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RE: Introduction  Eileen Smith
 Feb 01, 2000 11:54 PST 
Hi, Ruth!

Thank you SO much for introducing yourself! It would be great to get some
activity going on this list, wouldn't it Kim? (Kim is the other moderator.)
We had the best of intentions, but no one but us ever did much, so...

Would everyone here like to start by introducing themselves and sharing what
their kids would eat? Maybe we can brainstorm from our own experiences a

My picky eaters are my 9 and 12 year olds. The 12 year old just doesn't
like anything but hamburger helper (and not all types of that), broccoli,
carrots, *expensive* gourmet bag o salad, baked potatoes, rice (only plain),
and sugar. ANY type of sugar.

The nine year old is even more wierd. He eats tofu, any meat as long as it
is basically plain. Any carbohydrate, as long as it is basically plain or
only in a generic sauce without any interesting additives. No vegetables
except corn, broccoli, and carrots, but will eat iceburg if forced with
loads of dressing. He'll drink anything given a choice and doesn't like
sugar that much. amazing, huh?

So, since i have a 4 month old and my d(arned) husband is home for six weeks
with a broken foot, I am looking for cheap, easy (quick) meals that I can
make that they will eat! Is there such a thing?



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From: Ruth Johnson [mailto:rynf-@netcom.ca]
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Subject: Introduction

Hi Everyone! I would like to introduce myself. I am Ruth a SAHM to Ryan,
who will be 4 in April and is quite the picky eater. He doesn't eat
pasta, or onions. He does however like meat, chicken, fish, rice and
potatoes. I am really running out of ideas for new things to make for

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