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List Name Crossing the Lines (CTL)
Purpose: You've been warned. ^_^

This is a list for non-comics fic, written by predominately comics fic authors. Spun off of OTL after a fashion, this list is for fanfic based off of source material that did not originate as a comic book or strip printed in the United States. This means Buffy fic, X-Files fic, crossovers, original character fic, manga fic, anime fic, other TV show fic is allowed ONLY if the author is already known for writing comic book fanfic. Flames are not on topic, discussions are allowed only if DISC is placed as a header, other details to follow.
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Created: Sep 07, 2000
Owner: Trisha Lynn
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Categories: Humanities  |  Social Science  |  Communications  |  Writing  |  Fiction  |  Fan Fiction

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