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COLAGE Net News * October 3rd 2006  meredith fenton
 Oct 03, 2006 11:25 PDT 

October 3rd, 2006

In this issue of COLAGE Net News:

COLAGE Updates & Announcements:
1. COLAGE and Freedom to Marry Radio Tour
2. COLAGE in the Media
3. COLAGE Family Week Photo Fundraiser

COLAGE Events:
4. COLAGE at the San Diego Family Matters Conference
5. Act OUT: National LGBT Family Conference
6. COLAGE Boston Event
7. COLAGE South Florida- New Group for Youth and for Families in Ft.
8. COLAGE Hudson Valley Event

Action Alerts and News
9. Action Alert: Help Save Marriage equality in Massachusetts
10. NEWS: Gay Family Wants 3 Parents For Child

COLAGE Updates & Announcements:

1. COLAGE and Freedom to Marry Radio Tour

COLAGE Youth Speak Out on Acceptance, Home Life and Being Raised in an
Everyday American Family

Following a national trend of growing support for ending the exclusion
of same-sex couples and their kids from marriage, Freedom to Marry
(www.freedomtomarry.org) and Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere
(COLAGE, www.colage.org) will be sponsoring a nation-wide radio tour of
children, teens and young adults, with lesbian and gay parents, who wish
to speak out in support of winning and defending equal marriage rights.
Our six radio tour members are articulate voices representing diverse
backgrounds and families who can highlight the actual blessings and
challenges that young people with LGBT parents experience.

“This radio tour, featuring the bright, healthy, dedicated and
articulate children of diverse lesbian and gay parents from across
America will offer people around the country a glimpse beyond the
misleading right-wing scare tactics to showcase the truth of the
children and families of lesbian and gay couples from their own
mouths,” said Evan Wolfson, executive director of Freedom to Marry and
author of Why Marriage Matters: America, Equality and Gay People’s
Right to Marry.

“These young people are really some of the best people to explain to
the American public why our families deserve equality and to showcase
the articulate voices of COLAGErs.” Meredith Fenton, COLAGE Program
Director shared. “COLAGE intimately knows that the stories of youth
with LGBT parents have broad and lasting impact in raising visibility
and generating support of equality for LGBT families and through this
radio tour we hope the messages of acceptance and justice that the youth
will share will be disseminated even farther.”

In coast-to-coast radio interviews, members of COLAGE, including, Marina
Gatto, a 17-year old gay rights activist and daughter of two lesbian
moms from California; Keott Gomez, the adopted, 17-year-old African
American son of two dads in Maryland; and Jessie Voors, who lives in
Indiana with her lesbian mothers and gay fathers will be participating
in radio interviews around the country to discuss their experiences as
children of LGBT .

“Children like me,” said Gatto, a member of the COLAGE Speak Out
program, “whose parents cannot legally marry, whose families do not
have the legal protection that marriage brings, and who are being told
that their families are not valued like other families are currently
forced to stand by and watch as the leaders of our country vow that no
child will be left behind. Yet, our families are torn apart, devalued
and cheated of the essential rights that are needed to protect us.”

The personal stories of these the radio tourists will help spread
understanding around the current national debate about marriage equality
as well as connected issues such as access to adoption by loving
families, including those headed by lesbian and gay couples, the need
for safer school environments for all students and the need for greater
visibility of
COLAGE youth and their families.


2. COLAGE in the Media
A. Windsor couple plans same sex marriage
B. Opinions Strong Over Same-Sex parenting
C. Teen gay rights activist chats with Bush aide

A. Windsor couple plans same sex marriage
By Jacqueline Bennett
Correspondent, Windsor Journal

They live in a pleasant ranch house on a quiet residential street in
Windsor. On the Fourth of July they invite neighbors and friends over
for barbeque. They are active in the Parent Teacher Association and
their 12-year-old daughter is the focal point of their lives.

If this sounds like a typical American couple that is exactly what Eric
Lazarus and Jason Charette want people to understand, as the first
anniversary of Connecticut’s civil union law approaches on Oct.1. They
have been in a loving, committed relationship for seven years and in
June they plan to wed.

Except for their sexual orientation, they say, their lives are quite
ordinary – quite like other people’s lives.

“You don’t see a rainbow flag flying outside,” Eric Lazarus noted,
during a recent interview at the family's home.

Lazarus is a product manager for an insurance company in Glastonbury and
Charette is a dog groomer in Enfield

“We pay taxes – more, as separate taxpayers. We live in a modest
home, are hard working, put money in the bank for Becca’s college
education. We spend our money in the area. We feel like we’re
entrenched in town and feel good here, “ Lazarus said,

“Then, reality sets in. I feel like even though we’re a family, are
in the PTA, we don’t have the same rights as a heterogeneous

“We have dinner, we watch TV, we do everything a family does,” adds
Becca Lazarus, Eric Lazarus’ biological daughter.

Charette and Eric Lazarus’ wedding will be a family event with about
200 people in attendance. It will take place at their church, Unitarian
Universalist in Bloomfield. Charette, 31, plans to walk down the aisle
with his mother. Lazarus, 40, will walk down the aisle with Becca, who
will remain up front by the altar for the ceremony, in recognition of
the strong bonds she shares with both her fathers. She calls Lazarus
“Daddy” and Charette “Pops.” Currently, the couple is in the
process of a co-parent adoption so Charette can adopt Becca. Charette
says it is inequitable that as a gay couple they must pay a lawyer to
handle the co-parent adoption and be evaluated by the state to determine
if he is a fit parent for Becca.

“Becca came up with ‘Pops’ herself. That was a big day when it
wasn’t ‘Jason’ anymore,” Lazarus recalled.

When Becca Lazarus was 3, her mother died. Aware of her husband’s
sexual orientation, Becca’s mother gave her blessing to Lazarus
pursuing a relationship with either another woman or a man, he said.
Since she was age 5, Charette has been a part of Becca’s life.
“He has been a parent to me longer than my mother was,” said Becca.

Bright, opinionated, well-spoken and courteous, Becca, at her young age,
is already a “human rights activist” and perhaps her fathers’
strongest advocate – she wants them to have the same rights as
everyone else.

A seventh-grader at Sage Park Middle School, Becca said she has found
greater acceptance of her parent’s alternative lifestyle in Windsor
than in the more rural Connecticut town where she previously lived. Yet,
without the rights afforded through marriage, Becca worries about
Charette not legally having input should a medical crisis occur with

Initially, she was candid only with her friends about having two
fathers. Becca never hid that information from others; however,
gradually she has become more open about it at school, even sporting a
sticker that reads, “I love my two dads.” For the most part, she has
found an accepting environment in Windsor. Not long ago, she hosted a
sleepover and nearly everyone came who was invited.

“Eleven out of 12 friends showed up,” Becca said, smiling. Becca is
an “honors and sometimes high honors student,” noted Eric Lazarus.
She is in the Jazz Band at Sage Park and a member of the Windsor Fife &
Drum Corps, which has meant attending 50 parades in a year. The Windsor
Fife & Drum Corps, said Eric Lazarus, has also been very accepting of
the Lazarus/Charette famil. “They accepted us fully,” he noted.

Adolescence is a time when many young people become interested in the
opposite sex and Becca is no different. Yes, she is interested in boys
but is not saying if there is one special boy she likes. “I’m
straight,” she said.

Becca Lazarus said she feels free to talk with “Daddy” or “Pops”
about nearly anything. Should she need a female ear, she can go her aunt
or her physician. At the end of September she is scheduled to speak on
National Public Radio about same sex marriage and come October,
chaperoned by her fathers, Becca Lazarus will travel to Dallas for a
youth leadership event being held by COLAGE, Children of Lesbian and Gay

Becca Lazarus actually started the Connecticut chapter of COLAGE, an
organization begun by children of gay parents. Before joining COLAGE,
where the children talk freely about their feelings, Becca said, “I
thought I was alone, an oddball.”

At COLAGE meetings, “parents supply the food,” added Charette. Much
of Eric Lazarus and Charette’s time revolves around their daughter.
Each summer they attend a COLAGE meeting in Provincetown on Cape Cod,
where Becca Lazarus met the oldest son of comedian Rosie O’Donnell,
who is openly gay.

Disneyworld in Florida is another annual vacation for the Eric, Becca
and Jason. A family portrait the three had done at Disneyworld hangs on
a living room wall.
In fact, it was their shared interest in a family life that brought Eric
Lazarus and Charette together. They met through the Internet but Eric
Lazarus is quick to point out it was “nothing immoral.” Rather, they
met through a chat room where Eric Lazarus made it clear his young
daughter took precedence for him.

“I was looking for that – a family life,” said Charette. He was
living in Vernon and at that time Eric and Becca Lazarus lived not far
from there. Charette enjoys sports and his relationship with Eric
Lazarus blossomed while attending Becca’s soccer matches. Eventually,
Becca signed on for one of Charette’s martial arts classes. It was
“shared values and interests” that attracted the men to each other
and cemented their relationship, they say.

“At one time if you were a gay man, you knew you would not have a
family,” said Eric Lazarus. Times have changed.

Charette was engaged to a woman but was unhappy. Ten years ago when he
“came out” at age 21, he was rejected by some of those closest to
him. “I lost all my friends,” said Charette. A decade has made a
difference in social acceptance and legal rights for gays. Nevertheless,
Charette and Eric Lazarus say not enough progress has been made. Even
now, Charette will not be inviting his three half sisters to his wedding
because he does not think they would approve or want to be there.
“They’re Southern Baptists,” he said.
Lazarus graduated from Windsor High School. He “came out” to his
high school girlfriend who told him she knew, he said.

When Eric Lazarus’ parents fell ill, he and Charette decided to move
closer to them. The couple was looking for a house in Windsor but his
parents passed away, Eric Lazarus said. So, Charette and he decided to
buy his parent’s home.

Their marriage is a natural progression in their relationship, agree the
two men. A volunteer for “Love Makes A Family,” Eric Lazarus said,
the couple is talking publicly about their family to help others see
them more clearly, which will hopefully advance the cause of human
rights. He is frustrated by photojournalists whom, he said, too often
take fringe behavior pictures at Gay Pride parades of a man in a tutu.

His and Charette’s union will be a “civil marriage,” emphasized
Eric Lazarus, who adds he is aware that some critics of same-sex
marriage argue that marriage is a religious sacrament between a man and
a woman. Eric Lazarus says he believes the more society-at-large sees
how typical many gay couples are, the more willing they will be to
accept them as people who want typical things out of life, such as
marriage and families. That will likely reduce hate crimes and bring
gays a step closer to be treated as equal human beings, he said.

According to Anne Stanback, executive director of “Love Makes A
Family,” there are an estimated 8,000 same sex households in

“Not all of those want to marry,” she said. For those who do,
“Love Makes A Family” is working to advance legislation in
Connecticut to legalize gay marriage. The civil union law was a step in
the right direction but her organization wants equality for gays, she
said. “We expect the marriage bill to be introduced in the 2007
legislative session,” said Stanback.

Even though federal law would supercede the state law, were the marriage
bill to pass it would allow Connecticut to challenge the
constitutionality of federal law. Whether thousands of gays want to
marry or just a few is irrelevant, said Stanback.
“When protecting civil rights it doesn’t matter even if it’s a
few, whether it’s a handful,” she said.

“It’s more than just a bundle of rights, the word marriage is
protection. Everyone understands ‘marriage,’ “ said Stanback.

Gays, she said, want the “dignity and respect” for their unions that
come with the word “marriage.”

B. Opinions Strong Over Same-Sex parenting
Reno Gazette-Journal
September 24th, 2006
In connection to a story about a gay male couple using surrogacy to
create a family, this article includes an interview with Dakota Fine,
new member of the COLAGE Board of Directors about his experiences
growing up in an LGBT family.

To read this piece, visit:

C. Teen gay rights activist chats with Bush aide
By Todd R. Brown, STAFF WRITER
San Mateo County Times

Gay-rights activist Marina Gatto recently found herself in the belly of
the beast — face to face with one of President Bush's advisers in the
White House.

The 18-year-old, who went to the Capitol recently to tape a TV special
on Hispanic Heritage Foundation award-winners airing this weekend,
didn't shy away from the chance to talk transgender turkey with the
powers that be. Instead, she pounced on the issue of same-sex marriage.

"He got very nervous and sweaty and kind of shaking his leg and mumbled
and stuttered, and after a while he said, 'I don't share the president's
ideology,'" she said.

When pressed on why the president would so vigorously oppose an apparent
basic right for gay couples, she said the adviser told her, "It's not
that you shouldn't have rights, it's just the word."
What word? Gays? Sex? Neither, she said — it was "marriage" that seems
to stick in the president's craw.

Nevertheless, Gatto said it was nice to have the chance to chat about
matters dear to her heart. The San Carlos resident and UC Berkeley
freshman has two moms: her biological mother, Ramona, and Arzu Gatto,
who is in the States on a student visa from Germany.

Marina said Arzu used her marriage license from San Francisco's
whirlwind gay union days to change her name at the DMV.

Marina Gatto received a Hispanic Heritage Award in June for her lesbian,
bisexual, gay and transgender activism, which includes securing the
passing votes for two gay-rights bills: AB 205, a domestic partner
rights measure signed by then-Gov. Grey Davis, and AB 849, a same-sex
union measure vetoed by the current governor.

The TV special aired Saturday night on NBC and is scheduled today on
Telemundo, with award-winners Antonio Banderas and musician Jose
Feliciano adding their star power to the extravaganza.

Marina Gatto already is looking far beyond the ceremony, with
involvement in the student group By Any Means Necessary and thoughts
about law school. For now, she's thrilled the award could help her pay
her tuition and equip her with a laptop to boot.

"It was just a dream come true," she said.

Staff writer Todd R. Brown covers the North County. Reach him at (650)
348-4473 or tbr-@sanmateocountytimes.com.


3. COLAGE Family Week Photo Fundraiser

My name is Dakota, I am a member of COLAGE's Board of Directors, and I
am a veteran member of the COLAGE staff in Provincetown for the past
three summers. This past Family Week (which was two months ago already,
I can hardly believe it!) I spent the bulk of my time in Provincetown
with Camp COLAGE, but I also planned, supervised and facilitated
creative programming for all age groups. Additionally, I took fabolous
photos everyday of all our kids!

If you are interested in seeing beautiful pictures of your beautiful
children, please follow this link:


(Scroll down and find the PTown '06 gallery)

I think you will be pleased to find some really wonderful shots of our
children celebrating their families and generally having the time of
their lives!

It was suggested to me by some of the staff that this would be an
excellent way to raise some money for COLAGE. I have set up my website
so that you can purchase the photos, all proceeds go directly to COLAGE
. I hope that you enjoy browsing the photos as much as I enjoyed taking
them. Savor the smiling faces, relive the highlights, participate in
social change, and support your community. Thank you all so much!

If you would like to negotiate a different price for the photos, or if
you have any questions for the photographer or are confused by the
website, please feel free to email Dakota at dakot-@gmail.com.
Otherwise, please direct all concerns to jca-@colage. org, or call the
COLAGE office at 415-861-5437 and ask for Jesse.

Thanks so much, and I hope to hear from you all soon!

Dakota Fine
(202) 549-3437


4. COLAGE at the San Diego Family Matters Conference

COLAGE is thrilled to be debuting programming focused on youth with LGBT
parents during the Family Matters Annual Conference in San Diego.

Saturday, October 21st, 2006
8 am – 4 pm
The LGBT Community Center 3909 Centre Street San Diego, CA 92103

From Family Matters:
Please join us for our 11th Annual Parenting Conference and Resource
Fair. Our focus for this conference is on Creating and Sustaining our
Families and we have expanded our workshops and lunchtime discussions to
cover 30 different topics to help you do just that!
New this year is a whole track of workshops for Pre-Teens and Teens and
their friends, co-hosted by COLAGE they are going to have a great time -
make sure they come, it will change their life!

Keynote by Abigail Garner, author of the Lamda Literary Finalist,
Families Like Mine: Children of Gay Parents Tell It Like It Is
(HarperCollins, 2004). Writer, speaker and educator who is dedicated to
a future of equality for LGBT families.
For more information or to register:


5. Act OUT: The National LGBT Family Conference- Don’t miss the event
of the year~

Do/did you have at least one lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender

Have you always wanted to find a community of people with one or more
LGBT parents?
Do you want to meet MORE people with LGBT parents?

AND are you ready for a weekend of activism, education, empowerment, and
community celebration?

Are you ready to ACT OUT!?

Then let’s make it HAPPEN at ACT OUT: The National LGBT Family
Conference 2006!

ACT OUT is brought to you by COLAGE and FAMILY PRIDE.                    

COLAGE, (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere), is a national
organization whose mission is to engage, connect, and empower people to
make the world a better place for children of lesbian, gay, bisexual,
and/or transgender parents and families. COLAGE is the only national
organization in the world specifically supporting children, youth and
adults with LGBT parent(s). Using our experiences and creativity, COLAGE
offers a diverse array of support, education and advocacy by and for
folks with LGBT parents.

No matter how politically active or outspoken you have or haven’t been
in the past about the issues that face youth and adults with LGBT
parents ACT OUT promises to offer you workshops, keynote events, panels,
and an invaluable space for community and coalition building in a
conference oriented environment.

ACT OUT is not just for the little ones.

If you are a teen, a young adults, or an adult then ACT OUT is for YOU
and the COLAGE Leadership track is where YOU need to be!


A series of workshops for teens, young adults, and adults with LGBT
parents. These workshops will focus on how WE, as leaders and
activists, can develop our critical social analysis. This development
will allow us to further educate and incite social change in our
communities, in our schools, in the media, in policy, and in politics
about the issues that people with LGBT parents face. This programming
will also highlight the role adults with LGBT parents can play in social
justice and LGBT organizing as community leaders by voicing their
experiences and family backgrounds with new and old friends.

SAVE THE DATE!!        Friday October 27th through Sunday the 29th 2006


REGISTER TODAY at www.familypride.org
Registrations are strongly encouraged no later than September 25th!

And ACT OUT with us!

This will be one of the most transformative social justice gatherings
this year! Hundreds will attend and space is limited.

Ask your school, your college, your academic department, your
organization, or your place of employment to sponsor you. Or contact us
about scholarship information!

It’s time…So GET ON IT! And GET involved in the movement for family
Register today at www.familypride.org

For more info contact COLAGE! - 415.861-KIDS (5437) 
col-@colage.org  1550 Bryant St. San Francisco, CA. 94103

Can’t decide whether to join us at Act OUT? Want to connect to other
adults with LGBT parents for sharing hotel rooms? Join the a new Yahoo
Group to chat with others and work it all out.


6. COLAGE Boston Event

Come spend an afternoon with local LGBT families and find out more about
Boston COLAGE!

Pizza Party
Saturday, October 14th
Robert Greenwald, Kurt Einstein, and Tess Einstein's House
32 Sheridan Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

We will have a special break-out session for teens to talk about future
COLAGE events. This will be your chance to tell us what you want! Bring
all of your friends from Family week and other youth with LGBT

Please bring donations for the food and our local chapter. Tess and
Sam's dads have offered to host the event AND provide pizza, please help
them out by bringing salads, desserts, beverages, etc.

Any questions, email bos-@colage.org or call Monica at 617-913-1557 or
Elizabeth at 617-750-5043.

Hope to see you soon!


7. COLAGE South Florida- New Group for Youth and for Families in Ft.

South Florida Family Pride and SunServe announce
The Broward* Family Group Monthly Meeting
(Parents group and separate children/youth group)

4th Monday of each month (beginning Aug. 28th)
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
SunServe facility on the Campus of the Sunshine Cathedral MCC
1480 SW 9th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our Mission: To provide GLBT families monthly meetings for support and
ongoing education on topics of common interest to our families. Our
monthly agenda is determined by the members of the group, including
whether and when to have guest presenters, facilitated discussions,
and/or social events.

Children/youth will have their own opportunities to come together in
ways that are both fun and informative for them in age appropriate ways.
The children’s group will be run by persons trained in youth

RSVP: e-mail to VOFConf-@aol.com Or call 954-764-5557
Let us know how many adults and children (and their ages) to expect.

*You do not have to be a Broward County resident to attend this group.
All South Florida GLBT families are welcome

8. COLAGE Hudson Valley Event

Fall is in the air which means lots and lots of apples, pumpkins and
goblins and goodies are out there, some scary and some not. This
month we have planned a great apple picking and adventuring through
the corn maze event at Barton Orchards. As we wonder around the farm
we'll be enjoying these fall colors, visiting with friends and
gathering fresh yummies!!

When you ask? October 14th at 12:00PM (note earlier time than
previous events)

For more information about the Barton farms, the Fishkill location,
check out their site at http://www.keepsakefarmmarket.com/. I've
included general directions from Route 84 below for those who are
interested as well.

Hope to see you soon!!

Directions from Route I-84:

From I-84, take Lime Kiln Rd exit 15 - go 0.4 mi;
Turn left at Lime Kiln Rd - go 0.8 mi
Turn right at E Hook Cross Rd/Gamba Rd - go 0.5 mi
Turn right at Fishkill Farms Rd - go 80 ft
Arrive at 9 Fishkill Farms Rd
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
For more information contact hudson-@colage.org.

Action Alerts and News
9. Action Alert: Help save marriage equality in Massachusetts

On Nov. 9, Massachusetts state legislators will vote again on a
constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. If just 50 out of 200
state legislators vote to approve the ban, it will advance for a final
legislative vote next year and move one step closer to appearing before
voters in November 2008.

MassEquality is working hard to convince enough legislators to block the
ban. The good news is that a handful of legislators are still on the
fence. If you live in New York City or Washington, D.C., you can make a
big difference by joining one of the Task Force’s upcoming volunteer
recruitment phonebanks, which will help us build the big volunteer team
we need in Massachusetts to talk with voters face to face and ask
supporters to sign postcards to their legislators. With a strong mass
mobilization of marriage equality constituents, we can win over the
votes of undecided legislators. Upcoming phonebanks: Tuesday, September
26, 6:30–9:30 p.m. and Thursday, September 28, 6:30–9:30 p.m.

If you wish to participate, please contact Becca Ahuja in New York at
646.358.1475 or rah-@theTaskForce.org or Dan Hawes in D.C. at
202.639.6318 or dha-@theTaskForce.org.
10. NEWS: Gay Family Want 3 Parents For Child
by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

In the first case of its kind in Canada, possibly the world, a court is
being asked to designate a lesbian couple and their son's biological
father all the boy's legal parents.

One partner, the biological mother, and the father already officially
are the legal parents.

Both biological parents support the application by the mother's partner.
Since the case involves a minor the names of all involved are protected
by the court.

Final submissions were made this week to the Ontario Court of Appeal -
the highest court in Ontario.

"The family has evolved over the years in a way that the law should
recognize the reality of this little boy," the father's lawyer, Alfred
Mamo, told the Globe and Mail. "his reality being that he's got two
mothers and a father with whom he thrives. They all want this for their

The lawyer for the partner seeking to be the third parent argues that
Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms would be violated if she is

"It's discriminatory, because one of them gets legally recognized -- the
biological mother -- but the non-biological mother, who is equally part
of the process except for the biological bits, can't be legally
recognized even though they both decided to have a child, planned for
the child, arranged for the procreation and the birth, and they both
jointly parent the child," attorney Peter Jervis said.

Conservative social action groups, including the Catholic Civil Rights
League, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and Focus on the Family
have filed a so-called friend of the court brief opposing the appeal.
In 2003 a lower court rejected the partner's attempt to be listed as a

In his ruling, Mr. Justice David Aston said the woman plays the role of
parent to the child in every sense imaginable, and suggested that
allowing the trio to share equal rights as parents would be in the boy's
best interests.

"The child is a bright, healthy, happy individual who is obviously
thriving in a loving family that meets his every need," he said. "The
applicant has been a daily and consistent presence in his life. She is
fully committed to a parental role."

But Ontario law, he ruled, binds his hands. Provincial family law allows
two parents of the opposite sex, or two parents of the same sex, but not
three parents.

Among the Court of Appeal justices hearing the case is Chief Justice Roy
McMurtry. The court under McMurtry was the first in Canada to strike
down the ban on same-sex marriage leading to similar rulings in most
other provinces and resulting in the federal government rewriting
marriage law to provide for gay marriage.
©365Gay.com 2006

Thank you for subscribing to COLAGE NetNews!

COLAGE thrives on the involvement and support of all its members and
funders. We acknowledge the generous support of the Gill Foundation,
Haas Jr Fund, Open Society Institute, San Francisco Foundation, San
Francisco Department of Children, Youth, and Families, American and all
our members and donors.

COLAGE engages, connects, and supports people to make the world a better
place for children of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents.
Ensure COLAGE's future with your membership
contribution today. Join COLAGE at: http://www.colage.org/join.html
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