to back newsletters, but I feel that
whenever we get some sort of internet coverage, you guys should know
about it.

Obviously the news of Rick Berman and Brannon Braga looking to get Mr.
Shatner to appear on Enterprise has us buzzing. As stated in
yesterday's newsletter, our fear right now is that they will try to have
Mr. Shatner play Kirk's ancestor, rather than a post-Generations Kirk

Yesterday, I pointed out that people should go to message boards on
sites like www.Trekweb.com, www.trektoday.com, and

I would like to take the time to add www.syfyportal.com to the list.
They were kind enough to cover the news and give our side of the story.
It's always nice to be able to have that chance.

You can find the article directly over here:


There is a discussion link toward the bottom of the article that leads
to their message boards.

Hopefully, in the coming days, we will be able to talk to as many news
sites as possible. The goal is clearly to get the word out that not
only do we want Mr. Shatner back, but it HAS to be as James T. Kirk,
post-Generations. Your job is to help out by talking it up.

William Shatner's return to Trek has the potential to be the biggest
event in the last 10 years. Remember why we're here. The Bring Back
Kirk campaign was formed and organized solely because of the negative
fan reaction to the death of an American fictional icon. Captain Kirk
needs a positive resolution. If Berman and Braga announce that they are
truly bringing back Kirk on Enterprise, it will be by far the most
incredibly positive fan reaction in years.

But if they just have Mr. Shatner do a cameo or an ancestor, the
reaction will be disappointment that they went so far and dropped the

I know that they are listening right now. The fact that they are
looking to have Mr. Shatner appear proves that our message is getting
through. We're getting there. We need a big push to the creative team
to let them know that the ancestor idea is a HUGE mistake. The whole
point of getting Mr. Shatner involved is to boost ratings and start
making the fans happier. The best way to do this is to bring back not
just Mr. Shatner, but to bring back Kirk.

So get out there, make your voices heard. Talk it up. We've never been
closer. As always, we can be reached at Offic-@bringbackkirk.com.
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