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Bring Back Kirk News 2/22/05  Marc
 Feb 22, 2005 04:33 PST 

Interesting news came down yesterday from the UK. A rumor is going
around that Mr. Shatner is in negotiation to appear in the next Trek

Trekweb put up a link to the story, which can be found directly here:


According to the story, Paramount has asked William Shatner to appear in
the next Star Trek movie, currently called "the untitled Star Trek

The group, Sky News, is claiming that they spoke to Mr. Shatner
directly, though there is no confirmation if he accepted the direct

What does all this mean? Given the teases of the past year, I would say
absolutely nothing. In my opinion, I believe that the two sides did
talk about Mr. Shatner appearing on Enterprise, and those talks were
indeed serious. I also speculate that the two sides couldn't work out
the finances and the schedule.

Given Mr. Shatner's iconic status in Trek, it does make more sense for
the return to be in a movie. Paramount must have at least SOME common
sense to believe that Mr. Shatner is a draw. There was also a published
report a while back that had the next Trek movie put on hold due in part
to the fact that Rick Berman had no recognizable actors in it.
Obviously, Mr. Shatner ends that problem.

But again, NOTHING is confirmed, and this should be treated as rumor.

Just editorializing here, but again, we have to have the worry about
whether they are even asking him to return as Kirk.

What they still don't publicly acknowledge is that the reason for the
demand is because the CHARACTER died in Generations, and that the
CHARACTER needs the happy ending. That's the main contention and the
main draw that Mr. Shatner brings to the table. And I still don't
understand why Rick Berman insists on making the next movie a prequel.
The cancellation of Enterprise was primarily due to poor ratings. If
people aren't watching the pre-Kirk era on TV, it is highly doubtful
they will pay to see it--especially with a brand new cast as has been

Paramount is on the right track if they truly are pursuing Mr. Shatner
for the next movie, but it has to be as Kirk.

Anyway, check out www.trekweb.com, and their coverage of the story. If
you see anything, talk it up. Talk up how much you want to see Kirk
return. Even at a time when Star Trek is taking a hiatus, Paramount
should see that Kirk is still in demand.

Star Trek is a more valuable franchise when Captain Kirk is alive.

As always, and questions or comments can be sent to
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