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List Name Carolina's Deafbot (Deafbot)
Purpose: Hello! Welcome to Carolina's DeafBot.

This list has moved to a new home. We are now based at topica.com due to lengthly message delays on the listbot servers.

This list is designed to ecourage networking and communication among members of the Deaf Community in the Carolinas. This is a DISCUSSION list.
Appropriate postings to Deafbot include conference announcements, Deaf or Hard of Hearing Community events, agency news briefs, job postings, resume postings for job-seekers, news related to Deafness, advocacy alerts, school news, etc. You may also post personal news or opinion germane to the interests of the Deaf Community.

Your e-mail address will not be rented, sold, or given away by Carolinas Deafbot. Further, your address is not visible to others unless you post messages to the list.

You may invite your friends and colleagues to join the list. They can join by sending an email to <DeafBot-subscribe@topica.com>.

You may unsubscribe from the list at any time. To unsubscribe, send an email to <Deafbot-unsubscribe@topica.com>.

Enjoy the list. See you online!
List Type: Moderated discussion
Subscription: Requires owner approval
Archive: Readable by subscribers only
Created: May 14, 2000
To Join: Subscribe here, or send an email to Deafbot-subscribe@topica.com
To Post: Send mail to 'Deafbot@topica.com'
Stats: 129 subscribers / 1 message per week
Categories: Society & Culture  |  Disabilities  |  Deafness

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Regional & Travel  |  Countries  |  United States  |  Regional & Travel  |  States  |  South Carolina  |  Society & Culture

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