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List Name despair,depression,hatred,loss,discontent,suicidal,homicidal,nervousness,fear. (despair )
Purpose: i want your worst....that means insane ramblings, hatreds of any kind, fears, depressed writings from the bowels of hell or just your house...it doesnt matter. make it up if you have to...i dont care and i dont think we'll know anyways.... im interested in hearing just how bad you think it is...you want to bitch about somthing? this is deffinitly the place...you hate me or anyone else for some reason? well bring it on!...im not going to censor anything you say. just be brutal...thats why i made this...i want to bleed from my eyes when i read your post...this is also the place to carry out your fights with other people in other groups...violence is not the answer but its a good guess and ill accept it anyways!
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Created: Dec 04, 2001
Owner: Burnt Rice
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Categories: Society & Culture  |  Opinion  |  Rants -n- Raves

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