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COLAGE Net News * July 5th, 2006  meredith fenton
 Jul 05, 2006 18:07 PDT 

July 5th, 2006

In this issue of COLAGE Net News:

COLAGE Updates & Announcements:
1. Submit to COLAGE’s Just For Us
2. COLAGE Summer Interns- Correction
3. Fall Internships at COLAGE

COLAGE Events:
4. Family Week in Saugatuck, MI Kicks off this weekend!
5. COLAGE New Orleans Pool Party
6. Act OUT: the National LGBT Family Conference- Don’t miss the event of
the year!

Actions, Opportunities and News
7. Our Stories Media Trainings in Texas
8. NEWS: Arkansas Supreme Court Unanimously Overturns Ban on Foster
Parenting by Gay People
9. NEWS: Transgenders' reception mixed amid Alabama ban on same-sex vows
10. NEWS: National Pediatricians Group: Children Of Same-Sex Parents
Harmed By Gay Marriage Bans

COLAGE Updates & Announcements:

1. Submit to COLAGE’s Just For Us

Let your voice be heard! Contribute to COLAGE’s one-of-a-kind
publication, Just For Us!

JFU is the only publication dedicated to the words, thoughts, opinions,
and experiences of people with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or
transgender parents - and we want to hear from YOU.

Our next issue of Just For Us will be focused on school! We want to
hear about your hallways, classrooms, teachers, extra-curricular
activities, and more. Whether you’re still in school, already
graduated, getting home schooled, attending public or private school,
you have a story to tell the world about what it’s like for kids with
LGBTQ parents.

Some questions to consider:
Are you able to be open about your family in school?
Do you ever hear about LGBT families in the classroom? What gets said,
and what do you think about it?
What’s going on at your school to make it a welcoming place for
everyone? Why did you decide to get involved?
If you are already out of school, do you have any stories or memories
related to having LGBT parents?
How does your experience of school change as you grow? Do you think
there are differences between elementary, middle, high school, and
college when it comes to our families?

Submissions may take almost any format - share your personal stories,
essays, interviews, poems, artwork, reviews, or send us pictures of
yourself or your family. We will work with you to make sure your story
is told in your own words, the way you want it - you, the contributor,
have final approval of your piece before it goes to print. You can
submit a finished piece or let us interview you - it’s up to you.
Please limit your pieces to two-dimensional and 500-750 words or less.
Each submission should include a brief bio, and a picture (digital
images are preferred!).

Deadline for submissions is August 11th so get your thoughts down on
paper and let your voice be heard! To contribute to JFU, or if you have
questions about being a contributor, contact us at jf-@colage.org.
Looking forward to hearing from you all!


2. COLAGE Summer Interns- Correction

In the last net news’ introduction of our summer and youth interns, we
mistakenly omitted a bio for Jamon Franklin. We hope you will get a
chance to work with Jamon this summer at Family Weeks in Michigan and
Massachusetts or through your interaction with our office,

Jamon grew up in Cleveland, Ohio with one brother, one straight mom and
two gay dads. From there she moved as far away as possible, to Santa
Cruz, CA to go to college. After graduating in 2001 with a degree in
Women's Studies, she moved to San Francisco. During her time in SF, she
has volunteered with various social justice organizations in the Bay
Area, including Community United Against Violence and Books not Bars. In
her spare time, she enjoys riding bikes, hiking, reading, and pretending
that she likes the rain. She looks forward to finding more of a
community of folks with queer parents during her summer internship with

Jamon joins April Anthony and our Youth Interns Mario Lio and Lily
Donovan-Seid at COLAGE this summer.


3. Fall Internships at COLAGE

Come work in the national headquarters of COLAGE this fall!

COLAGE engages, connects and empowers people to make the world a better
place for children of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender (LGBT)
parents and families. COLAGE is the only national organization serving
people with LGBT parents, therefore presenting a unique perspective on
LGBT issues, and providing a once in a lifetime opportunity for interns.
This is a hands-on job: you won’t just be filing, you’ll get to use your
creativity and initiative. We are looking for team players who are
motivated to learn, share, play, and work hard in support of COLAGE's
mission. Interns will assist the staff on current or new projects, with
both local and national events, and with office management. Fall
internships can range from a full-time 10 week internship to a 20 week
half-time internship. We also offer internships for college credit.

Preferred qualifications
• Computer literate (especially on PC’s), knowledge of Office 2000,
FileMaker Pro, HTML, and desktop publishing programs a plus.

• Experience and comfort with email and phone-based organizing and

• Experience and comfort working with youth and families

• Self-motivated, flexible, and full of initiative

• People with LGBT parent/s

Summer interns receive a modest stipend for their internship including
some evenings and weekends.
• Must be 18 or over if not from the Bay Area, 15 or over from the Bay
• Must be LGBT-friendly

COLAGE is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer
• People of color, people with disabilities, and people with LGBT
parents especially encouraged to apply.

How to Apply for Fall Internships
Deadline: Friday, August 4th, 2006
Postmark by August 4th or fax by midnight on August 4th
Please mail, email, or fax us the following information:
1. Your resume;
2. A cover letter sharing your interest in working for COLAGE and
3. Contact information for two people who will serve as references and
can attest to your experience and skills.

Select applicants will be invited to participate in an interview during
August. Internships will begin in September or October in accordance
with the COLAGE’s needs and intern’s availability.

COLAGE also has spring and summer work-study internships; if you are
interested contact us for more information.

Need more info? Want to apply?
1550 Bryant St. Ste. 830
SF CA 94103
phone: 415-861-5437 fax (415) 255-8345,


4. Family Week in Saugatuck, MI Kicks off this weekend!

Family Week 2006 is gearing up to be another week of amazing
connections, community and youth programming for COLAGE.   At the same
time, 2006 promises to be a challenging one for our community with more
states introducing legislation targeting and attacking our families than
ever before.

Clearly, it will be more important than ever before for LGBT families to
join together. What better place for you to connect to others with LGBT
parents than at:

Family Week in Saugatuck, MI
July 8th – 13th, 2006

Once again COLAGE is joining with Rainbow Families Great Lakes (an
entirely volunteer- run group of folks dedicated to making Family Week a
success) to plan for Family Week 2006. We’ll be on hand with amazing and
empowering programming for youth in addition to a whole schedule of
family events, meals, beach parties, parent workshops, recreational
activities and more.

Sign up your family to join us at this inspiring and unique event for
LGBT Families today. Go to http://www.rfgl.org/Register.html or register
on site!


5. COLAGE New Orleans Pool Party

Our next COLAGE N.O. event will be a POOL PARTY ! So we can all jump in
and cool off and not worry about sweating and getting all stinky and
stuff. There's a big pool AND a very safe, well protected baby pool full
of toys for all the younger ones. They have diving boards, too--and of
course, 2 or 3 lifeguards are always on staff.

Event Date is: SUNDAY, JULY 23RD, 2006 FROM 3PM TO 5PM

Event Location is: Uptown Jewish Community Center (5342 St. Charles
Avenue, next to De La Salle Highschool)

Event is free, thanks to the grant from NYAC/COLAGE NATIONAL.

Please let me know if you'll be attending ASAP because COLAGE N.O. will
be charged by a per person rate.

For more information contact: Dale L. Liuzza, COLAGE New Orleans
President, COLAGE National Board of Directors
dalel-@colage.org, colagene-@aol.com


6. Act OUT: The National LGBT Family Conference- Don’t miss the event of
the year~

COLAGE is thrilled to announce our partnership with Family Pride on ACT
OUT: The National LGBT Family Conference. This fall, hundreds of youth
and adults with LGBT parents, LGBT parents and our allies will come
together in Dallas for a weekend of education, empowerment, and

COLAGE will offer two exciting tracks of programming during act OUT.
COLAGE Crew will be a series of activities and workshops for youth ages
9-13 with one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender parent
that will use art, games, discussions, movies, and lots of fun to allow
youth to share their experiences and family backgrounds while meeting
new friends. The COLAGE Leadership Track will be a full track of
workshops for young adult and adults with LGBT parents focusing on how
we can use our voices and our actions to make a difference, educate
communities, schools, politicians and the media about people with LGBT
parents, the diversity of issues and experiences of queerspawn, and how
we can strengthen our skills as activists and leaders.

Oct. 27-29, 2006
Fairmont Hotel
Dallas, Texas

Additionally we’ll be offering the first-ever national COLAGE Chapter
Institute on the morning of October 27th. Definitely contact us for more
information if you are involved in the leadership of a locally based
COLAGE group.

Registration is available at a special Early-Bird rate- go to
http://www.familypride.org/site/pp.asp?c=bhKPI7PFImE&b=992425 to reserve
your spot today!

Actions, Opportunities, and News

7. Our Stories Media Trainings in Texas

Equality Texas is partnering with Family Pride Coalition and their
OUTSpoken Families program to kick off Equality Texas’ “Our Stories”
educational program. Equality Texas is inviting lesbian, gay, bisexual
and transgender (LGBT) parents and allies across Texas to participate in
a speaker’s bureau training during the month of July. The Houston Equal
Rights Alliance and the Dallas Gay & Lesbian Alliance are supporting
outreach efforts as part of their ongoing advocacy for the LGBT

These comprehensive and interactive trainings will equip LGBT-headed
families and their allies to be effective and knowledgeable speakers and
advocates for family equality. Paul E. Scott, Equality Texas Executive
Director, states, “These media trainings are essential in working with
LGBT families to tell their family stories among their friends, at the
grocery store, and to our elected officials. For too long, LGBT
families have been left out of the definition of “family”, and it is
imperative that we share our lives to dispel the myths and stereotypes
perpetuated by extremists.”
In an ongoing effort to coordinate education and advocacy efforts,
Equality Texas is partnering with Family Pride Coalition to work with
families throughout Texas to spread the news about the reality of LGBT
families. Ultimately, it is these families who will change the hearts
and minds of people across the state. For the past four legislative
sessions, Texas lawmakers have attempted to restrict LGBT individuals
and couples from being foster parents. “We know how effective LGBT
parents are in reaching our elected officials, and we need to flood the
Texas capitol with people willing to stand up for their families.” Scott
The trainings are free and include lunch and childcare. The July
schedule is:
Saturday, July 8th – San Antonio
10am to 2pm at MCC San Antonio
611 East Myrtle Street, San Antonio, TX 78212
Sunday, July 9th – Houston
1pm to 5pm, lunch at 12:30pm, at Bering United Methodist Church
1440 Harold Street, Houston, TX 77006
Saturday, July 15th – Austin
10am to 2pm, First Unitarian Church
4700 Grover Avenue, Austin, TX 78756
Sunday, July 16th – Dallas
1pm to 5pm, lunch at noon, at Resource
Center of Dallas, 2701 Reagan Street, Dallas, TX 75219
To register, please call 202.331.2070 or register at
Future trainings are planned for additional Texas cities in the fall.
The goal of Equality Texas’ "Our Stories" program is to make
LGBT-parented families visible and active, by sharing stories of the
reality of their lives. Stories about real people, real lives, real
families and real love.
For more on the “Our Stories” project, visit:

8. NEWS: Arkansas Supreme Court Unanimously Overturns Ban on Foster
Parenting by Gay People
(Little Rock, Arkansas) The Arkansas Supreme on Thursday upheld a lower
court ruling that it is unconstitutional to bar gays and lesbians from
becoming foster parents.
The justices rejected an appeal from the Arkansas Department of Health
and Human Services which had argued children would suffer under the care
of gays or lesbians.
"There is no correlation between the health, welfare and safety of
foster children and the blanket exclusion of any individual who is a
homosexual or who resides in a household with a homosexual," Associate
Justice Donald Corbin wrote in the opinion.
The state Child Welfare Agency Review Board in March 1999 imposed the
ban on placing foster children in households with gay adults in what it
called an effort to protect children from disease, violence, sexual
abuse, neglect and instability.
A challenge was filed that year by the ACLU on behalf of four
prospective foster parents. Among them was William Wagner who has been
married for 31 years and has a 27-year-old daughter and a 23-year-old
son. Although Wagner is a married heterosexual, he was disqualified
from serving as a foster parent because his gay son sometimes lives at
In 2004, Circuit Court Judge Timothy Fox ruled the state Child Welfare
Agency Review board had overstepped its authority by trying to regulate
``public morality.''
Fox said that the Arkansas Legislature gave the child-welfare board the
power to ``promote the health, safety and welfare of children,'' and
that the ban does not accomplish that.
He also found that being raised by gay parents doesn't increase the risk
of psychological, behavioral, or academic problems for children and that
children of lesbian and gay parents are just as well adjusted as
children of straight parents.
The state then appealed the ruling to the Supreme Court.
More information can be found about this case at:
9. NEWS: Transgenders' reception mixed amid Alabama ban on same-sex vows
On the same day Alabama voters passed an amendment banning same-sex
marriage, a transgender woman and her female partner tied the knot
legally in Chilton County - but only after being denied a marriage
ceremony by a probate judge in another Alabama county.
Read the full story at:


10. NEWS: National Pediatricians Group: Children Of Same-Sex Parents
Harmed By Gay Marriage Bans

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff
The nation's largest pediatricians group said Wednesday that children
would benefit from the legalization of same-sex marriage.
In a 16-page report the American Academy of Pediatrics found that
children of same-sex parents do better in areas of the country which
recognize their parents' relationships."Children of same-gender parents
often experience economic, legal, and familial insecurity as a result of
the absence of legal recognition of their bonds to nonbiological
parents" and that "legal recognition of a [same-gender] spouse can
increase the ability of adult couples to provide and care for one
another and fosters a nurturing and secure environment for their
children," the report said.
Titled "The Effects of Marriage, Civil Union and Domestic Partnership
Laws on the Health and Well-Being of Children" the report was
commissioned by the American Academy of Pediatrics Board of Directors.
"As children, many gay and lesbian persons experience considerable
isolation, peer rejection, ridicule, harassment, and/or depression at
some time," the report noted. "At least 47% of gay and lesbian teens
have seriously considered suicide, and 36% have actually attempted
suicide.23 They may experience rejection by their families,
homelessness, maltreatment in school, and violence. As adults, gay and
lesbian people continue to experience social marginalization,
discrimination, and hate-crime violence.
"Nationwide political and religious debate over samegender marriage has
intensified an already unstable climate for gay men and lesbians in our
society. The lack of societal tolerance, acceptance, and support that
gay and lesbian individuals, couples, and their children experience can
and does affect their psychosocial and physical health and safety."
The report was published Wednesday in the July of the AAP journal
With 55,000 members, the AAP is the largest and most influential
professional organization for pediatricians in the United States.
"The nation's largest organization for pediatricians knows what it's
talking about: marriage is good for all families," said Human Rights
Campaign President Joe Solmonese.
"The Academy's report is based on solid research showing that sexual
orientation makes no difference when it comes to parenting and they
aren't alone in that finding. Every single credible child welfare
organization has said that sexual orientation has nothing to do with the
ability to be a good parent. It's having a loving home that matters."
The report also was hailed by gays in the medical profession.
"This report confirms what all parents know: that it’s love that makes a
family," said Gay and Lesbian Medical Association Executive Director,
Joel Ginsberg.
"State and federal legislators who say they’re trying to ‘protect’
children by sponsoring constitutional amendments to ban same-sex
marriage are not just wrong, they are actively harming the health and
well-being of all our children."
Thank you for subscribing to COLAGE NetNews!

COLAGE thrives on the involvement and support of all its members and
funders. We acknowledge the generous support of the Gill Foundation,
Haas Jr Fund, Open Society Institute, San Francisco Foundation, San
Francisco Department of Children, Youth, and Families, American and all
our members and donors.

COLAGE engages, connects, and supports people to make the world a better
place for children of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents.
Ensure COLAGE's future with your membership
contribution today. Join COLAGE at: http://www.colage.org/join.html
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