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Re: Anyone there? And picky 12 year old...  Christine Belli
 Jun 19, 2002 05:59 PDT 

Somehow I got this e-mail sent to me and not quite
sure why but anyway I felt that I wanted to answer
you. I was an extreme extreme picky eater and I am
but I have come a long way, I even eat salad now and I
am 34. I didn't like a lot of foods, and now they
have grown on me. I used to be thin and now I am not,
but I do find that I have some trouble eating now, at
least healthy. I know some parents have concerns
about their child not eating and being hungry. I
never went hungry because I would eat when I was and
sometimes it was something that I did not like. I
went to a nutritionist to try and eat healthier and I
found that I did like some healthy things, that others
may not think are healthy. At work, people would say
that is not healthy but sometimes something is better
than nothing. Does your daughter like to cook, can
you include her, sometimes kids will take ownership if
they are part of the process, or even planning a menu,
or grocery shopping. My mother laughs and says we
give kids too many options, Anyway, what about school
can they help with nutrition information to share with
your daughter. I work at a place where their are
children and sometimes the children get their friends
to eat things that their parents would be shocked they
ate. I actually bought a book that is for picky
eaters, and it is food I love. I probably made no
sense but maybe something will stand out and please
take no offense with anything I said because I don't
know anything about you or your family

Teresa Jones <oneof-@hotmail.com> wrote:

Is anyone still posting in this group? I have a
picky eater who is 12
years old and has been a picky eater since first
starting to eat
solids!! Had to use apple sauce in her vegies to
get her to eat them...
    Unfortunately this is in the family somewhat. My
brother was the
same and my husband was too! Small world, eh?
Thankfully my brother,
and my husband, have mainly outgrown this tendency,
and I hope my
daughter will, too! My other 3 children aren't
nearly so picky!!

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