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Fluoride and aluminum: messengers of false information  Magnu-@aol.com
 Jun 08, 2003 20:08 PDT 

Hello Folks,

   This abstract is listed to emphasize that the pharmaceutical industry well
knows how the Gq/ll process works and they often use this same pathway into
cells to mediate the damage caused by other toxic's with chemical vectoring.

   This type report is a smoking gun on the prior knowledge that industry and
medicine have about the effects of fluoride and metal pollutants on human


Fluoride 2002; 35(4):244
XXVth ISFR Conference Abstract

Fluoride and aluminum: messengers of false information

Struneck‡ A.

Charles Univ. Prague, Faculty of Sciences, Dept. of Physiology and
Developmental Biology, Vinicna 7, 128 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic. E-mail:

Intensive laboratory research on the mechanisms of signal transduction has
produced experimental data that could change our understanding of the action of
fluoride at the cellular level. After reflecting on these laboratory studies,
we suggest that some of pathological changes are not produced by fluoride
alone but by the synergistic action of fluoride and aluminum. Heterotrimeric
G-proteins mediate the transfer of information from heptahelical receptors to
effector molecules. The discovery of aluminofluoride complexes (AlFx) as a new
class of phosphate analogues has been followed by demonstrations of their
usefulness in laboratory investigations and their pharmacological efficacy. AlFx
complexes interact with all known G-protein-activated effector enzymes. G-proteins
take part in an enormous variety of biological signaling systems, helping
control almost all important life processes. The family of cell-surface receptors
that require coupling to G-protein transducers for functional signaling is
vast and diverse. AlFx may clone or potentiate the action of numerous
extracellular signals. It appears probable that we will not find any physiological
process which is not potentially influenced by AlFx. The aluminofluoride complex
acts as the first messenger triggering processes of neurotransmission and
potentiating the action of various hormones. It is evident that AlFx are species
that convey false information, which is then amplified by processes of signal
transmission. Many human diseases have their origin in the malfunctioning of
signaling components. Pharmacologists estimate that up to 60% of all medicines
used today exert their effects through a G-protein signaling pathway. The
synergistic action of fluoride and aluminum in the environment, water, and food can
thus evoke multiple pathological symptoms. AlFx might induce alterations in
homeostasis, metabolism, growth, and differentiation in living organisms. An
awareness of the health risks of this new ecotoxicological phenomenon, an
increasing load of aluminum ions and fluoride, would undoubtedly contribute
significantly to reducing the risk of a decrease in intelligence of children and adults,
and many other disorders in the 21 st century.

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