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recipes from "Light Cooking.com"  Kim
 Apr 12, 1999 00:12 PDT 
                                        Fruit Mousies

For Each Mousie

1 half of a Pear
1 Grape cut in half
3 Raisins
1 long Banana slice
2 Strawberries cut in half

Take the half pear and put it flat side down on a plate. Take the half
grapes and two toothpicks and put the grapes on the mouse for ears. Then
take three raisins and stick them in for the eyes and the nose. Use the
strawberries for the feet. Take the long banana slice for the tail. Attach
all the parts with toothpicks.


                                      Frank N Mummies

1 pkg. Low-fat Hot Dogs
1 pkg.'s Low-fat Refrigerator Crescent Rolls OR
1 lb no-fat Bread Dough
8 slices Low-fat American Cheese (optional)

Set oven to 350 or what is on the crescent roll package. Cut hot dogs in
half. If you want you can slice them lengthwise and put in a half a piece
of cheese. Wrap hot dogs in dough and place on a cookie sheet. Put them in
the oven and bake until golden brown. These little mummies are our favorite
on Halloween.


                                        Chicken Nuggets

1 lb of Chicken Breasts (the white meat) - cut into squares
1 to 1 1/2 cups of Bread Crumbs
1/2 cup of light Biscuit Mix
1/4 cup of no-fat Milk or Water
Spray Oil
1 Plastic Bag - You can use a regular or zippy - loc kind.

Have your grown up pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Spray a cookie sheet
with the spray oil. Dirst put the biscuit mix in a bowl and then put the
milk or water in and stir it. Make sure that you stir it till there are no
lumps and the biscuit mix is like a creamy soup. Put the bread crumbs in
the bag. Shake them up really good so it's covered with bread crumbs. Take
them out of the bag (even if it's gross to you) put them on the cookie pan
all spread out. Have your grownup put the pan in the oven. Let them cook
for 15 minutes or until they are all golden brown. then you eat them (be
careful, the inside can be hot! hot! hot!) with a dip.

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