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Re: picky eater  Lisa Nutbrown
 Sep 18, 2003 12:48 PDT 

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<P>Hi Yolanda!</P>
<P>My boys are 8 and 5.  The older one is my picky eater.  I try to make the boys' lunches creative, since they don't like sandwiches that much.  Instead, I bought a whole bunch of small containers (Rubbermaid).  In them, I put things like:  Pepperidge Farms fish crackers, dry cereal (Cheerios, etc.), baby carrots, pretzels, and grapes.  I also make muffins and mini-muffins to put in their lunches (easy to hide veggies in them, too!).  They also like pudding, cheese strings, granola bars,  and yogurt tubes.  I pack juice to drink.  They end up with four or six little containers of things that they really like.  My oldeer son likes Red Delicious apples, so I pack one every day.    </P>
<P>I also bought the Fruit & Veggie bars.  The kids weren't crazy about them, but I like them.  They are sort of like a big, thick fruit roll-up.  </P>
<P>I hope this gives you a few ideas.</P>
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<DIV></DIV>>Reply-To: Cookin4P-@topica.com
<DIV></DIV>>To: Cookin4P-@topica.com
<DIV></DIV>>Subject: picky eater
<DIV></DIV>>Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 01:29:55 +0000
<DIV></DIV>>I am new to this list. I was very excited to find this dicussion board
<DIV></DIV>>and very disappointed that there is no activity on it.
<DIV></DIV>>I would like some suggestions on what to pack for my 6 year old for
<DIV></DIV>>lunch. He is now in the 1st grade and he so picky I do not know what to
<DIV></DIV>>give him. Of course he loves to eat junk food, but I do not want to send
<DIV></DIV>>that sort of foods in his lunch box.
<DIV></DIV>>Please help!! I am open to any suggestions.
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