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Bring Back Kirk Newsletter 12/14/05  Marc
 Dec 14, 2005 12:36 PST 

With no Trek in production, there hasn't been much to do for us in the
Bring Back Kirk campaign. But clearly, the desire for the return of the
character of James T. Kirk has not died. On the contrary, William
Shatner has never been more popular than he is today, coming off his
second Emmy as Denny Crane on Boston Legal. For the record, I love that
show, and the reason is because of Mr. Shatner.

That character is brilliant, and he was born to play it.

But he was also born to play James T. Kirk. And for cryin' out loud,
it's time. The movie franchise and the TV franchise are both in
shambles. And let's face it, how many people are going to actually
bother to pay to see a Star Trek movie without Kirk? The only real info
we have received so far is a really horrible idea about a prequel that
would take place some time after Enterprise but before the original
series. I think I can sum up my personal feelings on this idea with two
words: "who cares?"

Well, yesterday a major rumor appeared saying that the prequel rumor was
scrapped. Well, if true then thank you Paramount for doing the obvious
since I haven't seen one positive response. Do YOU want to see a
completely new cast in a prequel academy setting? I sure don't.

Only one thing will get me to the theater--the return of James T. Kirk.
I'm far more fed up with Star Trek to accept anything less this time.

And guess what? Maybe they are starting to get it. The latest rumor,
which is discussed by our friends at Trekweb, as well as SciFi Wire, and
many other websites, involves the return of Kirk and Picard in Trek XI.

But there's a snag...

This rumor involves the mirror universe. Don't get me wrong... I think
Mr. Shatner would be utterly brilliant as Tiberius, James T. Kirk's evil
counterpart from the mirror universe. And he had a great chemistry with
Patrick Stewart. A re-teaming of these two actors is exactly what Trek
needs to get things going again.

don't want to see a pure mirror universe movie like they recently did on
Enterprise. It's ok, but again, THE WHOLE POINT IS TO GET JAMES T. KIRK

To Paramount, if you're reading this, please understand that it's the
character, not just the actor, that drives so many fans. I would LOVE
to see mirror James T. Kirk. But I want to see OUR Captain Kirk have
his happy ending. I don't care how you do it. Tell us he came back
shortly after Generations. Incorporate the brilliant novels written by
Mr. Shatner himself. Bring in Q. Come up with something new. But do

And to you, the people who have kept Captain Kirk's name alive
throughout a terrible decade which saw the decline of Star Trek to the
point where very few people even care anymore, please let Paramount

It's not just the actor--it's the character.

Don't just bring in William Shatner.


Let them know folks, because we're the people they're trying to get

Now the last I checked, the Offic-@bringbackkirk.com address wasn't
working properly. So use BBK-@aol.com until further notice.

Paramount, if you bring back Kirk, you WILL not regret it. Guaranteed.
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