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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 9/9/05  Marc
 Sep 09, 2005 08:10 PDT 

I know there's not a lot going on right now, and that's in part because
there isn't much going on in the world of Trek. There is talk of a Trek
XI, but they are looking to do some sort of prequel, and it isn't being
met with much fan enthusiasm, based on comments I have read.

Personally, I think that if it doesn't involve Kirk in some way, I may
pass on this film. If a prequel couldn't get ratings on TV, I don't see
why they would think that a prequel would do well in the movies.

No topic stirs up more response than Kirk returning--still. And
fortunately, Shatner is still healthy enough to play the part. The most
Trek excitement right now is over at www.newvoyages.com, where they are
continuing the adventures of Kirk and crew for your downloading
pleasure. I highly recommend their work--especially since they have
acknowledged the Bring Back Kirk trailer in their canon. I love that
they understand that Kirk shouldn't meet his end like that, and would
love to see the character return just like we would.

I would recommend expressing your opinions to Paramount from one of the
addresses on our website. If Paramount wants to make some money, rather
than blowing it AGAIN, they should find a way to bring Kirk into the
next movie in some capacity.

We have recently been getting questions regarding the novelization of
our trailer. As has been previously reported, we have a Trek writer
doing the work. That is, someone with Trek credits on the resume is the
author, who has chosen to remain anonymous. Obviously having that
quality means that other issues pop up, namely, the person is busy with

I was in contact with the author today, requesting an update, and was
given a response via email, which I'm sharing below. Believe me, we are
all anxious to read the author's interpretation. And it will come. It
hasn't been forgotten.

Before you read this, I want to share a funny story. Someone actually
came forward and claimed to be the author, and requested credit. I'm
not sure what he was thinking. Just because the author is anonymous
doesn't mean NO ONE knows who wrote the story. I know the author's
identity, and I also know the e-mail address to reach the author. While
I will protect the anonymity, I can only laugh at someone claiming to be
the writer. But anyway, here's a note straight from the real author...

An update on "Echoes of Destiny" -

Hello, everyone. It's been a while since the last update regarding
ECHOES OF DESTINY. First, I want to thank all of you who have taken the
time to read the story and offer your thoughts on it, good or bad. I
have been forwarded various messages via the BBK site managers and I'm
happy to see that people are enjoying the story.

Now, to answer the oft-asked question, "Where's the rest of it?"

I regret that so much time has passed since the posting of Part I, which
I've taken to calling "The Needs of the One," and any real news about
Part II. Yes, you guessed it, I'm calling it "The Needs of the Many,"
and I'm happy to say I am working on it, but the progress has been slow.
Other commitments and writing projects have consumed much of my time
these past months, and I've been forced to set aside those priorities
that don't pay bills. That said, I'm committed to finishing the
novelization so long as the kind people at BBK want me to continue.
We've spoken on this issue a few times, and each time I attempt to bow
out and allow someone else the opportunity to finish what I began, the
answer is always that they'd like to see me complete it. That's
flattering, and I fully intend to take them up on the offer as time and
cirumstances permit.

As I move ahead, I may make a few minor changes to Part I, whether it be
to correct something I think I could have done better, or to modify it
in such a way that it better aligns with Part II. Rest assured that all
such updates will be communicated to the BBK officials so that the
version appearing on the website can be updated.

Thanks once again for your support and patience. It's my goal to make
your wait worthwhile.


Avid Fan

So there you have it. It will be done, we're just not sure when. But
patience tends to be a staple of our campaign.

As always, all questions/comments can be sent to
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