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 Dec 01, 2003 16:53 PST 


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A forty-year-old hillbilly carried a younger hillbilly into the doctor's
office, deposited him on the examining table, and said, "See if you can
patch him up soon. I shot up his rear end like it was a tail on a possum.
Don't hurt him none, 'cause he's my son-in-law."

The doctor said, "Why would you shoot your son-in-law?"

The hillbilly said, "He warn't my son-in-law when I shot him."



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                      FRUIT COOKIES FOR DIABETICS


   1      cup           water
     1/3 cup           salad oil
   2      cups          seedless raisins
   2      teaspoons     cinnamon
     1/2 teaspoon      nutmeg
     1/2 teaspoon      salt
   1      teaspoon      baking soda
   2      teaspoons     liquid sweetener
   2      tablespoons   water
   2                    eggs -- beaten
   2      cups          flour
   1      teaspoon      baking powder
     1/3 cup           nuts

Combine water, oil, raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg; boil together for 3
Let cool. Dissolve salt and soda in combined liquid sweetener and water;
add to beaten eggs. Stir into cooled mixture. Add flour and baking powder
which have been sifted together; mix well. Add nuts and mix. Drop by
teaspoonful onto greased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees until lightly
brown. Yield:
3 dozen cookies.



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                     Required Reading

"The U.S. military said 54 Iraqis
were killed in the northern city
of Samarra as U.S. forces used tanks
and cannons to fight their way out
of simultaneous ambushes. But residents
said Monday that the casualty figure
was much lower and that the dead were
mostly civilians."
U.S. says 54 Iraqis killed in Samarra

"The office of Grand Ayatollah Bashir
Najafi is conscientiously bare,
reflecting the asceticism of Iraq’s
most senior Shiite Muslim clergy in
this holy city. His lone indulgence is
a Persian prayer rug, on top of which
sits a mud prayer stone, a Muslim rosary
and a comb for his flowing gray beard."
Iraq’s Shiite clerics assume more power

"The Bush administration has decided
to repeal its 20-month-old tariffs on
imported steel to head off a trade war
that would have included foreign
retaliation against products from
politically crucial states, administration
and industry sources said yesterday."
Bush dropping steel tariffs

"Gertrude Ederle, who was the toast
of America and Europe in 1926 when
she became the first woman to swim
the English Channel, died Sunday.
She was 97."
Superstar of the 1920s dead

"Walt Disney (DIS) Vice Chairman
Roy Disney, citing "serious differences
of opinion" with Disney CEO Michael Eisner,
resigned from the company's board Sunday
and urged Eisner to also step down."
Disney vice chairman quits, says Eisner should go, too

"The World Health Organization called
on developing countries yesterday to
train and organize 100,000 health care
and nonprofessional workers to carry
out its plan to begin delivering
antiretroviral drugs to three million
AIDS patients by the end of 2005."
W.H.O. Aims to Treat 3 Million for AIDS

"The Thanksgiving weekend gave the
nation’s retailers a solid start to
the holiday season although there
were still plenty of signs that consumers
are cautious and looking for bargains
even if the economy is improving."
Early holiday sales seen as solid

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