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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 10/25/04  Marc
 Oct 25, 2004 09:31 PDT 

Well, no major new news on the Shatner on Enterprise front. The latest
update is that they are still negotiating. The problem is that the
latest comment from Rick Berman indicates that it will involve an
alternate reality. The worst possible scenario would be a story where
they don't resolve Generations. Sure, it's nice that Mr. Shatner would
appear, but without fixing the problem of Kirk's death, what's the

Paramount would be dropping the ball on this one. Just from reading fan
reaction to the idea that it wouldn't be Kirk, I can tell that they
would be taking what should be the most exciting event in Enterprise,
maybe even Star Trek, history, and dropping the ball.

But I don't know any more plot details other than that an alternate
reality is somehow involved. That could mean almost anything. Still,
any ending that doesn't involve giving hope to our character would be a
sad mistake, and to mar Mr. Shatner's long awaited return to Trek with
this kind of disappointment would be a mistake.

Still, it's all a matter of writing. Nothing's been filmed. Nothing's
even been announced. So that means that the only thing stopping Kirk's
return done right, aside of course from Mr. Shatner signing, is someone
spending some time with Microsoft Word. We're not done. And we won't
quit, no matter what.

If the stunt casting goal is to get ratings, then they really need to
listen to what the fans want here. There is no campaign for an
alternate reality Kirk. Mr. Shatner alone just won't accomplish what
they want. It has to be the character or it's a waste.

Keep writing Paramount. Without you letting them know, they're not
going to know. Addresses are available at www.bringbackkirk.com.

Meanwhile, we have a pretty cool announcement to make on our own. A few
months back, we rocked the Star Trek fandom/online world with our
trailer. This trailer was a monster success and got a lot of attention
for the Bring Back Kirk campaign.

While we can't confirm who has seen it, we know for a fact that the
trailer infiltrated Paramount. And we know there are still a lot of
Star Trek people that want to see Kirk return.

Well, one person, who HAS PROFESSIONAL STAR TREK EXPERIENCE, decided to
help our cause by turning our trailer into a novelization. You will
tell by the quality of what we are about to present to you that we're
telling the truth. This person has taken the trailer, and divided into
two parts.

Part One will deal with the whole storyline involving Kirk's retrieval
by Spock from the nexus, and Starfleet's role in accomplishing it. Part
Two will involve that big battle.

Basically, thanks to this incredible though anonymous author, we will be
able to treat Star Trek fans to a free Star Trek novel, based on our
trailer. Part one will be released one week from today, on November 1,
2004. It is 90 pages long on Word. Again, this will only be about half
the story.

Wondering how about 4 minutes of the trailer can be expanded to 90
pages? Wait until next week. It will be worth it.

As always, you can reach us at Offic-@bringbackkirk.com.
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