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Please do not let wrexham FC be sold by property developers  wrexham fans
 Jun 05, 2004 15:54 PDT 

Dear Championship manager fans,

Please help us by signing our petition.

This mail is to highlight the disaster that is about to befall Wrexham
FC unless we can do something about it.

Below is a summary of the events that have caused Wrexham FC to be
facing its gravest ever crisis. Please show your support for football
and your contempt for the asset strippers by signing the on-line
petition, it only takes 30 seconds - and also get your friends and
family to do the same, in fact tell everyone who cares remotely about
football or the community.


Please forward this on to anyone you think may sign the petition. We
need to keep this moving. We are currently at 3500 signatures but we
need lots more.

The local press are virtually turning a blind eye to what is really
happening, so to be kept informed please sign up for the wrexham fans
newsletter by sending an email to wrexham.fan-@topica.com .

Many thanks.

Two years ago the then chairman of Wrexham Football Club, Mr Pryce
Griffiths, who was a real Wrexham supporter and had the best interests
of the club at heart, was struggling to cope with the increased stress
of running the club due to ill health and decided to sell his 78% of
shares in the club to a Mr Mark Gutterman, a property developer,
believing after several meetings that he would continue to look after
the club and take it forward.

After Mark Gutterman took over, the club won promotion back to Division
Two and everything seemed fine, but no money was ever provided for
transfer fees by the new chairman/owner and then starting in November
last year the players wages started to be paid late and carried on being

paid late until his sudden resignation last week. On several occasions
the phones had been cut off and also the players had no hot water at the

training complex at Colliers Park.

A Mr John Reames had appeared on the scene over the last couple of
months, claiming he was here as a favour to Mark Gutterman and was not
deceiving a penny for his help, and on Monday night at a board meeting
called due to Mark Guttermans departure he was made Managing Director.
He was previously involved at Lincoln City where he was chairman and
their fans cannot believe he has been allowed to obtain a position of
power at another football club.

Amazingly, Mr Reames has admitted that Mark Gutterman was never owner of

Wrexham Football Club and the owner is in fact a Mr Alex Hamilton,
another property developer who is a close friend and business associate
of Mark Gutterman, and Mr Alex Hamilton has admitted himself "that he
has no interest in football". Mr Alex Hamilton also bought the freehold
of the ground from Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries over a year ago
for 300,000 and this was never reported in the local press along with
several other very important issues regarding the club. The club had a
125 year lease agreed for a peppercorn rent, this is now worthless as Mr

Hamilton owns both the club and the freehold and can do what he likes
with them.

According to Mr Reames, Mr Hamilton wishes to demolish the Kop and Yale
stands during the season after next and rotate the pitch ninety degrees
during the summer break to "free up" more space for redevelopment, once
this is done Mr Hamilton will walk away from the club with a handsome
profit leaving the club debt free. This will lead to the loss of the
club car park and a reduction in capacity of the ground by 1500.

Obviously this is very worrying for any Wrexham fan as the current
ground is a very good stadium and is better left as it is, and can it
really be believed that all the work can be done while the team still
plays at the stadium? Why do we need to build a smaller stadium on the
same site allowing a property developer to walk off with millions in
profit and pay off debts that have been created while he has been the
owner, it just doesn't make any sense apart from someone asset stripping

the land for their own benefit.

The obvious main worry is that once the work begins an excuse will be
made that we will have to groundshare because of the work taking too
long etc and we will never return as the land will be sold once we are
off site, and for anyone who doubts this is a possibility, just ask any
Brighton fan who are now fully supporting our cause as can be seen from
the petition, along with fans of all other football clubs including not
surprisingly Lincoln City.

Please help save Wrexham FC

sign the on-line petition at

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