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Re: Getting My kids to eat healthy foods....  Connie
 Mar 03, 2003 21:21 PST 
Thank you everyone for the great ideas. I am going to
the grocery store tomorrow and have a list started of
a few things to try. My problem is my husband is
probably worse than my kids so it makes it very
difficult when planning dinners. Unfortunatley he
pretty much dislikes everything except chicken. My
daughter who is 4 will eat vegetables (amazing) but
does not like any type of meat or poultry. My son who
is 2 just doesn't like food in general. He will only
pick at his plate. So I am lucky to get three or four
bites down him before he runs out of the kitchen
saying no mommy bad!!! (lol) I am at wits end. I am
going to try and go to the web site that Lisa
suggested and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for all
of the ideas and I wish all of you luck. If I find
anything I will let you know.    Glad to see I am not
alone in this. Thanks again. Connie
--- Cindy Newell <goldfa-@hotmail.com> wrote:


Hi Lisa,

   I've been wanting to write back to thank you for
taking the time to write some terrific ideas! I must
admit that it has given me the idea of trying some of
the soy based products. Actually, I have gotton one
of my children to eat turkey dogs - but not the
others....this type of thing adds to my frustration
(where one will eat something healthy I buy but the
other two won't!).

   I looked for the different flavors of soy milk and
only saw chocolate....I wonder if we have them around
this area - the supermarket I was in was one of the
biggest ones in the area too. What company/brand
makes the flavors of soy milk? Also, what region of
the country do you live in?

    I do appreciate the ideas and will check out the
family fun website when I get a chance!



 From: Lisa Nutbrown >Reply-To:
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Cookin4P-@topica.com >Subject: Re: Getting My
kids to eat healthy foods.... >Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003
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Hi Cindy!

Wow.... your kids will eat applesauce? LOL

I found some good recipes on www.familyfun.com. I
think they were under "Feeding your picky eater" or
something like that. I made the zucchini cookies, and
both of my kids really liked them. They taste like
zucchini bread. I'm going to try making the muffins
next -- there's squash in them. I don't like squash
myself, so hopefully they're good.

I have also made another discovery: soy milk. Not
the "it's supposed to taste like milk" kind, but in
flavours, like tripleberry, orange sherbet, and
orange-strawberry-mango. Both of my kids really like
them, and I bet they would make good popsicles in the
summer. It's not exactly inexpensive (I paid $3.99
for 2 litres), but considering how much food I end up
throwing out because they won't eat it, it's worth the
cost. I've also bought soy hotdogs, soy bologna and
flavoured tofu that has the consistency of mousse. So
far, nobody has noticed the difference. I'm so glad I
can put some nutrition into them without them
noticing! LOL

Try not to feel too badly. Yes, it drives me nuts
too, but hopefully the pickiness won't last forever.
I can accept the boys eating cereal for dinner. There
are worse things they could be having.   I try not to
make too much of an issue of it, because I don't want
to make it worse. My younger son (4 1/2 years) is
pretty adventurous with trying new food, but my older
one (7 1/2) is not. His school lunches consist of
juice, pretzels, cheese strings, yogurt tubes,
crackers, carrots and cookies. At least I know he's
getting calcium and one vegetable.

Good luck, and look for websites for cooking for picky
kids. There seems to be a pretty good number of them.


Visit www.animalaide.org to make a donation, take a
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Cookin4P-@topica.com >Subject: Getting My kids
to eat healthy foods.... >Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003
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