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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 10/1/04  Marc
 Oct 01, 2004 15:38 PDT 

One of the things I like about Star Trek fans is that they are so on the
ball. Something happens, and everyone knows about it.

I just logged on to my BBK account and found 2 e-mails. One was from
our friends at Trekweb. The other was from one of you. Both had VERY
encouraging news. The talks between Mr. Shatner and Star Trek:
Enterprise are heating up.


That's the story at Trekweb.

Here is the original report.

Basically the report is saying that Paramount and Mr. Shatner have
either reached, or are very near, a deal. The quote:

<<"The ongoing negotiations between Paramount, makers of TV's Enterprise
and William Shatner, are apparently now going very well and we can
expect an announcement pretty soon on Shatner's reprisal of Captain
James T.Kirk for an unspecified number of Enterprise episodes for 2005",
we're told. >>

Now of course we don't have confirmation of this. It's not official
unless you see it at www.startrek.com. BUT, obviously, this is
encouraging. You may recall that a past newsletter said that we had the
ball on the 5 yard line. Well, now it looks like it's on the 1 yard

We're close. And notice the quote mentioned Captain Kirk. That's also
a good sign. We will try to contact some of our sources for info.

Now there's nothing to celebrate yet. There has not been a signing.
And even if there is a signing, the next issue would be plot. Remember,
our campaign is to make sure that Generations isn't the end for Captain
Kirk, and that he has a HAPPY ENDING. But we'll talk about that stuff

Right now, don't pop the champagne. But you're allowed to smile.

You know the drill--any questions, comments or information can be sent
to Offic-@bringbackkirk.com. Special thanks to VooDoo1194.

News will be reported as we get it.
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