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Wednesday April 26th, 2006  emb-@colage.org
 Apr 26, 2006 16:40 PDT 

COLAGE Bay Area Net News
Wednesday April 26th, 2006

In this edition of Bay Area Net News:

COLAGE Updates & Announcements:
2. Participate in the COLAGE Support Our Community Campaign

COLAGE Group Meeting and Events:
4. East Bay Middle School Group Meeting CANCLED
5. Middle School Group Mountain Biking Trip
6. SF COLAGE Crew Meeting
8. Transgender Picnic
9. Transgenerations & Transparent Panel
10. Be a part of the COLAGE Family Week Volunteer Staff Team!
11. Do you have extra housing to share with a COLAGE Intern?

Community Bulletin Board and News:
12. LGBT Early Childhood Education Initiative: Parent Leadership

COLAGE Updates & Announcements

Please update your records, as COLAGE is moving on to a bigger and
office space!
As of May 5th the COLAGE National Headquarters will be at:

1550 Bryant Street, Suite 830
San Francisco, CA 94103

Our email, phone and website addresses will remain the same.


2. Support Our Community! Become a campaigner, Strengthen COLAGE's

In just two weeks, COLAGE will launch the 2nd Annual Support Our
Community Campaign. A dozen people have already stepped up to lead the
way as campaigners for this important fund drive, but we will need at
least 40 volunteers if we are to meet our goal of raising $10,000 to
support COLAGE. Last year the first Support Our Community Campaign
celebrated COLAGE's 15th anniversary. This year, our theme is "Strength

in Numbers." The campaign will run from Mothers' Day to Fathers' Day
(May 14th - June 18th, 2006).

Why is the theme Strength in Numbers?

There are between 8 and 14 million youth and adults with one or more
lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender parents in the United States.

We live in every state and more than 95% of U.S. counties.

Yet, 39 states deny us any legal relationship to our parents. 5 states
prohibit our parents from adopting us. Only a small handful of states
protect us from harassment and discrimination in schools.

To combat these and many other injustices we and our families face,
COLAGE needs your help! In order to change the face of family and
family values, we need to Strengthen OUR Numbers.

We would like to invite you to become a campaigner for the 2nd Annual
Support Our Community Campaign. In order to reach our goal of raising
$10,000 to support COLAGE's work, we need 40 campaigners to raise $250
each. Will you be one of the forty leaders who helps us reach our goal?

There are lots of ways you can reach your $250 goal! And of course, if
you want to set your goal higher, please do! Some of you may know two
people who can each give $125. But if not, maybe you know 16 people who

can give $15.

This year, COLAGE will once again have the ability to help you campaign
online. You can easily personalize a website, write a note about why
you support COLAGE (or how COLAGE has supported you) and plug in the
email addresses of everyone you want to ask. Click send and you're well

on the way to meeting your goal!

If you don't want to campaign online, no worries! COLAGE can send you
information and materials to help you campaign with a letter or over the


Interested in becoming a campaigner? Send an email to jca-@colage.org
and include your:

Preferred Email:
Preferred Phone:

As soon as we hear from you, we'll send a package to help you get
started on the campaign.

Thank you so much for your support and consideration, and thanks in
advance to all of this year's campaigners!

Have questions? Need more information? Call 415-861-5437 or email


COLAGE Group Meeting and Events:
3. ACT UP ACT OUT; Activism Through Theater Workshop Series Continues

COLAGE YLAP and Fringe Benefits brings you ACT UP ACT OUT; a workshop
series for teens with queer parents and their allies. Help create a play
that will be used to make change in schools. No theater experience is

$$ Teens who participate are eligible for a stipend! $$

Dates and Times: (for the last 2 workshops)
Thursday, April 27th from 5:30 to 9pm
Saturday, April 29th from 2 to 5:30pm

Place: Womenís Building Audre Lorde Room, 3543 18th St (between Guerrero
St and Valencia St), San Francisco

If you are a parent and/or a teacher and would like to participate
contact Ember to find out how you can participate.

To register visit http://www.colage.org/bayarea/actupactout.html
For more information contact Ember at 415-861-5437 ext. 103 or

4. East Bay Middle School Group Meeting CANCELED

This months meeting has been canceled but donít miss out on the Middle
School Mountain Biking Trip. See below for all the details.

5. Middle School Group Mountain Biking Trip

This will be the 3rd year in a row that we have done this amazing event.
Reserve your space now!

Who: Youth in 6th - 8th grades who have one or more LGB and/or T parent

What: Trips For Kids takes us on a mountain biking trip for the day in
beautiful Marin.

When: Sunday May 7th. We will leave at 9:30 am and return around 4pm

Where: We will me meeting at LYRIC to carpool to the site in Marin
(Drivers Needed)
LYRIC 127 Collingwood St in the Castro
How: All you have to bring is a sack lunch for yourself.
Trips For Kids provides bikes, helmets and equipment for everyone.

Spaces are limited so you MUST RSVP by 4/28 to Ember at emb-@colage.org
or 415-861-5437 ext 103.
6. SF COLAGE Crew Meeting

Who: Youth in 3rd-5th grades with one or more LGB and/or T parent.

When: Tuesday May 9th from 6:30-8pm

Where: LGBT Community Center 1800 Market St. San Francisco

What: Game night. We will be playing all of your favorites. In fact if
you want bring your favorite board game to share!

Participants MUST RSVP. To RSVP or for more information, contact Ember
at 415-861-5437 ext. 103 or emb-@colage.org.

7. East Bay COLAGE Crew Canceled

Mayís meeting is canceled in honor of Motherís day. (have fun
celebrating your parents!)

8. Transgender Picnic
Sunday May 21st Dolores Park (18th and Dolores St)

COLAGE will be hanging out and playing games you should too.
Contact Ember at emb-@colage.org or at 415-861-5437 ext 103 for more

9. Transgenerations & Transparent Panel

COLAGE, Our Family Coalition & Transgender Law Center
Invite You to an Evening for Transgender Parents, Prospective Parents &
Their Families
May 23, 6-8pm SF LGBT Community Center 1800 Market St San Francisco


This is a one of a kind group for youth with one or more trans parent.
This fun night will consist of games and snacks and a art project about
our families. Come, hang out, and meet other youth who have families
like yours.

For more information or to RSVP contact Ember at emb-@colage.org or

Also on the same evening and time:

Talking With Your Children About Transition

Open forum discussion addressing questions and issues about how to talk
with your children about being transgender.

Listen and learn from other transgender parents about how they have
spoken to their children. Share your thoughts and experiences with
other parents.
Get new ideas about how to approach your children.
Ask questions about what concerns you.
Watch & discuss the short film "No Dumb Questions", a funny and touching
documentary about three sisters and their transgender aunt.   

Koen Baum, LMFT will be facilitating and guiding the evening with
important points to remember to help make talking with your children
about being transgender as smooth as possible. He will also be
answering questions and encouraging those who come to share their own
experiences. Forum open to both parents and prospective parents.

For more information, please contact Our Family Coalition at
415-981-1960. You can also visit our website at www.ourfamily.org

Koen Baum, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San
Francisco. He is a gender specialist and a trans man.   In addition, he
has expertise in coupleís therapy and is a communication expert. Koen
has worked with individuals, couples and families on a variety of issues
including transition and all its many aspects, BDSM and other
expressions of sexuality, and transition within a coupleship.   In
addition, Koen addresses concerns around problem solving, anger
management, spirituality, loss and self esteem.   He has an in depth
awareness of ethnic and cultural diversity and when working with
clients, takes into consideration how -isms in its many forms may affect
each individual.   Koen Baum can be reached at 415-646-0565.
10. Be a part of the COLAGE Family Week Volunteer Staff Team!

COLAGE is thrilled to once again be a part of Provincetown Family Week
coming to Ptown, MA in Summer 2006. (July 29th- August 5th, 2006).
During this week, hundreds of LGBT families take over a town for
parties, family events, workshops, dances, beach time, and more. We are
looking for adult COLAGErs (Folks 18 and over who have one or more
lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender parent/s) to serve as
volunteer COLAGE staff for this fun and inspiring event.

Staff are expected to arrive in Provincetown, MA on Friday, July 28th
for staff orientation and training and to stay through Saturday, August

The COLAGE Family Week Staff team works together to provide social,
educational, and community building activities for youth ages 9 and up.
COLAGE activities will be offered for three groups of youth with LGBT
parents: Camp COLAGE for 3rd-5th graders, COLAGE Crew for Middle School
youth, and the COLAGE High School Program.

Who can apply? To be a part of the COLAGE Family Week Staff you must be
at least 18 years old; we are especially are looking for people who have
one or more LGBT parent(s), people of color and men to join our staff.

What does it mean to be on the Family Week Staff?
If you commit to serve as volunteer staff it means that Family Week
becomes more of a job (albeit a fun and exciting job) than a vacation.
We also do ask that our staff commit to being present for the entire
week starting with staff training on July 28th. In addition to the week
of the event itself, Family Week Staff will help with workshop and
activity planning beginning in May 2006 via email and 1 or 2 phone
conference calls in the month and a half prior to Family Week.

In return, you have the chance to affect the lives of youth with LGBT
parents by sharing your experiences, your enthusiasm, and your energy
with an amazing group of youth. You also have the unique opportunity to
connect with other adults with LGBT parents who are a part of the team.
There will be time to enjoy the queer friendly vacation atmosphere of
Ptown. And lots more!

Room, Board and Travel: COLAGE Volunteer Staff are given the option of
communal COLAGE housing- this summer we are renting two community houses
for our staff who live together and share community meals (At no cost to
Staff). You may also choose to stay with your family or friends on your
own. Staff volunteers are responsible for their own travel arrangements
to and from Family Week but we are happy to assist with travel stipends,
flight vouchers, carpools, etc when possible. COLAGE covers the cost of
housing (if you stay in the COLAGE Staff house) and meals for staff
during Family Week.

To apply:
We are looking for a diverse staff of 20+ adult COLAGErs for this
amazing opportunity. If you are interested, please return the attached
Volunteer Interest Form to Meredith Fenton, COLAGE Program Director at
mere-@colage.org by March 31st, 2006.

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact Meredith at
415-861-5437, ext. 102 or Mere-@colage.org.

11. Do you have extra housing to share with a COLAGE Intern?

Here is an easy way to make a difference in the lives of children, youth
and adults with LGBT parents.
Each summer, COLAGE hosts 1-3 young adults through our internship
program who hugely impact our ability to continue our programming and
services. Interns receive only a modest stipend for full-time work for
10 weeks.

If you have an extra room, guest room, or other room to rent for free or
cheap to a COLAGE Intern, please let us know! Most internships run from
early June- mid- August. Of course you will get to talk with selected
interns to make sure itís a right match for your house. Perhaps you have
a college student, or a child who will be at camp- if you might have a
space in your home for a COLAGE intern please email Meredith Fenton,
COLAGE Program Director at mere-@colage.org to talk about the

Thanks so much in advance!

Community Bulletin Board

12. LGBT Early Childhood Education Initiative: Parent Leadership
Saturday, April 29, 1pm 5pm
San Francisco
Educators usually mean well, but could often do more to create a
welcoming and supportive environment for LGBT and other non-traditional
families. Wondering what you can do as a parent?

The LGBT Early Childhood Education Initiative is holding a training for
parents! Become part of an exciting movement of LGBT families!
Participate in a training that will prepare you to:

Advocate on behalf of your child and other Bay Area children; Become
part of a parent speakers' bureau that will speak to parents and
educators; and Impact your school's curriculum, available books,
policies, and staff support of LGBT families!

Location: The San Francisco LGBT Center is located at 1800 Market Street
in San Francisco. Free child care and lunch will be provided.

RSVP to Aimee at Our Family Coalition at 415-981-1960..

Thank you for subscribing to COLAGE Bay Area Net News!

COLAGE thrives on the involvement and support of all its members and
funders. We acknowledge the generous support of the Gill Foundation,
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, Horizons Foundation, Open Society
Institute, San Francisco Foundation, San Francisco Children and Families
Commission, San Francisco Department of Children, Youth, and Families,
Castro Lions, ACLU, Providian Financial and all our members.

COLAGE engages, connects, and supports people to make the world a better
place for children of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender parents.
Ensure COLAGE's future with your membership contribution today. Join
COLAGE at: http://www.colage.org/join.html
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