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 David Gallaher
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 Aug 19, 2003 08:42 PDT 

AUGUST 19th 2003
10:21 a.m.

(Where our author babbles for a few lines)

Seems I forget to number the last newsletter properly. I blame the poor
shape of our education system.

Iím playing ďcatch upĒ this week. I hate playing this game of
self-imposed deadlines. I hate stuff getting in my way. Last week, I had
a whole slew of tasks on my plate, phone calls to make, people to greet,
(etc Ö) and I was only able to tackle a few of the more important ones.
The biggest wrench in the inner workings of my daily routine was
Deniseís massive kidney infection. There were a lot of late nights Ö and
I donít do ďsleep depĒ very well. So, last week I was also fairly grumpy
and cranky.

There was also this ďcompany picnicĒ that Denise had to attend for work
Öand somehow instead of talking about comic books, film, television, or
even sports, the main topic of conversation was that I took a quilting
class in college. Itís like nobody else could find anything else better
to talk about than why I like to quilt. Bah!

As I mentioned, I donít do grumpy well.

Iíve also managed to FINALLY get directions to my brotherís wedding, so
now that those plans have been made, Iím a little more able to focus on
other matters at hand.

Anyway, I havenít updated my website in a while, and I still have some
folks asking about my new contact information, so here it goes:

David Gallaher
7 North Calvert Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
410. 539. 0910


(Where our author plugs stuff)

DENISE IS READING COMICS: Anyway, so Denise was sick Ö and during her
drug-infused haze, we she managed to read a mainstream superhero comic
book, all by herself. Now, you see, this is a pretty big feat. Denise
has always loved the fact that Iím into comics. And she even knows some
of the major players of the X-Men, the Avengers, and the Super-friends.
But, the fact that she read an entire issue of Marvelís SUPREME POWER,
by herself, and enjoyed it Ö well, thatís a big accomplishment. So, this
week, Iím giving a massive thumbs up to Marvel for making a comic book
that Denise will read!

Other stuff I suggest this week:

- I just got to read a special preview copy of MR. KEEN developed by
Justin Gray and Lee Ferguson. The book reads like a bizarre mutant
offspring of David Lynch and PULP FICTION. The crime-noir graphic
novella reinvents the old radio serial into something sharp and
explosive. The book goes on sale in September. For more a preview of the
mini-series head in this direction:

- Upon threat of death, I picked up a copy of Craig Thompsonís BLANKETS.
The first five pages brought be into a dark fable of growing up with
another sibling, while sharing the same bed. The rest of the book is a
soul bearing tale that really sucks you into the dark rural setting of
rural Wisconsin. This book is huge (nearly 600 pages!) Itís difficult to
digest it all in on sitting, but once I pick it up, itís nearly
impossible to put down. Itís a different type of graphic novel, but one
I suggest everybody pick up. The book is available here:

- Todd Nauckís new mini-series, WILDGUARD, looks fantastic! Toddís book
is sort of a blending of COPS and AMERICAN IDOL, but with superheroes Ö
so I suppose you could call it Americanís First Reality Comic Book! The
series allows you to vote for the fifth member of the Wildguard team.
This sort of interactivity always makes me smile! My vote goes to
LONGFELLOW. Find out more about the book here: http://www.wildguard.com

- Another tip of the hat goes to Ron DeMartin and Brian Colin for their
first foray into digital comics. Their new online series, IRONSTAR, is a
ruff and tumble space-western. There are some clever ideas in their
online strip, which can be seen here: http://www.ironstarcomics.com


(Where our author gets to the good stuff)

ITEM ONE: So, I got word late last week, that with less than 500 copies
to go, JOHNNY DOLLAR has ALMOST sold out of itís first printing! If you
havenít picked up your copy, be sure to order it now! The book is
available from most local area comic book shops, and is also available
online at http://www.moonstonebooks.com, or order by phone at:

Thanks to everybody who has ordered a copy!


ITEM TWO: This is one of those GOOD NEWS, BAD NEWS things Ö

GOOD NEWS: The upcoming MOONSTONE MONSTERS: GHOSTS has a story by yours
truly, pencilled by George Broderick Jr. My story, "Suicidal Tendencies"
finds a girl tragically haunted by life, and obsessed with death. And
SHOULD be available on August 27th!

Here is a sneak peak of the cover:

A .pdf version of the story is available here:

*WARNING* The story is NOT for the faint of heart!!!

BAD NEWS: Iíve been promised that the following error will be corrected
in the trade paperback, but here goes:

Generally, as you know, a "ghost writer" is someone who writes a story
for someone else under the other person's name, or something like that.
Well, we had that happen accidentally, and amusingly enough, it happened
on Moonstone Monsters: Ghosts.

This is rather unfortunate and embarrasing, as much do to timing as
anything, but nevertheless... While our esteemed production manager was
typesetting the credits page (probably at 3 a.m. if typical), it seems
he wrote his OWN name down in the credits for the third story. So the
story, "Suicidal Tendencies," was actually written by David Gallaher,
not Ken Wolak.

Oddly enough, astute editor that I am, I did catch this in the proofs
before press. I called up with a correction... The story had credits
lettered on the first page of the story itself as well as on the inside
front cover, so I explained the discrepancy with the names, and said
they needed to match. They said they could make the correction with no
trouble. But let's hear it for miscomminication... they changed the name
not from the inside cover to match the story, but they changed David's
name on the STORY page to match the cover. *sigh*

So, Ken and I and Moonstone offer our apologies to Mr. Gallaher for the
confusion and the miscredit in the Ghosts book.

All that aside... it's a great book, and I'm proud of every part if it
outside the credit mistake. Check it out! Spooky fun for all!



ITEM THREE: Iíve just begun a new project with Dave Hudson
(http://www.davehudsondesign.com) called: DOWN THE BARREL OF A GUN,
which is a sort of sci-fi noir piece more akin to BLADE RUNNER and
COWBOY BEBOP than STAR WARS. Daveís artwork has a beautiful animated
flair to it that I canít help but get excited about.


ITEM FOUR: Iím about a week behind in all of my research for JANE OF ALL
TRADES, my first female pulp adventure. This week, Iíll be fine tuning
the outline and series bible.


ITEM FIVE: MORE FUND COMICS! A book to benefit the CBLDF will go on sale
in September! The pencils by Danielle Corsetto
(http://www.gracestudios.com) are dynamic and totally fit with the sly
humor of the piece. You can order you copy through your local area
comic book shop or at the upcoming Baltimore Comicon. Check out the
cameo of Evan Dorkin's MILK AND CHEESE!


debuts in October with a never seen before "Tremere" story by myself and
Andy Bennet! The books is a whopping 208 pages for only $20.95! Reserve
yours today!


ITEM SEVEN: BRAND NAME. As some of you may now, my personal pet project,
BRAND NAME is slated to be released through Image. With art by Gary
(SANDMAN) Amaro, colors by Ken (NOBLE CAUSES) Wolak, and Thom (RAIDER)
Zahler, this has become a project I'm VERY proud of!

The book, however is on HOLD because of serious health concerns and
disability I suffered earlier this year.

Iíd like to thank the following folks who have either donated or pledged
their support:

Sean Kleefeld
Mary Hanks
Ed Matthews
Jess McCann
Frank R. Davis

If you are still interested in donating to BRAND NAME, and helping
ensure the second issue comics out, please feel free to drop me a line,
or send donations through PAYPAL through this e-mail address:


ITEM EIGHT: I'm the editing force behind a ACTOR fund anthology. More
about this project will be available shortly.

LAST ITEM: Once again, everybody thank you all for the moral support! I
belief that some of my upcoming work will show you some of the work Iím
truly capable of delivering for your entertainment!

Best regards,

David Gallaher
*The following can be re-distributed with a link to my site*
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