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CHRUSCIK  doug sroka
 Mar 03, 2004 18:55 PST 


eInvite is an online dealer of custom wedding invitations and announcements,
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Our value lies in our years of experience, the quality of our product and
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Some Wal-Mart customers soon will be able to sample a new
discount item -- Wal-Mart's own brand of wine. The world's
largest retail chain is teaming up with E&J Gallo Winery of
Modesto, Calif., to produce the spirits at an affordable price;
in the $6-8 range.

While wine connoisseurs may not be inclined to throw a bottle
of Wal-Mart brand wine into their shopping carts, there is a market
for inexpensive wine, said Kathy Micken, professor of marketing at
Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I. She said: "The right name
is important."

So, with that in mind, here are the top 12 suggested names for
Wal-Mart Wine:

12. Chateau Traileur Doublewide

11. White Trashfindel

10. Big Red Gulp

9. Grape Expectations

8. Domaine Wal-Mart "Merde du Pays"

7. NASCARbernet

6. Chef Boyardeaux

5. Peanut Noir

4. Chateau des Moines

3. I Can't Believe It's Not Vinegar!

2. World Championship Wriesling

And the number 1 name for Wal-Mart Wine...

1. Nasti Spumante


                                                       Half Price Computer

Specializing in new computer books, we carry over 10,000 different titles,
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   2      cups          flour
   2      whole         eggs
   4      egg           yolks
     1/2 teaspoon      salt
     1/4 cup           butter
   1      ounce         rum
     1/2 cup           powdered sugar
                        Oil to fry dough

Beat eggs until thick. Add sugar, butter and rum. Fold in flour. Knead
until dough bubbles. Roll dough very thin. Cut into 4 inch strips. Cut
slit in middle of strips. Pull one end through slit. Fry until golden.
Drain on paper towel. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.


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